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The Peace Team/peaceteam.net: Stand Strong Against Fast Track and the TPP

Note and call to send a petition, links below, from The Peace Team at peaceteam.net (makers of Citizen United, the movie):

“Today the so-called Patriot Act as it was expired, proving yet again
that we can have any policy change we want if only you will continue
to speak out. Just one click of a mouse does it whenever we or anyone
else sends out an action alert. The more we speak out, the more
policy change we get.

Of course we knew that the fight to stop the secret corporate power
grab called the Trans Pacific Partnership was not over, and that the
real fight was always going to be in the US House.

Please keep speaking out:

No TPP Action Page: http://www.peaceteam.net/no_tpp.php

And here is the petition text:

At a time when the approval rating of Congress is barely 9%, do
members of the House, who are all up for re-election, really want to
push that number closer to zero, by waving through a secret trade
deal that is in reality mostly not at a trade deal at all?

Enough of the American people now know from leaks that the so-called
Trans Pacific Partnership is primarily about corporations seizing
unprecedented rights and powers, for example the right to sue for
“anticipated lost profits,” without the protections of the US legal

What they are asking you to blindly wave through on a Fast Track
basis is the right for foreign business corporations to trump US
sovereignty and laws to protect us, not to mention the fact that even
as a trade deal it is the worst deal ever.

No more NAFTAs, especially not in such evil secrecy.


Please submit the action page above. And after you do, feel free to
request one of our beautiful 4 color “Expressway To Trade Hell TPP”
bumper stickers. You can have one for no charge, not even shipping,
just by submitting the form on the return from the action page. Or
you can get one directly from this link.

Expressway To Trade Hell TPP bumper stickers:

Of course, if you can make a donation of any amount, this is what
makes it possible for us to send free stickers to anyone who can’t
make a contribution right now.

And as we continue to stand strong against Fast Track and the
dreadful Trans Pacific Partnership, we are putting together a
political theater action to figuratively burn members of the US
Senate in effigy, starting in San Francisco, and intended to travel
from city to city around the country.

Please stay tuned and active.

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