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Sara Haboubi Interviews Irish Financial Investor Melissa Ciummei: The Solution (to Intended Digital Human Enslavement from Vax Passports) is Mass Non Compliance, You Just All Have to Say NO

Repost & Link from Iconoclast | Ramola D | Dec 15, 2021

Powerful explication of the new normal using the new vaxx passport which is a data passport, Melissa Ciummei explains. As the media-batting-for-billionaires ramp up the Climate Change narrative, “they’re moving away from fear to guilt”–a guilt being fostered in humans, for the crimes engaged in by “philanthropists aka psychopaths.”

A financial investor who sees the move to digital currency as inevitable, Melissa Cuimmei from Ireland states that all of humanity needs to wake up and withdraw consent from the grandiose, enslaving plans of the WEF and connected billionaires: “All we need to do is say NO.”

What she refers to is precisely the technologically-bound slavery being set in place by the COVID vaccines and long-worked-on by chem trails, both setting off a storm of magnetizing, highly electrically conductive nanometallic particles in bloodstreams, beginning a long, planned digitizing enslavement intended to hook humans up to Cloud AI, supercomputing, and central bankers’ control forever, cradle to grave: this is the horrific techno future intended for our children and grandchildren. Extreme control, over every aspect of their lives–and no freedom of speech, assembly, mobility, expression, movement, health choices or food choices.

While our children and teenagers crave the return to getting into nightclubs and bars, restaurants and a social life, we need to guide them away from the easy-vaxx-passport for temporary conveniences, she says, for this is the start of something profoundly sinister and life-depriving. The Chinese social-credit system is being lined up for acceptance here–and it is only adults who can change this around.

“We must fight for our children–find our communities and support network, find like-minded people and say No, do not let your people participate in this vaxx-passport-economy which is a gateway to social credit economy and outright slavery.

“Withdraw participation from businesses which pursue the vaxx passport, let them fall apart, let them lobby government for survival–it’s going to be the same move this year into the social credit system, incentives first then lockdowns, later carbon credits. Say No to all of it.”

A powerful and insightful interview, a must-watch. Please share widely.

Brilliant Irish Doctors and Lawyers Speak Out, Revealing COVID Anomalies: Voices for Truth – The Experts You Can Trust

Video Post and Link | Ramola D | April 25, 2021

An absolute must-watch video from Irish Media Alliance and Sara Haboubi, a reassuring round-table of lawyers, doctors, scientists from Ireland–Prof. Dolores Cahill, Ivor Cummins, Eddie Hobbs, Tracey O’Mahony BL, Pat Morrissey MD and Anne McCluskey MD–discussing the current and ongoing situation with the lack of isolation of a virus, lies around COVID-19 by a decrepit and bought-out media, bills being passed aiming to impose vaccine passports, further lockdowns based on lies, and the need for all citizens in Ireland and worldwide to recognize the importance of inalienable rights, the fact that mask-wearing and isolation of self merely accrue from Guidance, not Law, and the need for everyone to get informed and start asking the right questions, taking the right steps to ensure freedom for themselves, family, and future generations, and stepping forward without masks, without the “vaccine” which is producing adverse events and deaths.

The time has come to openly reclaim your rights, to reject media deceptions, to research matters yourself, think for yourself, stand in your power and start speaking out. Tracy O’ Mahony recommends writing incessantly and without cease to your MPs.

Learning the truth and speaking from your authentic core is the key to world change–when everyone’s voices are needed. This New World Order planned by nebulous “elites” is absolutely not a done-deal and can be imploded with each of us coming into our own power and bringing our unique vision and perceptions to the table. Professor Dolores Cahill speaks on how each of the government tyrants imposing lockdowns and destroying economies and lives will be held accountable.

Please watch and share widely!