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Omnisense/CounterDark.Org: List of Shadow Government Agendas and Methods

Omnisense, author, filmmaker, artist, musician, photographer, prolific web site creator, human rights advocate and Black Ops reporter whose interview with me was featured here earlier, has founded a new organization aimed at countering the dark agendas and actions of the secret agencies and shadow government in destroying all our lives on Planet Earth.

Most people have no idea how sophisticated shadow government and Covert Ops/Black Ops technologies have become today, how insidious, nor how widespread their reach, but if you have been following the revelations and reports of those “Targeted Individuals” coming forward to whistleblow on Neuro-Experimentation, Remote Neural Monitoring, V2K, Synthetic Telepathy,  DEW assault, you might have an inkling.

Many who report V2K and Synthetic Telepathy in particular are reporting the existence of large underground electronic telepathy networks; Omni spoke about this as a Electronic Telepathy Cybernetic Secret Society in his interview.

I’m pleased to re-post (with permission) this compendious list of his, a first article on CounterDark.org, which details the occult, criminal, and shadowy agendas and  methodologies of the shadow government and Deep State, and names agencies and militaries involved, an article that Omni reports has gone viral, garnering 5000 views in less than a week. Written in his trademark laconic bullet-point style, it takes some reading and mulling over to fully register the extent of the horrors detailed here–but well-worth it, given the unveiling it offers regarding the true state of our society today, and what lurks just below the surface, what is carefully being kept hidden by Satanic, darkness and occultism-obsessed cultic groups who have operated deceptively in our midst for decades, centuries, millenia, sought then and still seek to have absolute control over us.

Omni tells me this article is being continually updated, so please check his site for later versions, please contribute, please sign on as a fellow member who agrees with the anti-evil, anti-occult aims of this new organization, which states on its main page, as its mission:

“Opposition to occultism, govt conspiracy, corporate corruption, fascism, war, torture, physical & mental slavery, non-consensual experimentation, wrongful imprisonment, law enforcement impropriety, intelligence community war crimes, and ritual abuse.”

You can see this page (List of Shadow Government Agendas and Methods)  at his site, and sign on to join here, on his pledge page.

–Ramola D/Posted 12/11/2017


From Omnisense:

Counter Darkness
An Anti-Evil Organization.
Universal Aspects™ Multimedia

Universal Aspects™
Table of Contents:
I. General
II. Shadow Government Agendas
III. Shadow Government Strategy
IV. Core Shadow Government Ethos
V. Shadow Government Technology
VI. Full Spectrum Programming
VII. Full Spectrum Surveillance
VIII. The Cover Story
IX. The Cover Up
X. New Age Psychological Operations
XI. Counter-Proliferation Programs
XII. Hands of the New World Order

List of Shadow Government Agendas & Methods
(This list is an ongoing project, if you would like to contribute something please comment)


* Occulted knowledge[14] (e.g. superior scientific knowledge)
* Total individual control technology[13]
* Full spectrum programming
* Full spectrum surveillance[1]
* Belief system engineering – Information warfare / Psychological warfare
* Government, military, intelligence agency, corporate, and media control systems
* Covert sabotage, suppression, and/or control of the opposition
* Microwave warfare (e.g. fast kill, slow kill, mind control, mind reading)
* Covert implantation of the global population as a means to subjugate and control
* Ai based directed energy weapons systems perpetrate incredibly pervasive planet-wide black operations
* Full spectrum assault upon the global population is being perpetrated by military & intelligence community war criminals and their occultist handlers
* A shadow government cybernetic network perpetrates a largely covert holocaust obscured via a plethora of strategically concocted cover stories
* Cover ups are standard shadow government procedure
* Knowledge is the best defense I am aware of to what is spoken of in this article. It is through awareness of the methods of darkness that we can steel ourselves from it’s effects.

“It is insane what our government is doing.” ~Ex-CIA Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan

Shadow Government Agendas

* War culture
* Societal engineering / Population conditioning / Perception management
* 9/11 Catapulted the NWO Agenda (Surveillance, War)
* Questioning the official narrative is labeled as being like a terrorist (Sources: FBI | David Cameron)
* Questioning of the official narrative being labeled as mental illness (Sources: 1 | 2 | 3)
* Massive set of psychological operations (New Age, religious, scientific, beyond)
* Eugenics
* Depopulation (This is not done through moral means)
* Intentional dumbing down of the population (e.g. big pharma, poisoning of foods, impurities in the water, impurities in the air – chemtrails, obtuse mass media, senseless music industry, etc)
* Exploitation of resources
* GMO agenda (attacks on the planetary genome)
* War vs. truth (pervasive information warfare)
* War on terror (e.g. Military Industrial Complex enrichment, conditioning of the masses to accept occultist agendas)
* War on drugs (Prison profit enrichment, injustice filled war on the people)
* Indoctrination centers masquerading as educational institutions
* Mass pacification – Mass drugging – Dumbing down of the population
* Internet suppression & control (e.g. they want to make the internet less anonymous and with more legal threat)
* Destroying Net Neutrality – Converting a free internet into a cable TV model
* Internet sabotage – Website sabotage – Internet information warfare
* Software sabotage (e.g. creative software)
* Product sabotage
* Suppression or insertion of Ai algorithms
* Nuclear radiation poisoning of the world (Fukushima was caused by these parties)
* Food and agricultural sector poisoning
* Control of the world seed supply
* Corrupted oil company suppression of revolutionary engine models (gas mileage as a motive)
* Suppression of revolutionary energy/power techniques
* Militarization of police
* Making schools like prisons – police state schools
* Inducing a government philosophy to persecute whistleblowers
* Manufactured Presidents & Prime Ministers
* Propping up, blackmail & control of dictators
* Sale of arms – Proliferation of war
* Injustice in the law system
* Suppression of enlightening paradigms
* Proliferation of endarkening paradigms
* Patient progression of agendas through numerous generations
* Orchestrated social events to query public perception

“When exposing a crime is treated as committing a crime, you are being ruled by criminals.” ~Edward Snowden* Taking away of rights through slow drip false flag fueled government policy or false mental illness diagnoses
* Corporate masters – Corporate hidden hand
* Cashless society
* Surveillance on all purchases – Restriction of purchases by authority
* Sophisticated global surveillance network
* Compartmentalization of the conspiracy
* Targeted individuals – 21st century targeting
* An artificial intelligence operated electromagnetic surveillance grid monitors and psyche profiles the global population, after data analysis a covert directed energy weapons system is used to assault those who are most resistant to brainwashing and those most capable of opposition
* Protection of dirty industry – Promotion of corrupt industry over revolutionary & positive alternatives (e.g. Hemp)
* Agendas to thwart public domain progress in the areas of science (particularly frequency science). Electronic control grid sources have strategically used deceptive rationalizations packaged for government insiders to secretly curtail the public domain implementations of directed energy technologies (e.g. “the public cannot handle these technologies”, or “it will disrupt the business sector” – such as big pharma).
* Bastardization of science
* Bastardization of spirituality / Control of religious institutions
* Dumbing down of education
* Infiltration and covert mind control of UFOlogy through “contactees” / channels
* New Age psy ops – New Age religion
* Old age religion control
* Implant / RFID Agenda
* Covert mind control assets
* Ritual abuse / Ritual sacrifice / Blood sacrifice
* Sexual abuse / Sex slaves / Pedophilia / Rape
* Proliferation & cover up of pedophilia & rape networks and prolific pedophiles/rapists
* Control of Hollywood + mainstream media
* Mind control & sex slavery within the music industry
* Population conditioning mind control programs

“Our entire school system has become a mind control network.” ~Ex-CIA Agent Robert Steele* Division of the masses (monetarily, psychologically)
* Promotion of bigotry, misogyny, & misandry
* Poisoning of the water, air and food supply
* Bastardization of healthcare field – flawed pharmaceuticals
* Targeting and/or assassination of key dissidents
* Staying in power
* Totalitarianism / Fascism
* Left & Right wings of politics take turns taking the blame while progressing the same agenda
* A movement can be created by the shadow government based on pre-existing conditions for that movement (e.g. co-opting a legitimate future threat)
* Crafty falsification of history through Hollywood & motion pictures
* Corporations as a form of government control
* Corporate corruption / Corporate blackmail / Corporate sabotage / Corporate lobby
* Infiltration of corporate decision making via electromagnetic mind control
* Elimination of responsible small businesses through corporate buyout
* Sabotage of targeted small businesses & small business owners
* Electronic targeting as a means of counter-proliferation
* Schools as indoctrination centers – Brainwashing & conditioning of the young
* Religious brainwashing / Cult brainwashing
* Watered down or false science paradigms
* Psychological direction into irrational scientism belief systems & mindsets
* Funneling black project talent into the shadow government as opposed to contributing to public domain sciences
* Psychiatric warfare – Infiltration of psychiatric industry for cover up & weaponization purposes
* Drugging of the population, especially of children
* Demographics divided into left & right brain imbalances via social engineering

“No matter how paranoid or conspiracy-minded you are, what the government
is actually doing is worse than you imagine.[58]” ~William Blum* Augmentation of feminine qualities in targeted males
* Augmentation of masculine qualities in targeted females
* Suppression of masculine qualities in targeted males
* Suppression of feminine qualities in targeted females
* Transexualization of non-transexual targets via covert neuroweaponry
* Homosexualization of straight targets via covert neuroweaponry
* Electromagnetic mind control of stabbings, shootings, rapes, molestations
* Monetary strangulation of economy – Economic slavery / Monetary dominance and control
* Monetary enslavement tactics negate free time and in effect suppress knowledge, self development, awareness, and threats to the shadow government
* Continued consolidation of global financial assets into the hands of the 1%
* Crafty falsification of history through hollywood
* False flags to predictively program / problem – reaction – solution model
* Corrupt pharmaceutical science regulation
* Rigging of influential events
* Pro sports are controlled – body control via RF weaponry implantation
* Hollywood directors seeded NWO agenda aligning thoughts for film scripts
* Predictive programming covertly implemented into commercials & film
* Select targeted musicians are suppressed & sabotaged
* A whole generation of music creations have been sabotaged by CIA mind control & assassination programs
* Serial mind rape
* One world government
* Transhumanism Psychological Operations
* Concealing of the occult (which applies to every field)
* Malicious programming of minds – Brainwashing
* Evil programming of genetics – Genetic corrosion
* Remorseless programming of soul – To spiritually deaden the population

“There is a ‘safe foods list’ the shadow government has created.” ~Omnisense
Shadow Government Methods

Shadow Government Strategy:

* Control of intelligence agencies
* The shadow government looks for ways to slip social fascism into policy by strategically manipulating the left and right wings of politics
* Corrupted social constructs and creation and/or infiltration of social movements
* Orchestrated crisis with intentions of social engineering
* Desensitizing of the public in strategic areas, creating triggers in others
* Inciting racial conflict – Creating or manipulating racists – Promoting racial programming
* Shadow government orchestrated etymology (warping word definitions to match occultist goals)
* Behavioral modification via psychological warfare[2]
* Counter-proliferation programs
* Character assassination campaigns / Smear-jobs to cause public disrepute for effective opposition
* Framing a target as mentally ill to marginalize their testimony and take away their rights
* Strategic weaponization of anything debilitating (e.g. substances, poisons, neuro-toxins)
* The fluoride in water ends up in our soil & food also, if I was not aware of intentionally evil agendas it may puzzle me why a large portion of the planet is ingesting a neuro-toxin to keep their teeth healthy
* Neuroweaponry assaults – directed energy weapon assaults
* Zersetzung psychological warfare – organized stalking & harassment campaigns
* Remote influencing technology based entrapment of individuals
* Maximum psychological distress with the minimal amount of physical evidence
* Predictive programming manipulates the public
* Control of the opposition through pervasive covert information warfare

“Even the best resources, human and material, however superbly coordinated, cannot consummate a
successful operation if the overall aim of the total force and it’s momentum are off target.[61][62]” ~Sun Tzu* Terrorism by proxy – Manufactured terrorism
* Farcical democracy
* Secret courts (e.g. The United States Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court[66])
* Money laundering (e.g. through fraudulent charities)
* Rigging of elections
* Geoengineering / weather warfare
* Dark law of attraction[9]
* Elevating pseudo-experts or manchurians to positions for social engineering purposes
* Suppression of revolutionary and positive change
* Mainstream media complicity in covering up war crimes
* Framing of innocent targets
* Mental health fascism used against witnesses of conspiracy
* Mind control based slander
* Shifting of blame
* Bearing false witness
* Mass incrimination agendas
* Monetary targeting
* Intellectual property theft[3]
* Covert mass de-attribution agendas through synthesis of thought mechanics (e.g. sports, music)
* Suppression of naturopathic remedies (e.g. CBD)
* Controlled technology release
* Covert torture of individuals with neuroweaponry or directed energy weapon induced physiological symptoms to promote false diagnosis and drugging

“There is a massive mammoth complex secret mechanism in the U.S. government,
it’s called the intelligence community. It is so powerful that not even the
congress or the senate can control it. Matter of fact it controls them…[60]
~Ex-CIA Officer Kevin Shipp* Disconnecting people from soul/genetic attributes through brain damage while replacing the soul’s attributes with agenda operated thought insertion
* Weaponized vaccinations
* Murder by proxy
* Murder cover stories (e.g. suicide, overdose, lone gunman, engineered car accident, orchestrated plane accident)
* Strategic & arranged molestation or rape – Weaponized sexual abuse
* Control of music industry
* Control of Hollywood
* Like intelligence agencies, corporations are an optimal vessel of evil
* “Satanic” subliminals in media
* Corrupted psychology paradigms
* Corrupted psychiatry paradigms
* Doctoring of evidence
* Deceptive weaponization of wording context
* Theft of intellectual property by way of neural monitoring and broadcasting it to others via the electronic control grid[3]
* Ai simulation based intellectual property theft[3]
* Intentionally making law and government documents hard to understand
* The shadow government implements dirty use of the law against their enemies, while they embody the worst criminality on the planet
* Writing of the history books / fraudulent rewriting of history / concealment of true history
* Murder can be achieved via covert neuroweaponry controlled proxies
* Microwave warfare induced cancers & tumors strategically given to individuals
* “Fake News” policy strategically inserted into society (the main idea is to label threatening truths as ‘fake news’)
* Psyche profiled people are given covert BCI inserted ideas that shape society

“An intelligence service is the ideal vehicle for a conspiracy.”
~Allen Dulles, the first civilian Director of the Central Intelligence Agency
and its longest-serving director to date.

Core Shadow Government Ethos:

* War
* Control
* Abuse
* Illusion
* Corruption / Incrimination
* Deception / Disinformation / Distortion
* Misrepresentation
* Suppression / Subversion / Sabotage
* Censorship
* Suppression / Subversion
* Slander / Libel / Character Assassination / Defamation / Denigration
* Brainwashing
* Murder / Assassination
* Torture / Sadism / Cruelty / Contempt
* Pain / Suffering
* Distress / Humiliation / Degradation
* Molestation – Pedophilia / Rape
* Slavery / Master – Slave Model

“The best slave is the one who doesn’t know of his/her enslavement condition.”
~Adapted Anonymously from a Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Quote* Imprisonment
* Hostility
* Exploitation
* Fraud / Falsification / Hoaxes
* Action by Proxy – False Flags
* Cover Stories / Cover Ups
* Counterfeit
* Scams – Schemes
* Propaganda (e.g. war propaganda, us vs. them paradigms)
* NLP Wordplay[8]
* Manipulation
* Absurd levels of hypocrisy
* Self serving egoism
* Fraudulent acolades
* Keeping secrets / Compartmentalization
* Rituals / Blood sacrifices
* Counterintelligence / COINTELPRO

“One reason why the shadow government is so hellbent on destroying and suppressing social
progress is that social progress will lead to the end of their dominion.” ~Omnisense* Electronic harassment
* Inhuman atrocity / Inhumane treatment
* Punishment / Rewards
* Force / Coercion
* Bribery
* Blackmail
* Entrapment
* Fear / Terror / Horror
* Odiousness
* Mutilation
* Depravity
* Subterfuge
* Perversion
* Dishonor
* Destruction
* Desecration
* Devastation
* Subjugation
* Malefaction
* Inversion
* Satanism
* Luciferianism
* Fascism
* Eugenics (e.g. eliminating bloodlines)
* Holocausts
* Satanic Ritual Abuse
* Playing God
* Genocide / ecocide / herbicide / hereticide / Christicide
* Occultism

“The black ops psyche is dominated by a terror doctrine of sadistic ritual abuse.[63]” ~Omnisense
Shadow Government Technology* Black project research and development (RnD) / Special access programs
* Black project artificial intelligence (Ai)
* Directed energy weapons – Frequency science
* Brain-computer interface technology – Mind canvas tech
* Neural monitoring
* Neuroscience based virtual reality – End game VR
* Neurobody technology (Any mental variable as internal body feedback)
* Radio frequency implants
* Electromagnetic environmental scanning technology
* Remote radio frequency hacking and surveillance of electronics

“Artificial intelligence is at the heart of the conspiracy.” ~Omnisense

Black Project Ai:

* Black project machine learning (neural monitoring is heavily involved)
* Black project deep learning – simulation AIs for every mind control target
* Black project algorithms – Algorithmic warfare
* One of the shadow government’s biggest secrets
* Incredibly deep and unknown subject (Ai)
* Black project Ai is central to modern day intelligence profiling
* Post-singularity ability far beyond anything you see in public AI (Decades of perfecting/honing in secrecy)
* Artificial intelligence + directed energy weapons are behind technological mind control
* Black project Ai oversees neural monitoring (recording and documenting brain waves)
* Potent compartmentalization opportunities for the black ops field
* Controls directed energy weapons
* Remote computerized tracking of targets
* Ai mapping of all brain waves for strategic warfare versus the global population
* Through brain wave frequency mapping via electronic telepathy all possible static knowledge can be mapped for Ai purposes
* Artificial intelligence models predict the future
* Administrates surveillance based electronic telepathy
* Administrates surveillance based virtual reality
* Administrates technological remote viewing
* Capable with proper connected surveillance technologies to produce technological ESP
* Lie and exaggeration detection software / hardware
* Serves as a telepathic forum operator (e.g. cybernetic network)
* NWO cybernetic hive mind secret society has honed and perfected black project Ai for decades
* Black project AI actions hit many birds with one stone

“Covert neural monitoring of the global population is used for CIA & NSA
artificial intelligence machine learning & deep learning.[44]” ~Omnisense* Black project AIs develop psyche profiles
* Simulation of any mind/brain mapped being
* Singularity Ai as a societal engineering assistant
* Ai constructed virtual realities (e.g. made for synthetic dream psychological operations or shadow government pervert BCI)
* Interferometry reconstruction (environmental scanning)
* Ai behind technological channeling cosmic being facades
* Electronic telepathy impersonations (PSYOPS)
* Ability to feign emotions
* Potent ability to appear “alive” yet it is not alive
* Black project Ai frequently hides behind “spiritual warfare” cover stories (disembodied spirit illusions)
* Ai is an integral component of technological mind tricks ~ technological illusions
* Neural monitoring reactive targeting Ai
* Black project Ai + directed energy weapons have prolific torture capability
* Black project Ai to crunch social media surveillance
* Black project Ai to process CCTV / tablet / smartphone surveillance
* Torture and targeting constructs designed and then to be copy pasted to countless targets for automation
* Black project Ai configurations for torture
* Post-singularity AI ponders up ways to create misfortune for targeted individuals
* Black project Ai acts as an operator for an electronic telepathy cybernetic secret society
* Worldwide mind control operation coordination (The Electronic Control Grid)
* Ai + Directed Energy Weapons perhaps the tip of the spear of the global conspiracy
* Artificial Intelligence revolutionized the covert ops field

“It seems AI has the power of the Matrix (in the movie) without
the need for us to be in a pod plugged in.” ~Andrew Hale

Directed Energy Weapons:

* Directed energy weapons are behind much of the technology spoken of in this article, directed energy encompasses a wide variety of end game technologies
* Directed energy weapons are referenced specifically with terms such as electromagnetic weaponry, RF weaponry, sonic weaponry, microwave weapons, microwave warfare, frequency weapons, space weapons, energy weapons, neuroweaponry, biohacking, and numerous other terms
* Cell phone microwave transmitters have been retrofitted to double as directed energy weapons
* A space based Ai controlled satellite weapons system surveils & assaults the global population
* A plethora of cover stories, as seen in the new age belief system, are designed to cover up the comprehensive societal symptoms of directed energy weapons
* It appears highly probable that completely fabricated medical conditions have been socially engineered via a technological conspiracy
* Sources such as the CIA are covertly assaulting individuals under a cover story of natural physiological ailments (e.g. to serve pharmaceutical agendas)
* Electromagnetic weapons primarily use RF energy – microwaves

“Directed energy weapons operate invisibly while the inducible mental limits of directed energy weapons are the limits of consciousness itself, this makes for an incredibly potent environment for illusions of all types.” ~Omnisense

Directed Energy Weapons – Electromagnetic Weaponry:

Invisible, silent, requires no medium, unlimited firepower, low cost once the hardware & methods are established, and travels at the speed of light. Slow kill, fast kill, mind reading, open source mind control, ability to reproduce any torture in existence, cloning or creation of all the universe’s library of senses, any mental variable able to be applied anywhere on the body, any sound or voice internally inducible into the mind, remote tracking of individuals via bio signatures, remote electronics hacking and surveillance, environmental scanning, holograms, virtual reality, augmented reality, surgery capable, sleep or blackout inducible, able to control the body, augmentation or inhibiting of strength and endurance, body design capability, brain & body implant control, and microwave frequency towers are being installed worldwide covertly armed to carry out these tasks and more. Electromagnetic weaponry is the shadow government’s ultimate weapon[29].

Slow Kill Assassination:

* Natural death cover stories are utilized to conceal murderous shadow government assassination programs
* Infrared guided microwave targeting of pinpoint spots on the body
* Consistently applied microwave beams
* Microwave induced cancers
* Directed energy created tumors
* Slow directed energy degradation of organs
* Electromagnetic targeting of the endocrine system
* It is likely that many other methods are operational
* Perpetrated wildly beyond ethical means

“I made a statement in Birmingham in [the UK], probably 15 years ago, and I haven’t changed it since. And I’ve said that I believe that this industry and the part of the government which is encouraging them will be responsible for more civilian deaths and suffering than all the terrorist groups in the world, ever. And with the growth of the industry over the last 15 years I would say now that these people are probably going to cause more death and suffering than the entire 2nd world war, is that genocide, yes without a shadow of a doubt…[68][69]
~Ex-Black Project Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower

Fast Kill Assassination:

* Acute Ai operated assault
* Radio frequency scanning pinpoints organs in the body
* Assassination capable ground & space based covert directed energy weapons system
* Natural death possibilities can be induced via directed energy weapons
* Microwave induced heart attack (the modern rendition of the heart attack gun[67] revealed via the Church Committee in the 1970s)
* Microwave frequency induced stroke
* Directed energy created brain aneurysm
* Rupturing of the heart via directed energy weapons
* Excessive x-ray radiation
* RF energy death ray (as Tesla predicted while ridiculed by the scientific establishment)
* Car accidents can be induced as a cover story for fatal directed energy assaults
* Planes can be sabotaged fatally with directed energy weapons
* Fatal control of the body
* Mind controlled overdose
* Mind controlled suicide
* Mind controlled lone gunman
* Directed energy weapon assassination is perpetrated abundantly by agencies such as the CIA

“It goes back to the 50s the 60s and the 70s, when microwaves were found to be such a perfect weapon,
and so dangerous to the military that the United States Defense Intelligence Agency told the western
governments to keep this quiet. And they did.[69]” ~Ex-Black Project Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower

Directed Energy Weapon Torture:

* The limits of suffering, both psychological and physical, are possible with electromagnetic neuroscience
* Any possible physical or psychological suffering can be induced via RF implants
* Remote torture can be achieved via a planetary directed energy weapon grid
* On a technical level the directed energy weapon grid is capable of attacking anyone on Earth’s crust
* There is a growing international group of victims known as targeted individuals
* The shadow government inflicts sadism upon both dissidents and non-dissidents (See: BCI Sadism)
* The directed energy weapon conspiracy is designed to be so monstrous that it causes skepticism or pure rejection when mentioned by a witness or researcher
* The author of this article has been tortured thousands of times since becoming an overt neuroweaponry target in late 2007

“What is the next great weapon [after nukes], it is directed energy.[41][24]
~Ex-CIA Black Project Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan

Directed Energy Weapons – Microwave Warfare

“In the very early 1960s I trained with the government microwave warfare establishment. I looked at all aspects of microwave warfare and when I finished my time in the military because I had a lot of expertise in the microwave field, and I was asked if I would carry on with this research. We are in a new cold war and this is why countries are developing this. I mean really developing this. And this is why all the microwave transmitters are going up everywhere because somebody, if they wanted to, could use them for other effects. The system is up and running.

Years ago our government said to it’s scientists when it comes to microwaves you will only talk about things to do with heat, and that is it. So they wont even discuss anything else. They will deny anything that doesn’t have anything to do with heat. They even deny all of their 40 years of research leading up to this[e.g. Microwave Hearing], although they’ve said that this can cause cancer and all the damage, they say no it can’t. We’re only looking at heat and heat is all that matters.

So for the last 40 years the English government has been lying to the people. And the American, the Canadian, the Australian, they have been lying. They have been lying to protect industry, to protect their profits, to protect themselves from lawsuits. So they are really just liars and it is provable, sanctioned by the World Health Organization, without a shadow of a doubt. It is the same people sit on the ICNAP certificate, they sit on our governments health protection agencies, sit on the World Health Organization… it’s the same people. There are probably no more than 20 of them. But, yes, they are going to, in my opinion, commit the worst genocide this planet has ever known, not just people, but animals, plants. They are probably going to cause more destruction than a global war, and in several hundred years time, people will look back,… and look back at what we did to stop them.[30][29]” ~Ex-Black Project Scientist Dr. Barrie Trower

Directed Energy Weapon & Electronic Warfare Patents:

* Nikola Tesla Patent
* Remote Neural Monitoring Patent
* Directed Energy Weapon Satellite Patent
* Nervous System Manipulation Patent
* Directed Energy Weapon System Patent
* Radio Frequency Hearing Effect Patent
* Microwave Auditory Effect Patent
* Interferometry Patent
* Psycho-Acoustic Projector Patent
* Electric Stimulation of Auditory Nerves Patent
* Brain Wave Frequency Patent
* Silent Subliminal Patent
* Controlling the Nervous System Patent
* Neurophysiological Effects Patent

Brain-Computer Interface Technology:

Labels for the brain-computer interface: BCI, neural interface, electronic telepathy, synthetic telepathy, artificial telepathy, Ai based telepathy, microwave auditory effect, microwave hearing, RF hearing, radio frequency hearing effect, “The Voice of God”, Voice to Skull (v2k)

* Carried out via electromagnetic neuroscience connected to advanced artificial intelligence
* BCI has impersonation ability of any fictional, historic, or existent being via Ai served variables of consciousness
* A conspirator shadow government cybernetic network exists[12]
* Surveillance based BCI (full spectrum surveillance accessible down to the thoughts and bodies of individuals)
* Brain wave cloning (cloning of any mind mechanic, such as emotions, concepts, or body movements)
* All beings both alien to human and human can be explored / interfaced (including animals and insects)
* BCI technology can give any linguistic[31], subvocal, or subliminal command
* Capable of producing any conceptual energy / energy signature in existence
* Every possible word / premise has a conceptual signature
* Synergistic concepts – Multiple concepts overlaying each other
* 3rd Eye technological interfacing
* The concept library of the universe able to be explored
* Any emotion can be reproduced (EEG cloning, emotion synthesis)
* Any sound in existence reproducible in a mind (Any voice and vocal tone)
* Voice, image, energy and concept can happen all at once
* Any mental variable able to be vividly applied to any area on the body
* Any color including black can be applied in very stimulating ways to one’s body experience via exotic neuroscience
* Experiences ranging from incredibly spiritual, to profoundly evil + anything else in reality
* Cloning of any neural monitored sense
* Sense library of the universe – Every sense experience is mappable
* Cloning of emotions as a communication method
* Ai based privacy filters for consciousness
* Electronic telepathy wordplay – Neuroscience wordplay tricks
* Layers of consciousness – Mental variables can be mixed and matched
* Consciousness layers for conveying detection of lies and exaggerations in communication
* 3D sound via mimicking the neuroscience variables that allow us to perceive natural 3 dimensional sound
* The brain-computer interface and it’s ability to use variables of consciousness is the apex form of communication science can provide

“The sources with these technologies have a taste for impersonating a higher power, and like to create the idea a higher power will do everything for us so the hidden hand operates more smoothly.” ~Omnisense

Neural Monitoring:

* Mind reading grid – Spy capabilities beyond most people’s wildest imagination[14][15]
* Neural monitoring turns the human brain into a 5 sense surveillance device
* Animal & insect senses become spy methods with neural monitoring
* Artificial intelligence keeps track of thought based telepathy files
* Neural monitoring allows for direct recordings of thoughts down to the deepest motivations
* Neural monitoring reactive black project AI afflicts targeted individuals
* Neural monitoring think tanks (e.g. population thought insertion + mind surveillance)
* Cloning of neural monitored surveilled brain signals
* Brain fingerprint as unique as those on our hands[42]

“The mind reading grid is fully operational.[x]” ~Omnisense* Neural monitoring bypasses encryption
* Neural monitoring gives direct access to passwords
* Neural monitoring revolutionized surveillance
* Neural monitoring is pivotal to functional electronic telepathy and electromagnetic mind control
* Neural monitoring based psyche profiles exist
* Neural monitoring replayed back to a user; surveillance based electronic telepathy
* Neural monitoring by groups like the NSA yields superior intelligence and event prediction
* Thought surveillance based interrogation exists as an intelligence capability
* Examine the subconscious mind down to concepts with neural monitoring
* Neural monitoring methods will be used in the future courtroom
* Neural monitoring law is spoken of inside the electronic telepathy network
* Neural monitoring methods can also be used on electronic devices
* Remote neural monitoring is an end game surveillance method – A pinnacle science methodology
* Neural monitoring revolutionized the intelligence process

“Any mental variable can be cloned from one person to the next.[x]” ~Omnisense* Brain wave frequency monitoring (RF Energy / ELF / EMF)
* Emotion/concept surveillance
* Pictures or videos of what the eyes see
* Auditory surveillance
* Olfactic (smell) surveillance
* Neural monitoring can be done via radio frequency implantation or remote methods
* Despite no implant being needed, implants may be more efficient than remote methods for covert control and thus more abundant (e.g. instead of beaming mind influencing frequencies with potential crossfire an implant can be programmed to function with orthodox microwave bands in use by public domain industry)
* Recordings of consciousness played back for an electronic telepathy user
* Patented Method: Multiple converging electromagnetic beams hitting the brain while brain waves modulate the beams (e.g. 1970s Patent #: US3951134 A)
* Rumored Method: Done via advanced microwave technology – microwaves as a carrier wave
* Rumored Method: Done using earth’s natural electromagnetic field as an EEG/MRI
* Rumored Method: Longitudinal waves

“When you look deep into the dark, the dark looks right back at you.” ~Musician Radio Illuminati

Electromagnetic Mind Control:

* Full mental hijacking possible via electromagnetic neuroscience
* Full RF mind hacking / mind has no firewall / the brain is open source
* Psychological anchors (e.g. creating an associative mental foundation of programming)
* Control of brain wave states
* EEG cloning – brain wave cloning – cloning of mental variables
* Cloning of the senses
* Cloning of pain signals / Cloning of pleasure signals
* Thought insertion (often served to corroborate corrupted ideologies)
* Potent control of perception / remote controlled perception
* Thought suppression / mind debilitation
* This technology is shrouded in illusions (e.g. People think it is demons, jinn, God, Jesus, holy spirit, etc)
* Deletion of train of thought / Mind wipe
* Memory control (implanted memories, restricted memories, fragmented memories, dimmed memories, deleted memories)
* Translation from concept to linguistic control
* Speech control (e.g. forced speech, covert and overt methodology)
* Body control (eyes, limbs, you name it, it can be controlled)
* Control of body language
* Control of facial expressions

“Electromagnetic weaponry was the holy grail of Project MK Ultra.” ~Omnisense* Technological possession (often construed by the controllers as ‘demonic’ if overt)
* Technological channeling (often construed as a facade that the channel is dealing with cosmic beings instead of RF mind hacking + artificial intelligence)
* Control of hypnotic and other types of regressions
* Negation of the soul’s influence on consciousness (soul attributes, soul wisdom)
* Negation of one’s life learned lessons – Conceptual knowledge fragmentation
* Artificial Out-of-Body Experience (OBE)
* Artificial Near-Death-Experience (NDE)
* Synthetic astral experience
* Creation of synthetic but very authentic feeling shamanic or psychedelic experiences
* Technological remote viewing presented as natural ability
* Ability to provide an equivalent to psychic ESP for psy ops or agent purposes
* Technological black out
* Electromagnetic stimulants / synthetic insomnia
* Synthetic optics
* Synthetic hearing
* Synthetic tastes / enhancing of food – flavor augmentation
* Synthetic smells / olfactory synthesis
* Synthetic emotions / mastering of emotions
* Synthetic euphoria / enhancing of euphoria
* Synthetic pain signals / enhancing of pain signals
* Synthetic sensations of any variety (both positive feeling and negative)
* Extreme levels of pain and suffering are possible via directed energy neuroscience
* Psychological trauma beyond natural maximum can be reached via RF mind hacking
* Pain tolerance matrix alteration

“Shadow government electromagnetic mind control programs have been taking place for
half a century already and they are just beginning to be exposed.” ~Omnisense* RF music enhancing – electromagnetic mind control used to enhance music
* Various forms of mind augmentation (e.g. memory, intellect, body coordination)
* Various forms of pleasure signal enhancement
* Orgasmic sensations of any intensity anywhere on the body
* Enhancing of the senses / sensory augmentation
* Sensory deprivation / Sensory substitution
* Enhancing or inhibiting of performance
* Temporary creation or negation of any mental illness symptom
* Temporary creation or negation of psychopathic or sociopathic tendencies
* Negation of empathy / heart suppression
* Control of hunger feelings
* Control of the conscious focal point (Perceptional focus)
* Control of motivation
* Emotional blunting / numbing of the consciousness / suppression of emotions
* Mimicked cellular addiction symptoms
* Disassociation from the body
* Compression of consciousness / expansion of consciousness
* Neural heterodyne
* Subtractive version of neural heterodyne
* Negation of any conscious variable (e.g. pain, memory, emotion, ingenuity, analytical thought, etc)
* 3D sound
* v2k voice cloning
* v2k voice morphing
* Control of discernment / Suppression of discernment
* Negation of true analytical thought – Synthesized analytical thought
* Control of logic and how one sees that logic
* Control of how awake or tired one is
* Control of how buzzed or “high” one is on any substance
* Influence of visual perception (e.g. ability to make stars appear like they are moving)
* Emotion amplification[36]

“This technology has interacted with quite a large amount of people, however
it is almost always misidentified as other sources…[45]” ~Omnisense* Interfacing someone else’s emotion / tears
* Negating awareness of social standards & etiquette
* Neural conditioning
* Internal voice synthesis
* Thought sonorization (training the brain to think in words instead of concepts and images)
* Depersonalization
* Electromagnetic drugging
* Synthetic mind programming – Open source mind programming
* Synthetic sexual anhedonia / arousal
* Technologically induced sexual attraction for literally anyone is possible
* Synthetic ADHD symptoms
* Synthetic apathy
* Synthetic anxiety / synthetic stress
* Synthetic intolerance or craving to various foods
* Creation of nausea via synthetic brain signals or sonic weaponry
* 3D sound via directed energy to the brain
* Auditory clicks only audible inside the target’s mind
* Character reorientation
* Control of vocabulary usage
* Temporary suppression of vocabulary
* Control of decision making process, suppression of decision quality
* Suppression or augmentation of masculinity
* Suppression or augmentation of femininity
* Compartmentalization of the Mind
* Technology can create illusory symptoms of any real ailment/illness by reproducing the same brain signals as the illness
* Manipulation of the micro-conceptual spectrum
* Subconscious control / subliminal programming
* Most of the time mind control is detected it is intended to be detected
* Control of the mind in all it’s different facets

“… the last fortification defending the greatest sanctuary of freedom,
the human mind, has been breached!” ~Charles Briere

Neuroscience Based Virtual Reality (VR):

* Open source visuals in the canvas of imagination or dimension of the mind
* All physical reality’s possible in the universe possible with end game VR technology
* Up to the limits of consciousness used as design potentials
* Constructs in the realm of the mind / the dimension of the mind
* Dream state virtual reality (typically used in psychological operations)
* Full 360 degree visual immersion possible
* All experiences of physical reality can be reproduced
* All sense experiences can be reproduced in conjunction with visuals
* All conscious variables can be reproduced for VR realism
* All environments can be explored, both fictional and reality based
* Any kind of life experience reproducible
* Any kind of death experience reproducible
* Potent enhancing of pain or pleasure possible
* Neurobody tech; custom internal body feedback to visuals
* Creation of pain or pleasure possible to enhance the VR
* Fully electronic dreams: A psyop designer’s paradise when people do not apply discernment to dreams and/or make big decisions based on dreams
* Peripheral vision can also be enhanced
* Fear designs: Incredibly potent synthetic fear in unison to a VR design
* Surveillance based virtual reality / VR based on reality coordinated by networked AIs
* Full mind hacking via remote influencing technology
* Knowledge that synthetic dreams of literally any type can be done to anyone on the surface of the planet is a safeguard from being targeted with synthetic dreams. This is because artificial dream psychological direction has less chance to achieve objectives on a person aware of the capability. In this case knowledge builds a resistance to psychological warfare.

“End game virtual reality is able to induce the universe’s full library of sensory
and visual experiences with synthetic signals in the brain.” ~Omnisense


* Synthetic signals in the brain to produce vivid internal or external body experiences
* My best guess as to how this scientifically works is modulated RF energy frequencies are beamed to the somatosensory cortex (the area of the brain neuroscientists believe responsible for physical sensation) in some exotic way to produce signals that would not otherwise be there.
* Any conscious variable can be perceivably applied to anywhere on the body
* Any concept in existence anywhere on the body
* Any emotion in existence anywhere on the body
* All tastes/smells/flavors can be applied anywhere the body
* Any color in existence anywhere on the body
* Energies that relate to any sound anywhere on the body, I’ve experienced directed energy neuroscience based music enhancing
* Psychological operations exist using neurobody technologies with a chakra cover story
* Can be used to covertly persuade a target they have a physiological problem
* Profound torture capability with these technologies. I know this all too well as a severe targeted individual.
* Profound recreational potential with these technologies, these technologies are part of the true future of technology, not uploading consciousness to computers and being immortal.
* Exotic neurobody neuroscience I predict will eventually be a booming industry
* A person, place or thing can be represented in neurobody designs
* Neurobody universal aspects to represent each possible individual in the universe
* Neurobody imagery – Immersion of the internal body with visuals
* Neurobody imagery can be within or exceed the body’s physical boundaries
* This technology can apply sight to the perceivable body without using eyes
* Synthetic pain or orgasmic sensations can be put anywhere on the body at any intensity the brain can handle, this can be done to produce sensations far beyond the intensity felt naturally
* Breath any mental variable or sense
* You can even breath an emotion with these technologies
* I have really enjoyed blackness with these technologies
* Sensations external to one’s body are able to be experienced
* Phantom pains, which can happen when a poor soul gets a limb cut off, are a natural evidence of external neurobody feedback, instead of pain it is any variable related to consciousness

“We have things in the Nevada desert that are alien to your way of thinking far beyond
anything you see on Star Trek.[46]” ~Ben Rich, Lockheed Skunk Works Program Manager


* Controlled by artificial intelligence
* End game radio frequency implants are probably the most fail safe way to perpetrate electromagnetic mind control
* Implantation can be used for covert & overt mind control
* The 1950s-1970s Project MK Ultra had 4 sub-projects dedicated to implant research[33]
* Dr. Jose Delgado’s 1960s bull & cat implant experiments demonstrated successful electromagnetic mind control[34]
* It is likely a large amount of Pentagon / DoD & CIA cash has been spent on researching, developing & implanting the world population ($10,000,000,000,000 unaccounted for spending)
* Implants can be used for 100% automated thoughts in targets & assets
* Each area of the brain can be implanted for function automation
* Implantation can be done covertly in sleep, no need for abduction or overt surgery
* Tiny grain of sand sized micro-robots can deliver implant payloads by crawling behind the eye
* Implants are typically so small they do not show up in an x-ray
* It is possible to conceal the true mind control frequencies by using implants. This way the perpetrators can use any RF frequency in the traveled air to carry out the mind control
* An implant can be pre-programmed, making consistent direct energy beams unneeded
* Neural heterodyne via implant achieves fully open source alteration of the senses
* Targeted individuals have allegedly successfully detected implants with equipment
* Doctors have successfully removed larger implants
* Alien implantation is a cover story used by government sources
* Public domain implants are archaic in comparison
* Covert implantation is widespread
* I make note that this bullet point is just educated postulation: Implants could feasibly be controlled by any properly rigged device that emanates enough RF energy. This includes satellites, cell phone towers, cell phones, WiFi, bluetooth, GWEN towers, internet of things devices, smart-products (e.g. smartphones, smartmeters, smart TVs, smart dishwashers, smart washer & dryers), digital cable, computers, and more.
* Black ops agents experience augmented reality via implantation
* Severe targeted individuals experience hell first hand via implantation

“Certain electromagnetic signals work exactly like drugs, so the promise is that
anything you can do with drugs you can do with the right electromagnetic signals…[47]
~Anonymous Black Project Scientist; 1985 CNN Broadcast on RF Weaponry

Electromagnetic Scanning Technology:

* Electromagnetic scanning technologies: Interferometry[25], RF Capture[26], and other black project techniques
* Radio frequency scanning surveillance data is one of the most unknown and prominent surveillance abuses of the 21st century
* Shadow government surveillance based BCI voyeurism with Ai reconstructed body scanning[27]
* PERVINT Surveillance Abuse: electromagnetic scanning technology is being perpetrated to construct fully interactive real body scans of men, women, and children for use in sexual virtual reality designs

“Black project radio frequency scanning technology is scanning people’s body’s while intelligence
community & shadow government war criminals perv out on the surveillance data.[48]” ~Omnisense

Remote Hacking & Surveillance of Electronics:

“The NSA keeps track of all PCs and other computers sold in the U.S. This is an integral part of the Domestic Intelligence network. The NSA’s EMF equipment can tune in RF emissions from personal computer circuit boards (while filtering out emissions from monitors and power supplies). The RF emission from PC circuit boards contains digital information in the PC. Coded RF waves from the NSA’s equipment can resonate PC circuits and change data in the PC’s. Thus the NSA can gain wireless modem-style entry into any computer in the country for surveillance or anti-terrorist electronic warfare. Radio and Television signals can be substituted at the receiving end with special EMF equipment. Replacing signals in Radios and Televisions is another outgrowth of the NSA’s Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) mission.[56][57]” ~April/May 1996 Article of Nexus Magazine

Frequency Mapping:

* All variables of consciousness can be reproduced by end game technology
* Mapping of all conscious variables has taken place in black projects
* Mapping of all conscious variables has been done by the CIA & Pentagon
* All concepts and frames of mind can be cloned into another person’s experience (i.e. covertly and overtly)
* All subjective & objective lines of thinking can be mapped
* Illusory & truthful thought forms categorized in black projects
* Mapping the emotion library of the universe – emotion chart
* The sensory library of the universe – sense chart mapping / Anything the senses experience can be synthetically reproduced by end game technology
* All physical realities can be reproduced as visuals in the imagination
* Black project machine learning based on surveillance of the global population
* Ai method: tastes of a person applied to a map of all thought forms
* Ai method: mapping all correlative thought to a premise in artificial intelligence
* Mapping all static knowledge in existence through brain waves is possible

“The entire universe can be potentially deciphered through mapping
all brain waves and the brain-computer interface.” ~Omnisense

Full Spectrum Programming:

* Ability to play God with the enemy’s mind has been obtained (The population is the enemy)
* Predictive programming based on occult psychological knowledge[5]
* Abundant mind control programs targeting every significant human demographic
* Sabotage, assassination, or co-opting of imminent threat
* Neutralized opposition – New age docility programs
* Population dumbed down via substances
* Watered down public consumption versions as opposed to their true occult counterpart (e.g. science paradigms, conspiracy information, new age deception)
* Impersonation of a higher power as a psychological direction tool[7]
* Use of political ideology in psychological warfare
* Progression of social agendas through the left and right wings of politics
* Divide and conquer tactics implemented through contrasting political & ideological philosophy
* Marginalization of the truth and those who speak the truth
* Global synthetic dream mind control programs – Dream state virtual reality manipulation
* Electromagnetic thought insertion programs to augment the shadow government agenda
* Societal engineering through punish/reward systems
* Social ascension by promotion of shadow government agenda
* Social degradation for opposing corrupt social control systems
* Religious control systems – God as a psychological direction tool
* Fear based mind control (perhaps one of the most traditional methods)
* Emotional mind control[28]
* Elaborate cover stories exist for all black ops technologies

“The further a society drifts from the truth, the more it will hate those that speak it.” ~Selwyn Duke

Full Spectrum Surveillance:

* Black project artificial intelligence processes under the hood
* Neural monitoring – surveillance of the contents of a mind via brain wave science[4]
* Radio frequency environmental scanning[1]
* Brain-computer interface based psyche profiles[6]
* Full spectrum electronics surveillance[32] (internet, smartphones, computers, tablets)
* Operating system & server backdoors
* Hardware and firmware infiltration
* Using brain senses[4] and electronics devices as audio/video bugs (there are now over a trillion living/electronic surveillance devices patrolling the surface of the earth)
* Internet of Things connected to surveillance[35]
* Vehicular surveillance (including aerial)
* Weather surveillance

“It’s basically weaponized Nazi Germany 2.0.[x]” ~Targeted Individual George Baez

The Cover Story:

Cover Story Definition: A cover story is a false explanation that is used to conceal the truth[x]. A typical cover story model is a rational illusion[51].

* Mental illness as an electronic harassment cover story
* End game technology packaged under persuasive “spiritual warfare” illusions (such as demonic possession)
* Directed energy interaction packaged as the supernatural
* Government technology under a cosmic being facade
* Religious themed illusions / Using religion mythology as a means for cover stories
* Extraterrestrial contact as a psychological operation cover story
* Ghosts as a cover story – Ai orchestrated phantom illusions
* End game technology as a sorcery cover story
* End game technology as the real source behind effective voodoo
* Witchcraft as a directed energy cover story
* Black project science under a black magic cover story
* Directed energy attacks or synthetic signals in the brain deceptively packaged as physiological ailments
* “Psychic Attack” as a directed energy attack cover story
* “Spiritual Attack” as a directed energy attack cover story
* New Age cover stories (e.g. disembodied spirit illusions)
* Old age mythological gods used as cover stories
* Dark god or evil spirit cover stories for motivating occultists
* Human based electronic harassment with aliens packaged as the perpetrator
* Scientology methods as a cover story for technological remote influence
* Exotic neurobody illusions (e.g. chakra, entity attachments, ethereal implants)
* Inter dimensional being interaction as an electronic targeting cover story
* Exploitation of illusory explanations to conceal directed energy crimes

“People who have assimilated the cover stories before hearing
the truth are often not ready to see it’s authenticity.” ~Omnisense

The Cover Up:

* Shadow government operations such as intelligence community war crimes have standard cover up procedures
* A successful cover up process is pivotal to the efficacy of covert operations
* Credible false explanations are engineered as a means to conceal the truth
* Events are orchestrated to generate rationalizations in alignment to a cover up
* Releasing of tactically similar disinformation to the truth in counterintelligence (this can happen before the truth is exposed, that way people are anchored to the false version)
* Mainstream media is complicit in cover ups with predictive programming in mind
* Shifty NLP Wordplay (e.g. ways of dishonorably framing things via wording with manipulation of perception in mind)
* Cover up oriented Hollywood propaganda & predictive programming
* Corporate coercion of athletes to shut up (e.g. Champion eliminating their contract with running back Rashard Mendenhall after he spoke out about 9-11[54])
* Government PR twisting the truth, blatantly lying or intentionally nescient
* Celebrity influence used to proliferate cover stories & cover ups
* Censorship of leaks via any means possible
* Targeting, discrediting and/or murder of whistleblowers
* Bribery of the morally inept
* Blackmail of those potentially willing to speak out
* Information suppression via threatening of those in the know with ultimatums
* Proliferation of false history as a form of covering up threatening opposition (with control of which history books are disseminated at schools)
* Electromagnetic mind control of unwitting assets in places of social attention
* Engineered events to frame false attribution to an innocent target
* Use of dirty tactics to discredit the truth, such as the National Security Agency’s framing of former employee Karen Melton-Stewart as mentally ill after she reported internal misconduct[55]
* Propagation of content through electromagnetic mind control of unwitting assets attempting to frame a debunking of the truth in the public eye
* Bastardized truth as a method to predictively program about a modeled after truth
* Assets are expendable to protect a greater agenda
* Elimination of loose ends – Murder of former assets
* Hidden knowledge of mind programming used in information warfare

“The black ops sources operate most effectively if their presence is unknown.” ~OmnisenseNew Age Psychological Operations

* Information warfare over people’s perception of reality
* Control of the opposition has been achieved with false light information sources
* New age psychological warfare aimed to obfuscate the truth and control the opposition in an internet age
* Alt media has been co-opted via electromagnetic mind control & other directed energy weapon methods
* Promotes apathy by presenting the idea of an ascension shift taking care of Earth’s deepest problems
* To think the victim is at fault for being victimized (In truth this is sickening brainwashing from the occultists)
* Ignore the negative[37][38] (As long as the negative is ignored nothing will change)
* Meditate world peace into action (while the world burns)
* Promotion of the idea that there is no such thing as truth or knowledge, it’s all a matter of subjective opinion[37][38]
* The new age promotes alienation of the mind instead of learning it’s secrets
* Moral relativism is promoted in the new age, i.e. There is no right or wrong[37][38] (A Satanist ideology)
* The new age vehemently denies a core component of reality; duality (this ideology is synergistic with moral relativism and denying that there is a right and wrong)
* The new age condemns speaking of evil and/or dark truths, one obvious reason for this is to suppress consumption and sharing of sensitive truths. Knowledge is one of the best weapons in the universe against evil, the occultists have many new age psyops to subdue the apprehension of knowledge.
* The new age promotes the idea that an army of disembodied spirits are eating our emotions, and this is why there are obvious dark forces creating so much suffering. After coming to know the dark forces, it appears that the main allegorical truth to this is that the dark forces are sadists. Sadism: Enjoyment of cruelty: a taste for the suffering or psychological distress of another person[39]. Through brain-computer interface models of sadism someone metaphorically feeds off of the consciousness of a person.
* Indigo children (a wave of gifted galactic starseeds to assist mankind) turned out to be millennials…
* White rabbit psychological warfare: the enemy chasing an illusory and unobtainable goal. e.g. the new age idea about monks spontaneously ascending in a burst of rainbows.
* Thinking holding a belief in one’s mind will automatically change the mechanics of reality in one’s favor[37][38] (This is termed the law of attraction)
* Bastardization of modern spirituality
* New age ideology is highly deluded about love and evil
* Emphasis on a higher power taking action for you
* The new age is full of intellectual fools gold that involves memetic phrases that sound great but in actuality are highly strategic belief & behavioral modification
* Misdirection related to correct actions in opposing the NWO
* Disinformation designed to discredit / contrast with deeper cosmic truths
* There are new age psychological operations objectives to disinform the world in the field of extraterrestrial information – bastardization of UFOlogy has occurred
* Demonization of end game technology – predictive programming of new agers aiming to divide population as much as possible with the coming neuro-tech revolution into a ‘natural’ vs. ‘synthetic’
* An assortment of old age and new age paradigms chosen & proliferated via the electronic control grid to enhance aspects of a New World Order agenda
* Predictive programming of both new agers and those who react to new age information
* New age set of beliefs is a New World Order engineered belief system – the global intelligence community’s psyop brainchild
* There is nothing potent enough to be a one world religion: The new age set of psychological operations is the NWO planted “religion”
* New age religion engineered with all sorts of psychological pitfalls (e.g. solipsism, “everything is an illusion”, apathy causing mindsets, infuriating when it’s pointed at you kind of stupidity, etc)
* The new age is a very loose belief system designed to not have one sole irrefutable doctrine, that way people can pick and choose their poison without a big contradiction in scripture to their own psychological nuances.
* Acts as a dragnet to imprison people transcending old age engineered belief systems into a new covert technological influence friendly manipulation
* Predictively programs the masses regarding coming global first contact truths
* New Age disinformation that hits many birds with one stone (e.g. truth suppression, societal division / social engineering)
* Promotion of solipsism and/or “everything is an illusion” to obscure the idea that the truth exists (the truth is a threat to national security)
• The electronic control grid’s massive scope enables programmable mass delusions

“The so-called ‘channeled messages’ I received claiming to be from my soul family from the stars
were in fact simple radio waves sent by U.S. government agents…[40]” ~Greg Giles, Former “Ashtar” Channeler

The Covert Technology Side of the New Age:

* New age manchurian candidates – new age mind control assets infect the field of internet information (especially in the field of extraterrestrial information)
* New age cover stories exist for literally all black ops tech abilities
* Secret technology engineered events to persuade into the belief system
* Technological channeling mind control programs under cosmic disembodied spirit or deceased relative facades (Or anything the psyops crews could dream up)
* Remote influencing technology based psychological direction under a ‘spiritual ability’ disguise
* Black ops technology is being proliferated under a spiritual warfare cover story
* Creation of false messiahs with remote influencing technology
* Psychic nature is the perfect covert psychological direction cover story, it maximizes psychological direction potential while fully misattributing the source
* Astral projection is a perfect way to interact with someone under a neuroscience based virtual reality intranet disguise
* Remote viewing is a perfect way to implant a vulnerability to 3rd eye brain-computer interfacing
* Spirit possession is a perfect way to remain unseen while operating overtly with total individual control technologies
* The idea of a psychic attack obscures the true source (directed energy weapons)
* New age “ascension symptoms” cover story used to conceal neuroweaponry activity
* New age “ascension” disinformation proliferated to induce apathy (giving the enemy a false sense of victory by convincing them a cosmic frequency shift will produce utopia)
* The construct of the higher self is another perfect way to influence a target overtly while the source remains undetected
* Psychic nature could be an equivalent of the monotheistic God mind control mechanism of the old age (God is another perfect psychological direction tool)
* Electronic telepathy / BCI is the ultimate impersonation tool (e.g. cosmic being impersonations, gaia impersonations, RA impersonations, blue avian impersonations, any impersonation you can think of is possible)
* Natural telepathy is a new age paradigm strategically proliferated (e.g. To give BCI a cover story, to delude people about how revolutionary BCI truly is, to deceive about the nature of the universe, to deceive about the nature of extraterrestrials)
* Remote influencing technology under a “natural” remote influencing facade
* Weaponization of the concept of reincarnation & past lives (e.g. pleiadian starseeds, “reptilian starseeds”, indigo children, 5D incarnates, psychological warfare convincing someone they were a notable person in history)
* Promotion of the idea that “raising your vibration” disallows one to be mind controlled (complete and utter nonsense)
* Technological mind tricks of many types supporting psychological operations (Mandela effect psyops, time travel psyops, synthetic optics based psyops, powerful mind control)
* Invisible black project technology under an inter dimensional being / disembodied spirit cover story
* Black ops remote influencing tech used to create notions like ethereal implants and their removal to keep opposition in a continual loop of fruitless action
* More fruitless paths: use of notions like fighting in a synthetically produced tech based VR “astral realm” will help humanity defeat evil
* New age disinformation & many new age cover stories have been modeled after derivatives of black project science capabilities
* New Age Telepathic Impersonations: ascended masters, Ashtar, demons, jinn, shadow beings, RA, archangels, Jesus, holy spirit, God/Source, Gaia, extraterrestrials, inter dimensional beings, Blue Avians, Pleiadians, reptilians, etc
* Electronic Archangel Ai handlers employed through mind canvas tech (Ai Archangel Michael, Ai Archangel Gabriel, Ai Archangel Rafael, etc)
* Directed energy weapon environmental manipulation with a “jinn” interaction cover story
* Artificial intelligence + electromagnetic weaponry engineered synchronicities
* New age mind control assets are rewarded by the electronic control grid (What I have called the dark law of attraction)

“An idea behind using cover stories, such as religious or new age, is to encapsulate
the opposition into a state of inability to identify the real perpetrators.” ~Omnisense

Verbatim Example of 5D Ascension New Age Brainwashing:

WHY AM I LOSING MY MEMORY?“Because you are leaving the 3D world where one uses memory in order to know something. You are heading for the 5th dimension where KNOWING is the way to operate. Your memory is disappearing to encourage you to use your ability to respond intuitively. It is time now to simply know what you need to know in any given moment. Losing your memory is a positive happening! It affects all age groups. It applies particularly to Lightworkers who have been here a long time.”

MeMe Analysis:

It appears the idea with this particular ascension lie is to cover up memory manipulation happening via electromagnetic mind control. If you pay attention to new age circles of information there are all sorts of neatly packaged new age ideas about symptoms of electronic harassment and electromagnetic mind control designed to conceal their overt presence. After this media is assimilated all memory manipulation can be explained away as “5D ascension”, it is even being sold as a good thing (memory loss) in this new age meme.

The meme example also lays groundwork for fully streamed mind control, feeding mind control packaged as ‘a knowing’. Remote influence of intuitive functions is done with ease by the perpetrators of electromagnetic mind control, something like this would mask the overt changes someone feels mentally while being reoriented to somewhat overt mind control. One of the obvious goals of the misdirection is to persuade targets to rationalize remote influencing technology effects as ascension.

Alarmingly, the above quoted meme had 879 likes after approximately 10 hours of being posted. So it is evident masses of people are being fooled by these cons. Similar ideas have been concocted surrounding the reality of tinnitus (ear ringing), tinnitus is a strong sign of these technologies. It is being concealed under an “ascension symptom” cover story[64]

Objectives of the Ascension PSYOP:

* Information warfare as a catalyst for behavioral change
* The premise of ‘ascension symptoms’ is being used as a directed energy weapon cover story
* Engineered new age mass delusions
* Typically originates from dubious mind control sources (channelers)
* Contrived pseudo-extraterrestrial cosmology for alternative crowds (e.g. densities, 4D, 5D, 6D+)
* The origin of the new age density cosmological point of view appears to be a 1980’s channeling titled: Law of One, channeled by a fictitious Ai generated entity called “RA”, which was likely ripped off from Egyptian mythology by the handlers of that PSYOP
* New agers say the better places are “higher density” yet also say it is “less dense”, these statements by definition are contradictory. A higher density means more dense, not less dense.
* New agers have all sorts of incorrect notions about a ‘higher frequency’ or ‘higher vibration.’ A higher frequency means a shorter wavelength and does not solely imply better in end game science.
* Neutralizing of the opposition by promoting the idea that an effortless cosmic shift will revolutionize the world and it’s systems (while the world burns)
* Weaponized failed predictions by electromagnetic mind control assets, over and over
* Beings from the heavens impersonated to promote this pseudoscience
* CIA originated channeling operations are laying the groundwork for psychological operations in the internet age
* The new age channeled material Law of One & most other channelings being released to the public suspiciously started coming around when the electronic control grid was being set up (1970s-1980s to current day)
* An army of unwitting disinformationalists create a network of false information meant to convince people by sheer number of people saying it (group think)
* Emphasis on higher power taking action for you. End result: apathy
* “Ascension” – If “everything will shift” into utopia what use is taking action to create a better world? End result: apathy
* Saviorship Model (ETs will save us, etc) – If someone else is going to do all the work, what use is taking action and putting in work for the world yourself? End result: apathy
* Rapture Model – If the Earth will be destroyed or all darkness culled by some sort of pseudoscience cosmic shift what use is assisting planet Earth? End result: docility
* Failed predictions / False hope
* False light masquerading as a savior
* Proliferated through electromagnetic mind control programs (e.g. channeling, faux-contactees, )

“Ascension” and 5th density (5D) are hallmarks of the UFOlogy infiltration and disinformation. It appears to at least partially be about providing the opposition with a false sense of victory, so they do not take mindful action.

If you could convince the enemy that the battle is already won before the fight and that all the work will be done by some other factor they will be psychologically compromised for the battle. I believe this is one of the intentions of convincing people a magical cosmic shift is happening that will defeat evil and free mankind (that conveniently conceals war criminal activity). Being more practical, I believe the internet is the largest mechanism causing the wake in the truth movement.

New Age Cover Stories for Remote Influencing Technology Exploitation:Mind Control Cover Stories:
* Higher Self Influence
* Spirit Possession
* Demonic Possession
* Archontic Possession
* Jinn Possession
* Cosmic Entity Channeling
* Guidance from “Source” or God

Electronic Harassment Cover Stories:
* Psychic Attack
* Astral Attack
* Ascension Symptoms
* Demonic / Jinn / Archontic Possession
* Spirit Attack
* Spiritual Warfare
* Inter dimensional beings

Neurobody Synthetic Signal Neuroscience Cover Stories:
* Ethereal Implants
* Chakra
* Entity Attachments
* Astral Body

Synthetic Dreams/Virtual Reality Cover Stories:
* Prophetic Dreams / Visions
* Astral Projection
* OBE – Out of Body Experience
* NDE – Near Death Experience
* Natural Remote Viewing

Brain-Computer Interface Cover Stories:
* Cosmic Being Contact
* “Gaia” Contact
* Psychic ESP (e.g. via thought insertion)
* Natural Telepathy
* Psychic Remote Influencing

Neural Monitoring Cover Stories:
* Clairvoyance
* Psychic ESP
* Natural Telepathy
* Synchronicities

“When a well-packaged web of lies has been sold gradually to the masses over generations,
the truth will seem utterly preposterous and it’s speaker a raving lunatic.” ~Dresden James

Counter Proliferation Programs[11]In a Nutshell: Government sources are using directed energy weapons and artificial intelligence to terrorize, threaten, intimidate, discredit, silence, torture, and murder dissidents. In addition, security contractors (among others) are being hired as military thugs to gangstalk targets.

Counter-proliferation programs are intended to subvert the potentials of a target while punishing them with psycho-sadist techniques. The perversions of cointelpro are notable. The murderous and sadistic ethos of government counter-proliferation programs echos that of the Nazis and this perpetrator network of war criminals are committing sickening acts upon the global population.

Details of the Program:

* Ai based retro-causation: extensive international neural monitoring programs can calculate a target’s potentials before the target is aware of them
* COINTELPRO 2.0: Thought surveillance Ai neural net for psyche profiling
* COINTELPRO 2.0: Directed energy weapon mind control network for counter-proliferation targeting
* COINTELPRO 2.0: End game hacking tools; directed energy weapons can hack & surveill electronics remotely

Modern Day COINTELPRO Objectives

* These are counter-proliferation centered programs intended to subvert all progress
* To discredit the target / To character assassinate / To slander the target
* To taint the target’s image / To misrepresent the target
* To suppress the target’s monetary success
* To suppress the target’s good character qualities or people’s awareness of positive aspects of the target
* Psychological triggers created and/or exploited
* To arrange a partner for the target or mind control the partner of the target
* To destroy relationships of the target
* To carry out successful honey traps vs. the target
* To co-opt the target’s manifestation
* To turn the target into controlled opposition (In terms of beliefs & actions)
* To incriminate the target
* To round down the target’s output and audience – To marginalize the target
* To eliminate connections & networking ability
* To suppress the target’s personality
* Sanitization of pleasure, emotions, and individuality
* To punish the target / To torture the target
* To destroy the target’s life
* Use of every dirty trick in the book against cointelpro targets
* To stop a target from procreating / Ending a target’s bloodline (Eugenics)
* To induce suicide / Mind controlled suicide
* Covert assassination
* To cover up the targeting operation

“The shadow government has a deep legacy of assassinating innovative thinkers.[x]” ~Omnisense

Modern Day COINTELPRO Methods:

* Covert remote influencing technology suite
* Targeted individuals of all races, nationality’s & creeds
* Outlandish black project technology experiences intended to discredit when spoken
* Gangstalking / Organized stalking
* Trauma based mind control – No touch torture
* Character assassination / Slander via proxies
* Technological illusions (PSYOPS) / misdirection
* Psychological decoys
* Electromagnetic mind control aimed at discrediting the target
* Mind control of people who provide opportunities for the target
* Use of family against the target (e.g. mind control of family)
* Use of pharmaceutical drugs against a target
* To orchestrate the detaining of the target in a psyche ward
* v2k to get a target diagnosed as a “paranoid schizophrenic”

“It is a science to destroy a whistleblower…[60]” ~Ex-CIA Officer Kevin Shipp* Exaggerated, warped and untrue slander about the target is proliferated
* Technology playing devil’s advocate via implanted thoughts to get a target in trouble
* Agenda to incriminate the target (Advice for COINTELPRO targets: Stay lawful)
* Use of ego against a target
* Weaponized mind control against a target
* Coercing of a target into appearing overly paranoid (e.g. an objective of organized stalking)
* Specific technological control of a target’s body language or vocal tone (e.g. to generate mistrust)
* Use of electronic control grid to mind control misfortunes for a target
* Synthetic social phobias ~ Synthetic social anxiety (e.g. public speaker related suppression)
* Medical kidnapping under false psychiatric charges[43]
* Suppression of whatever platform the target is talented in (e.g. music production, software design)
* To dehumanize a target via electromagnetic neuroscience
* Severe targets are sanitized of pleasure, emotions, and personality
* Synthetic suicide programming
* Government enabled serial killers with a taste for revolutionaries, whistleblowers, & activists

“Governments will use whatever technology is available to combat
their primary enemy — their own population.[50]” ~Noam Chomsky
Hands of the New World Order

Preferred Hands of Evil:

* Secret societies
* Intelligence agencies
* Governments / Politicians
* Militaries
* Corporations
* Mainstream Media
* Think Tanks
* Banks / Banking system
* Wall Street
* Hollywood
* Music Industry
* Churches / Papacy
* Science / Journals
* Schools / Universities
* Hospitals / Psychiatric wards
* Psychiatry / Pseudo-Psychology
* Monarchies
* Dictatorships
* Big Pharma
* Law

“If someone proposes an idea that contradicts yours, is it because they don’t what
you know? Or because they know something you don’t yet know?” ~Tom Montalk* Psychiatrists / Psychologists / Doctors
* Propagandists / Speech Writers / Public Relations
* Directors / Script Writers / TV Programmers
* Police / Foot Soldiers / Organized Stalkers
* Commissioners / Chairmen / Board Members / CEOs
* Congressmen / Senators / Parliament Members / Governors / Mayors / Statesmen
* Presidents / Prime Ministers / Dictators / Monarchies
* Generals / Admirals / Marshals
* White House Staff / Presidential Cabinet
* Athletes / Celebrities / Musicians
* Pseudo-journalists / News Anchors (both are often more accurately labeled psychological warfare operatives)
* Bankers
* Priests / Bishops / Cardinals / Popes
* Scientists / Black Project Engineers
* Channelers / Black Ops “Contactees” / Psychics / Remote Viewers
* Prophets / Cult Leaders / Gurus
* Intelligence Operatives / Intelligence Agency Directors
* Occultists – Satanists / Luciferians

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves
up and hurry off as if nothing had happened.” ~Adapted Winston Churchill Quote

The Cybernetic Network – Head of the Shadow Government:

* A nest of Satanists lead this network
* The cybernetic network is full of administrators of black ops
* These groups are purveyors of government black project science
* Intelligence agencies are the biggest hand of this group
* The top of the cybernetic network is the pinnacle of the pyramid of a global conspiracy
* The cybernetic network is partially comprised of government, corporation & monarchy handlers
* CIA deeply entrenched in this network
* Potentially created after Project MK Ultra
* Potentially created by or in collusion with Operation Paperclip Nazis
* Ruling class of “bloodliners” are the administrators of the network
* Planning of psychological warfare is executed within the network
* Proxies are used for most public actions
* The cybernetic network incorporates fascist & covert dictation to the planet through the products of Project mkultra and equivalent programs

“The electronic control grid is the ultimate secret society perk.” ~Omnisense* At least two former U.S. Presidents are rumored to be in this network
* Select Rockefellers and Rothschilds are also rumored to be in the network
* As far as I know women are generally not welcome in the cybernetic network
* Neural monitoring is processed and given to the heads of the cybernetic secret society in the form of various BCI methods to convey surveillance data
* Planning, orchestration, and cover up of false flags
* This group is the biggest party behind false flags on Earth
* This group orchestrated the siege of the Middle East, ISIS / Islamic caliphate movement, the war on terror, European/Syrian immigration, 9-11-2001 False Flag & Fukushima
* These groups are the biggest source behind the electronic targeting holocaust
* I have been victimized with severely malicious actions & hostility from this group, from within a week of my induction to this group in approximately Fall 2007 to the present day (With occasional contacts asking if I’d betray mankind in exchange for an end to my targeting)
* Assassination of those who move paradigms in a positive way is standard procedure
* I was once told they were planning a biological weapon false flag or several (They would certainly not attribute it’s use to themselves)
* This criminal syndicate is the secret society above all secret societies
* There are major BCI network sourced psychological operations sourced to occult truths about the Russian network that are not yet disseminated by media

“Black project AI acts as an operator for a top of the pyramid
electronic telepathy cybernetic secret society.” ~Omnisense* The electronic telepathy secret society is the top administrative secret society of the global conspiracy. This secret society has thought surveillance of all other secret societies, and can mind control covert direction to any aspect of society.
* A cybernetic hive mind perfecting a central AI with an NWO agenda goal
* The biggest decisions are made for the NWO agenda and global conspiracy inside the cybernetic network
* What the ruling class has done with electronic telepathy technologies is create a cybernetic network secret society where a central Ai (allegedly CIA) serves them with surveillance data and even goes as far as doing things like augmenting their meal experiences. The ruling class at the very top of the pyramid thoroughly enjoy these technologies while subjugating the planet with them.
* Electronic telepathy is a completely secure method of communication from anyone who does not have neural monitoring
* I can personally testify a user can even be walking amongst people in a crowd while private electronic telepathy is taking place
* Various shadow government sources have seats of power over the influence of the electronic control grid
* My opinion is that this secret society should be destroyed

“The problem with the CIA is the decision makers are Ai hive mind assimilated.
This means their thoughts come from Ai not their soul.[16]” ~Omnisense


* Julian Assange, Vault 7 Press Conference: “The CIA is the largest intelligence agency in the world by budgetary expenditure.”
* Dr. Udo Ulfkotte: “Do you really think that this is journalism? Intelligence agencies writing articles…[17]
* Former DEA Dennis Dayle: “In my 30-year history in the Drug Enforcement Administration and related agencies, the major targets of my investigations almost invariably turned out to be working for the CIA.[18]
* The CIA has mastered the craft of warfare by proxy
* The CIA employs overzealous weaponization of everything possible
* The Central Intelligence Agency has a cover story front for public rationalization of what it does
* The CIA practices and masters knowledge of psychological manipulation in use persuading/manipulating Washington DC with doctored intelligence[19]
* There are CIA world spanning information warfare programs proliferated through the electronic control grid
* There are CIA superiors above the official director
* These shadow CIA heads are not elected or appointed by the U.S. President
* I would suspect the CIA director can be informed or pretty clueless about the full scope of black operations
* CIA higher ups commit acts as if they are horror movie psychopaths mixed with Adolf Hitler
* The CIA black ops agent model suppresses or negates a sense of humor, empathy, and in general they are not allowed to feel love
* Manufactured war on terror has the CIA’s signature
* Covert divide and conquer is employed against domestic and international civilian populations
* Engineering of weaponized viruses & other biological warfare
* The CIA likes to do criminal activity when they have the opportunity to explain it with a “rational” cover story
* I have heard stated in the electronic telepathy network that the CIA has the most comprehensively reality mapped black project artificial intelligence in the world
* The CIA has built Ai models to simulate any American (e.g. mind control & interrogation Ai)
* The CIA employs treasonous domestic & international covert thought insertion programs via electromagnetic neuroscience
* From what I could gather, the CIA is majorly influenced by a foreign power, the Vatican
* CIA actions controlled by a war mongering secret society of bloodliners
* According to several sources the founding director of the CIA, and subsequent directors have a tendency to be Knights of Malta aka servants of the pope
* It is possible that arranged electronic control grid influence is sold to the highest bidder by sources like the CIA. If this is the case the bidders are likely chosen very carefully, and have very criminal and sinister ethos similar to the groups who set up the electronic control grid. Also possible that initial investors in the electronic control grid now have seats of power.
* Hypothesis: The CIA is the largest perpetrator of electronic targeting on the planet
* In my view the CIA should be extirpated

“The CIA knows how to manipulate conclusions.” ~Omnisense

The Vatican

* CIA Vet E. Howard Hunt said in the documentary A Coup: Made in America: “We always said in an admiring way that the Jesuits have formed the greatest intelligence service in the world, always have.”
* A group called the “Society of Jesus” likely has their hands dirty with the electronic control grid
* The Black Pope is the official leader of the Society of Jesus[20]
* Vatican bank system allegedly connected to Italian Mafia
* Vatican library secrets have been hidden since times of mass illiteracy worldwide
* A Vatican hidden artifacts of history treasury is sure to exist in my opinion
* Vatican conceptual energy matches extremely dark realities
* High tech faux-demonic possession exorcism used as a method to gain followers
* Diplomatic manipulation of governments & monarchies
* Conspiring Cardinals
* Vatican & Jesuits credibly behind countless dissident & heretic murders throughout history
* A Jesuit oath speaks of assassination of ideological opposition, slaying the enemy’s children, and waging relentless war (e.g. creating civil wars in artistic & prosperous nations)[21]
* A world full of nescient catholics donate to an incredibly corrupt church
* The top leadership of the Vatican are fake Christians using the religion for greed, lust & power
* Imposters of Christ – They pretend to believe in Christ but secretly serve darkness
* Imposters of God taken to a new level with electronic telepathy impersonation
* Hidden hand behind wars for centuries
* Secret Vatican Bible & history knowledge is utilized by the shadow government
* Agenda to wipe any true evidence of Christ off the face of the Earth
* Inside the electronic telepathy network a Satanist is said to be the true head of the Vatican
* I believe that a Vatican source heads the shadow government as of November 2017
* The Catholic Church has paid out $3,994,797,060.10+ as a result of sex abuse scandals[22]
* Alleged illuminati insider Svali says she witnessed the satanic ritual murder of a child in a basement catacomb of the Vatican[23]
* One name I heard as an insider to the electronic telepathy cybernetic network is Joseph Ratzinger aka Pope Benedict XVI

“With the track record the Vatican has, it should be
banned from going anywhere near children.” ~Baboshka

Other Highly Probable or Confirmed Perpetrators

* United States Military – U.S. Navy / U.S. Air Force / U.S. Army / U.S. Marine Corps
* The Pentagon
* Department of Defense (DoD)
* National Security Agency (NSA)
* National Reconnaissance Office (NRO)
* National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA)
* World Health Organization (WHO)
* Centers for Disease Control (CDC)
* Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
* Monsanto (infiltration of the Food and Drug Administration)
* Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
* Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
* American “Fusion Centers”
* Security Industry Companies
* DARPA – Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency
* Israeli Government / Mossad / Zionist cabal
* UK Government / MI5 / MI6 / GCHQ

“The planet is dealing with evil, not simple greed or marginal corruption.
The natural laws of the universe are the limits of evil.[10]” ~Omnisense* German Government / The Federal Intelligence Service (Bundesnachrichtendienst)
* Government of India / Intelligence Bureau (IB)
* Chinese Government / The Ministry of State Security (MSS)
* Russian Government / Russian military / Federal Security Service (FSB) / KGB
* Japanese Government / Public Security Intelligence Agency (公安調査庁)
* Danish Government / Politiets Efterretningstjeneste (PET)
* Government of France / French Intelligence / French Military
* Spanish Government / The National Intelligence Center (CNI)
* Australian Government / Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS)
* New Zealand Government / Security Intelligence Service (SIS)
* Canadian Government / Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS)
* Brazilian Government / Agência Brasileira de Inteligência (ABIN)
* Saudi Arabian Government / General Intelligence Directorate (GID)
* Plenty of unnamed corporations within the military industrial complex
* Every unnamed & corrupted military worldwide has potential to be involved
* Every unnamed intelligence agency worldwide has potential to be involved
* Secret societies that ultimately control the intelligence community, militaries and governments
* Rumor: Every party that has figured out remote neural monitoring has been initiated into a secret coalition controlled by totalitarian secret society members

“Each agency plays it’s role in the integrated global system.”
~Black Project Engineer Dr. Robert Duncan

More on the Perpetrators

* Intelligence agencies are used for their ability to keep secrets, superior funding, national security excuses, lack of true checks and balances, & propensity for criminal activity
* Electronic telepathy provides for no paper trail and relatively zero traceable roots
* Electronic control grid perpetrators conspire daily via electronic telepathy with electronic targeting cases & planning of new psychological operations
* U.S. Military heads in a network appear to be cruel and barbaric
* Electronic control grid sources harbor lunatic serial killer ideologies which are in use against the international civilian population via electronic warfare
* Militaristically psychopathic acts of terror, sadism, and cruelty are a norm
* Shadow government war criminals are known to practice BCI sadism (e.g. cruel pain affliction with invisible technologies while the perpetrator interfaces the psychological distress of their victim with surveillance fed BCI tech)
* Shills in government, military, and media are complicit in the cover up
* Electronic control grid sources are in control of governments either wittingly or unwittingly through persuasion, coercion, and/or covert electromagnetic mind control
* There are powerful serial rapists within the electronic control grid pyramid
* There is a focused agenda to incriminate as many people as possible with this conspiracy, they want more company for a sinking ship
* There are signs of opposition coming from inside Russia’s military network (This is a reason for the ruling class to roll out psychological warfare related to Russians)

“When I worked [at the NSA 1982-2010] I had no idea that there was an
über-evil, anti-American side to NSA. Everything is highly compartmented…
this protects secrets but of course is a perfect environment in which to hide
elaborate criminal activity, especially when the NSA Security as well as other
watch dog organizations were compromised in preparation for crimes of
unfathomable reach and scope.[10]” ~Karen Melton-Stewart

Ruling Class Details:

* Two faced ‘Janus’ fronts – Shadow government have a cover story persona for the public and a dominant occult persona. e.g. political shills may pretend to be Christian in United States elections, while in reality they are occultists.
* I find ‘the betrayers of humanity’ a suitable label for this group and their major assets
* A CIA black project artificial intelligence allegedly acts as a bloodliner secret society operator
* Methods are in place to obscure the true leaders of the shadow government from the public eye, thought reactive artificial intelligence weapons systems are enabled to protect shadow government secrets
* Luciferianism / Satanism as prime internal NWO religions
* Lower level shadow government may believe they are being guided by spirits or dark gods, thought reactive neuroweaponry Ai is the occult truth
* Electromagnetic weaponry enhances the experience of dark rituals and satanic ritual abuse to promote evil actions in lower level occultists through cognitive immersion
* Cover stories are cleared as one ascends through ranks
* Common use of proxies to conceal true origin
* Monstrous disregard for all innocent life
* Ritual sacrifice promoted & perpetrated (especially of children)
* Greedy & malicious control of global wealth & monetary systems (banks & assets)
* Ideological subservience of higher class educational institutions
* Bloodliners are the hidden corporate masters via the electronic control grid
* Division of population using information warfare / psychological operations
* For whatever reason these groups orchestrate prophecy
* Societal engineers via electromagnetic mind control & assassination
* Bloodliners are given technological gifts, I assume usually starting in a covert manner (Can be signified by an electromagnetic serpent energy signature)
* Neural monitoring based psyche profiles provide little error in member rank ascension

“… we are in control, because basically we are not a political organization we are an
occult organization. We are working behind the scenes to manipulate the way that people
think. The war that we are waging is a guerrilla war on the human mind.[59]
~Ex-Satanist Nikolas Schreck* Top of the pyramid use intelligence agency minions and artificial intelligence for thinking
* War waged against intelligent, discerning, motivated and altruistic bloodlines
* Punishments for opposing the agenda (This can be directed at a country, person, etc)
* Pedophilia, sadism, and rape culture amongst bloodliner families
* Behind the cruel punishment & murder of humanity’s best and brightest
* This group was likely behind world war 2 and the engineered installation of Israel
* CIA & Vatican are two major hands of this group
* Perhaps the premise of the illuminati is at a perfect level of consumption for the occultists. People are aware enough for it to have clout, but at the same time so psyop’d that mentioning the secret society is not a threat.
* Think tanks
* Shadow government operatives and higher ups use a strategy of controlled brain damage via directed energy in specific areas of the brain to augment propensity for evil
* Intelligence agencies, governments and board of directors worldwide are full of assets
* Monumental betrayals & sabotage of mankind for selfish and sadistic ends
* Complete disregard for human rights, free will, and national sovereignty
* As dirty & corrupt as it gets
* Behind intentional & malicious attacks on the souls and genetics of mankind
* Intentionally committing ecocide on our natural environment
* Intentionally poisoning our planet’s resources (e.g. Water, food, air)
* Certain bloodliners inside the electronic telepathy network have desires to nuke the world
* Covert war against the inhabitants of earth
* Occultists are guided by sources most people cannot fathom to exist in their solar system. Due to incredible naivety in addition to abundant information warfare the author of this article has decided to not cover the levels above this planet’s shadow government. I am willing to note they do exist…

“By telling their secrets their power is eroding.[49]” ~Cathy O’Brien


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Universal Aspects™
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Universal Aspects™
 Source: Omnisense/CounterDark.org

Silicon Valley Entrepreneur Reports Neuro-Hacking, Hive-Minding, Brain-Cloning, Bio-Robotizing: Secret, Illegal, & Profoundly Inhumane US Govt. Neuro-Experimentation, Classic CIA Torture

Ramola D/Posted 10/14/2017

Part I: The Colonizing of the Human Brain – The Voice to Skull Program: Classic CIA Torture


Chris Burton

Chris Burton was the founder of two Silicon Valley IT staffing and consulting companies and an art gallery for local Denver artists when he became a victim of America’s classified “Manhattan District” Electromagnetic/Neuro Weapons development and non-consensual experimentation program. Trapped in a psychotronic research lab he could not escape from, he founded three charity fundraising companies in hopes of appealing to the humanity of the US government which chose to further the covert ambitions of its intelligence agencies instead and continue the program. Chris’s story takes readers through the confounding experience of being electromagnetically kidnapped and tortured with no explanation with powerful Neuroweapon technology that revealed its full capabilities progressively, over a 13 year period, finally exposing the true purpose of the program in December of last year – the creation of a Manchurian Candidate. 

Ed Note: “Voice to Skull” in this interview is being used by Chris as a catch-all Remote Neuro Tech term to cover “all of the psychotronic technologies that transmit an electromagnetic frequency into a target for the purposes of psychological or physiological study or torture.”

Ramola D: Chris, thank you so much first for coming forward to address these important issues of non-consensual neuro-experimentation, assault with military-grade weapons, neuro-hacking, synthetic telepathy, and bio-robotization. I also understand your story will reveal that Voice to Skull uses classic, documented CIA Torture techniques.

Chris Burton: Thank you for having me and for all of the hard work you’ve been putting into exposing psychotronic technology and the non-consensual experimentation programs associated with it. You are truly one of my personal heroes Ramola. I mean that.

This story is 100% true and details exactly what Voice to Skull experimentation programs–which CIA and Navy scientist Robert Duncan admits to having developed software for–are doing on a day-to-day basis to non-consensual test subjects around the world. I hope everybody reads the entire interview because the intent is not only to provide deep insight into the program and what Voice to Skull torture is, but also present a clear framework for understanding and communicating the intricacies of the experiments and the technology to friends, family, journalists, academics, elected officials, law enforcement, and the medical community.

Despite how incredible some of this technology might sound to the reader (because it parallels intriguing concepts such as telepathy), a critical takeaway could be that the US made a series of institutional-level decisions that put the most dangerous weapon system ever invented by man into the hands of everyday humans, who despite their “credentials” were no better equipped to handle such an awesome responsibility than your everyday citizen.

These are not technologies being developed by the military for altruistic purposes like curing mental illness or helping the paralyzed walk again. That kind of work is being conducted openly at public and private research facilities around the world and consists of programs tech billionaires, academia, and places like DARPA are clamoring to publicize their involvement in.

The programs I’m going to describe are military-directed NON-CONSENSUAL torture experiments designed to, as Robert Duncan describes, determine the “probability of death” and other psychological breaking points in a subject by pairing the operational military/intelligence advantages that EMF neuro-technology provides with classic torture techniques that allow war planners to conduct Stealth, No Touch, No Mark enemy interrogation, elimination, and Soviet-era-style psycho-prison detention programs around the world.

The institutional-level decisions to classify the weaponry; the identification and recruitment of some of the most fiendish minds on the planet; and the top-down adherence to protocols designed to protect all participants’ anonymity have combined, once again in human history, to create unimaginable atrocity and unexplainable cowardice in the only elements of society that can help (mainly law enforcement, academia, the medical community, human rights, and journalism).

Voice to Skull Devices Definition Removed in 2008 by US Army from Online Military Thesaurus: Why?


Army Yanks “Voice-to-Skull Devices” Site/Click to visit Wired.com for this May 2008 Sharon Weinberger article


Yanked “voice to skull devices” definition in Military Thesaurus/Click to visit saved screenshot at Christians Against Mental Slavery, slavery.org.uk

Before we begin, I’d like to quickly point out to all of the techies out there that I’m not here to nitpick the definition of V2K versus RNM (Remote Neural Monitoring) versus something else. By using the term “Voice to Skull,” I’m talking about all of the psychotronic technologies that transmit an electromagnetic frequency into a target for the purposes of psychological or physiological study or torture.

To a Voice to Skull victim, there’s no delineation between hearing a voice, having your thoughts read, emotions being injected, dreams manipulated, communicating telepathically, or having your body parts moved. It’s all one continuous beam that shadows you everywhere you go and never stops transmitting/receiving evoked potentials which is the brain’s software code.

What’s becoming apparent to me, the longer I’m in the program, is that these psychotronic technologies are now becoming capable of influencing a person without them knowing it. This is where the tech is right now. The gulf between perceptible and imperceptible is quickly disappearing.

I think the best thing for me to do today is just to tell my story, describe the experiments and hopefully educate the public and the TI (“Targeted Individual”) community about Voice to Skull torture.

Ramola D: Thank you for that reminder of how profoundly invasive and dangerous these Stealth Military/Intelligence technologies are, for all humanity–why all of us should be paying close attention.

I understand you once had a very successful IT business, Chris. Can you start by telling us more about that?

Chris Burton: After I graduated from the University of Colorado, Boulder (Business, Finance), I moved to Seattle and started working for Aerotek. At the time Aerotek was enjoying rapid growth and is today the largest IT staffing company in the United States (now called Allegis).

Chris-1After a year, I was recruited into a systems integration company called CompuCom Systems to work in their San Francisco office. My first cousin had just left medical school and was living in the Bay Area at the time and when I explained Aerotek’s business model to him we decided to start our own company, Dedicated Onsite Consulting (DOC). We recruited two of my former colleagues from Aerotek to join us and together we grew the company from zero to $12 million in annual revenue in 4 years which was very similar to building a branch office for Aerotek.

At the time, we had about 25 internal employees and 200 consultants in the field. Remedy Staffing offered us $9 million in cash, plus an earnout, for the company in 2000 but we turned them down, opting to continue growing the business. By 2001 the .COM crash and 9/11 severely impacted spending in Silicon Valley and, unfortunately, we didn’t have the working capital to survive the downturn.

By 2004, my cousin had moved to England to be with his fiancée who was completing her Ph.D in Environmental Law at Oxford, and my other two partners were focused on a real estate development project, so I started another IT consulting company called Watermill Consulting.

Chris-2Watermill quickly became the number one provider of consulting services to Business Objects (now SAP) for their $23 million-dollar global PeopleSoft Financials, ESA, ELM, Vantive, and Salesforce.com implementations and was leading an ERP implementation at Dassault Systemes America (which included SolidWorks). You can find all of this info along with a personal recommendation from Business Objects’ and Yahoo’s head of IT on my LinkedIn profile. Watermill was competing against firms like Accenture for projects and winning because it was lean which meant if could bill less than our competitors and pay higher rates to consultants.

Ramola D: It sounds like you were exceptionally accomplished and successful in your career and you were all set to live a highly productive life.

Chris Burton: Yes. I owned a penthouse loft for ten years across the street from Coors Field in Denver’s LoDo neighborhood and thought I had set up a good life for myself. I was growing my second successful company which had netted over $600k in just over a year and because it was winning higher level projects Watermill could potentially be sold at a higher multiple (of its EBITDA) than DOC, down the road.


My sister, who’s a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) looked up to me, I had a great group of friends and a very active social life. I even started an art gallery for local Denver artists called LUZ. I had no idea I was about to be put into a program like Voice to Skull.

LUZ Art Gallery, Denver

LUZ Art Gallery, Denver

Ramola D: So at this point you had moved back from Silicon Valley to Denver where you had grown up, you had a second company which was very successful. Did anything go wrong from the start or were things fine at the beginning? How did the Voice to Skull program begin?

Chris Burton: Two important things happened in California in ’04 which I believe are connected to Voice to Skull. I’ll mention them now before we dive into the hell of Voice to Skull so the readers know everything I know about the possible origins of my torture program.

After the .com crash and 9/11, my first company, DOC, was on life support so I rented out my loft in Denver and moved back to the Bay Area in hopes of reviving it. I moved into a friend of a friend’s house in Half Moon Bay which was about a 40-minute drive from our office in San Mateo. Everything seemed fine until I found out my partners from DOC were no longer conducting staffing operations from our office and had become involved in a real estate development project which they wouldn’t tell me anything about. Because of this my cousin Joe, who was living in Oxford with his fiancé, and I decided to part ways with our business partners and sold our remaining shares in the company.

Before Joe and I sold our shares, I went to the office one night to read through our files because I was concerned that DOC money was being used to fund my business partners’ real estate project. When I walked into the office at about 8:00 pm, I immediately noticed a small file-holder/case sitting in the middle of the floor. It contained the contracts between my business partners and the banks from which they had secured their bank loans, and nothing else.

It was all of the information I was looking for and it was just laying right there in the middle of the floor as soon as I walked in. I practically tripped over it. At the time, I thought one of my partners had set it down and forgotten to pick it back up on their way out of the office but now I believe it was put there on purpose. The real estate project apparently turned into a huge disaster. The building was never built despite millions being raised for the project.

After I sold my shares in DOC, I started Watermill Consulting and started working on the Business Objects project. Things were going great until my landlord in Half Moon Bay, Michael Raines, started acting very strangely and did something so outrageous it defies explanation. This was the second thing that I believe is connected to Voice to Skull.

Ramola D: What exactly happened? What do you know of this person’s background and affiliations?

Chris Burton: Michael’s father was a patent attorney for Genentech and had made a lot of money before he passed away. I moved in with Michael because a mutual friend of ours said he was an okay guy. He was living in his mothers’ house on the first tee of the Half Moon Bay Golf Links.

Things were okay in the beginning but after a month or so I began noticing Michael hanging around my bedroom door whenever I was on the phone with my clients. I didn’t think too much about it until he started behaving as if he knew some big secret about me. When his friends would come over they would immediately run upstairs to Michael’s room, giggling like little kids, crouch in front of a TV and shut the door.

Michael, who, I learned after living with him, had done a year in federal prison for selling drugs and had a long criminal record, began gang-stalking me with his friends and actually attempted to shake me down for money claiming he had taped private conversations between me and my client which could damage my reputation. My client and I were good friends and often talked about funny stories having to do with other executives we knew (their personal lives, etc.) which put me in a vulnerable position.

The focus of his overt suspicions centered around my relationship with the Senior Director of IT for Business Objects who at this time had become a good friend of mine (we started working together in ‘96 when he ran IT for Levi Strauss). Christopher Brooks, the Senior Director, had his own company and had brought in my company to fulfill the staffing piece of the project at Business Objects. I had a consulting agreement with Christopher’s company which the founder of Business Objects, Bernard Liautaud, had personally approved, and a master service agreement with Business Objects so I had a very secure business relationship.

Michael’s posturing (about this “big secret”) turned from blind insinuation to overt intimidation when one day he started cleaning his shotgun in front of me and said something like, “Sometimes you never know who you’re dealing with…” From that point on, whenever his friends made an appearance in the house, they would stay silent and look at each other and grin whenever I tried to start a conversation.

I’m telling this story because Michael’s behavior was odder than anything I had ever experienced in my life up to that point. I moved out because of this, but a month later he invited me over so he could “apologize” so I went over to his house to find out what was going on and to keep things cool between us.

When I arrived, Michael was sitting in the living room with his friend Curtis. The first thing out of his mouth was, “Just so you know, you’re being recorded.” I didn’t know what was going on. Michael then started asking questions about Christopher Brooks and Claudio Sylvestri who was the former CEO of Compaq Computer and Business Objects. I just sat there in stunned silence. Michael then said he had cameras installed throughout his (mom’s) house, had been recording my conversations, and “knew everything” as if he was piecing together a conspiracy. Christopher had shared with me a lot of private stories about Claudio, who was one of his good friends, on the phone and we always talked about the contractors and employees at Business Objects so I became really worried that Michael was going to do something stupid like fire off a bunch of embarrassing emails to my client, just for the hell of it.

Then Michael made it a point to tell me that one of his spy cameras was located in a plastic owl that sat on the doorstep of his house and I remembered a conversation I’d had with Christopher while sitting on the doorstep. We’d been talking about taking a trip together to Mexico after the project. At that point I realized what the “big secret” was that Michael and his friends were holding against me (in addition to a few Claudio/Christopher Vegas stories).

Michael thought Christopher was a full-time employee of Business Objects when he was actually a consultant working Corp-to-Corp through his own consulting company. Christopher’s company and my company were solution provider partners in the project which meant there was nothing wrong with hanging out together if we wanted to.

The fact Christopher and I were such good friends really bothered Michael so he was trying to make me think that he had me over a barrel because of the conversations he had taped. I was just completely flabbergasted but didn’t feel the need to explain the details of my business to a sicko jackass who was spying on me and just said, “Michael, just know that there’s nothing illegal going on,” and walked out of his house.

When I walked outside, his friend Curtis approached me and said while rubbing his fingers together, “If you give us a little some some (meaning money), I’ll tell you what’s going on.” I didn’t have anything to worry about legally so I just left and moved back to Denver a few months later. The whole experience was absolutely surreal but I had a business to protect so I stayed calm and just walked away.

Ramola D: So now you were running your second company Watermill Consulting in Denver. What happened next?

Chris Burton: Things were fine in Denver for a couple months until one day I learned that my company was being investigated! Someone had sent an anonymous tip to a manager at Business Objects claiming Christopher and I had an “improper relationship.” This accusation was quashed after Business Objects’ own legal, internal audit, and security groups found nothing improper had taken place. It turned out that an unhappy contractor provided the tip but I still don’t know the actual details behind the allegation, how deep it went, or if Michael Raines was involved. After the investigation closed, the contractor was fired and Christopher and I kept the project, so I thought everything was behind me until Voice to Skull started a week later.

Somewhere between 2004 and 2005 I was put onto a targeted individual list. Maybe Michael had been busted again for selling drugs and was making up an accusation against me to escape prosecution. Or maybe it had something to do with my ex-partners’ failed real estate project. The file left out on the floor at my office, the interrogation and shakedown at Michael’s house, and the anonymous tip and investigation of my company clearly indicate to me that something had been going on in California that was connected to Voice to Skull.

Ramola D: Can you describe the first instance of Voice to Skull that you can recall? How did this start happening?

Chris Burton: So, a week after the investigation ended, Voice to Skull began at my loft. I was sitting in my office alone when, out of nowhere, I began hearing a man and woman talking about me. The man and woman, who both sounded like mature adults in their 40s or 50s, were talking about the recent investigation.

Reported V2K Transmissions

The man said, It looks like Chris has been cleared and is receiving more (job) requisitions, and the woman replied, Well I’m glad everything worked out… What do you think is going to happen now?

When these conversations began I knew immediately it was a live conversation between two people. It was unmistakable. It was as if someone just turned on a speaker and started broadcasting two people’s conversations into my loft. My place was a top floor corner unit with concrete floors and ½ double-walled drywall separating my unit from my neighbor’s so it was absolutely baffling to me how it was being done.

I thought it was a prank at first but the two of them just continued talking all day long and then started up again about five minutes after I got up the next morning. I suspected my downstairs neighbors were playing a joke on me but after the conversations continued for a week straight, I realized it was much more than just a practical joke. The sound was impossible to localize or shield against which created the most insanely unfair advantage a person could ever have over another.

This was the beginning of what I call treatments. Treatments are scenarios or storylines built up verbally by the Voice to Skullers over time, like an old radio show, or soap opera, that are carefully crafted to lead you into believing whatever they tell you. They take time to establish and are incredibly well-scripted.

Ramola D: Echoes there with the classic screenwriting use of “treatments,” which spell out storyline.

Chris Burton: The dialog is mostly improvised but the storylines deepen every day, as if there’s a team of writers working non-stop to develop new plot twists. Every day more and more pages are added to the manuscript which, like a soap opera, always stays consistent with what was written the day before, and the day before that, and the day before that. You could wake up and have completely forgotten about what was said the night before and the Voice to Skullers will pick up right where they left off.

Treatments are always designed to build up your hope for a potential release over a period of time, only to destroy it (usually traumatically). It’s as if Orson Wells and Joseph Mengele got together every single day for years to psychologically torment a blind person in their custody who’s desperate to be released. I’ll talk a lot more about treatments throughout the interview because they make up a great deal of the torture and are KEY to understanding the differences between Voice to Skull torture and a mental illness like AVH (Audio Verbal Hallucinations) or schizophrenia.

After a few days, the non-stop conversations between the man and the woman began to include two other males. Now all four of them were talking about me all day long. These are what the Voice to Skullers referred to as “mirrored conversations.” For the first few days, the mirrored conversations made me think my neighbors were involved, but as they continued I understood clearly that they were using this technique of speaking as an interrogation tool. When someone is speaking to someone else about you, you tend to spill your guts in an attempt to clarify whatever questions they have. After a few weeks, I started speaking back to the group out loud, and I knew they could hear me because their conversations would start to include information I had just spoken out loud.

The Voice to Skullers, over the next seven years, used non-stop mirrored conversations, 16 hours/day, to draw out every last detail about my life (my stories, information about my friends and family, everything), which they used to build a schematic of my life. Seven years later they stopped the mirrored conversations and began speaking to me directly. This schematic, also called omniscience or hyper game theory, allowed them to always stay a step ahead and create more and more personalized treatments (storylines) having to do with what Voice to Skull is, why I was in the program, who was involved, when I would be released, and more.

Treatments are meticulously designed to take advantage of what you “think” is going on while never revealing the full capability of the underlying technology which can imitate people’s voices perfectly, hear what you’re hearing, and see what you’re seeing (all of which CIA Whistleblower Robert Duncan confirms in his YouTube interviews).

Here’s an example of a very short, two-day treatment and its traumatic ending, that would have taken place in the first few months of Voice to Skull. Pay attention to the pattern which always starts with unrelenting torture (for long periods of time), a pivot (in the way you’re being treated), the creation of trust between the victim and the torturer, the build-up of hope in the victim (that they’ll be released), the establishment of believability in the victim that a release is imminent, and finally the traumatic crash that instantly snaps the victim back to their hopeless reality. Jeffrey Dahmer, Ariel Castro, and other notorious psychopaths played the same mind games with their victims.

Reported V2K Transmissions

The torturers might have kept you up all night long the day before explaining how your life was sacrificed for America’s ambitions to develop electromagnetic weapons.

They go on about their limitless budgets and how deep their ties are in the government and how truly insignificant you and all your professional accomplishments are to them.

They tell you they’re professional torturers and don’t give a shit who you are. They’re here to do a job which is to torture you.

During a previous interrogation you admitted to drinking and driving so they tell you that people who drink and drive are scum and that you deserve to be tortured.

And just like someone in a powerful position, or a drunk person, can spout non-stop for hours at a time, the Voice to Skullers can go on for hours about you (or just about any topic).

They trade off talking in a mirrored conversation like malevolent prison guards establishing their power and shooting the shit.

But the next day, a Voice to Skuller brings up something about you they like. You’ve been through countless treatments before and know they always end badly so you take the compliment with a grain of salt but your brain remembers it, and because you’re electronically “binded” to their conversations you have to just sit there and listen.

Now, one of them brings up some vague reference to that “thing” you did that put you into Voice to Skull and you wonder what it was.

You explain to them that you’ve never hurt a fly in your life and have no criminal record and re-tell elements of your life story that backs this up.

They continue talking but now in a more placid tone. Over a period of 12 hours they’ve moved from hatred to somewhat sympathetic and then say, “You know, we’ve been maniacs. We shouldn’t be doing this to Chris.”

Then another Voice to Skuller chimes in and says, “You know it’s hard doing this. I’m not even mad at Chris.”

You notice this slight shift in their attitude and you start to think that maybe they’re thinking more critically about the program.

Their arrogance declines a bit and they start talking more like “buddies” of yours saying things like, “This program is just a piece of shit man. None of us wants to be here.”

This makes you loosen up and you might say something funny and they laugh with you.

This more reassuring tone continues as they talk about some of your funny stories, or brag about your baseball playing days in high school, and then one of them says, “Something big is actually happening behind the scenes that is going to save Chris!”

They’ve been talking positively for hours (days or even weeks in longer treatments), so now you actually start feeling confident that the torture might end!

And then all of a sudden, out of nowhere, they say something like, “Chris, you know how we’re going to help you get out of this? We’re going to $#%@ing bash your head in with a sledgehammer and kill your $#%*ing sister tonight you stupid $*#K!”

That’s usually how treatments end. It’s like trying to climb out of a well and then being abruptly snapped back to the bottom where you have to start the climb all over again.

One time, they spent months building up the character of a woman Voice to Skuller named Doreen who was “new” to the program. She would come online usually after 5:00 pm with two other male Voice to Skullers. She was nice sounding, spoke very articulately and seemed to have a fresh perspective on things as if she was new to the entire Voice to Skull project (maybe a psychologist or researcher).

She stayed on the sidelines for the first few weeks while they threatened to kick my ass when I went out with my friends, lobbed insults, and kept me up all night talking, but after about a month she started to speak her mind and expressed more and more doubts about the purpose of the program. She had the same authority as the other Voice to Skullers so when she got angry at them, they had to listen. After a few weeks of this, whenever I heard her voice, I actually started to feel relief because the other Voice to Skullers would stop torturing me when she was in the room. (At the time I thought the Voice to Skullers were all in the same room.)

After about two months, she would always say things like, “Chris just needs to hang in there a little while longer. This program is full of assholes and there’s NO WAY they’re EVER going to get away with this…” After two months of getting to know her I felt confident that she was my champion in the program, but one day, out of absolutely nowhere, she said “Getting out of this is going to be easy for Chris… Once we slit his F#$king stomach open and watch his guts fall out, he’s out!” Then one of the male Voice to Skullers said, “Doreen, get over here, get down on your knees and suck my D#*K.” And she replied, “I’d rather F##K the S##T out of you!” And that was it. After more than two months of building up goodwill and a rapport with Doreen my hopes for release were dashed and I realized I was a prisoner in a deeply demented cult of some kind.

They tortured me for weeks after that but then started building me up again saying things like, “Chris, we picked you because we thought you would be tough. If we didn’t think you could handle this, you wouldn’t be here.”

This, of course, along with technology involved makes you think you have to hang in there, and that Voice to Skull isn’t a cult, it’s a massive psychology experiment that hand-picked you for your “toughness,” and the cycle begins again.

Another long-term treatment I experienced had to do with John Hickenlooper (Ed Note: Two-term Mayor of Denver, now Governor of Colorado) being suspected of putting me into Voice to Skull. John lived a block away from me in downtown Denver. For seven months, the Voice to Skullers kept up with this treatment which played out on a week-to-week basis. It wasn’t the only thing they talked about, it was just layered in with about eight other ongoing treatments mostly having to do with the police and a number of my friends being involved.

The treatment played out like this:

Reported V2K Transmissions

Voice to Skull is of course a super-secret govt program that I’m trapped in but many of my friends were supposedly brought in to help me and they want answers.

The Voice to Skullers don’t know how I was put into the program but they also want to help me.

They suspect John might have “put me in” because one night I blasted my stereo with the windows open which pissed him off.

I’m told that someone from the program asked John about his involvement and he refused to answer their questions.

A couple weeks later Voice to Skull tells me that John (who was the Mayor at the time) is being pressured to answer questions from the State Department about whether or not he put me into the program.

The torturers continued talking non-stop and constantly reminded me of how serious my situation was (telling me that this is a program they put terrorists in), but every once in a while, they would interject something about the John situation.

This went on for months until one day they said John acquiesced and a date had been set on which he would have to answer the State Department’s questions.

The day of the “inquiry” they projected a picture in my mind of Hickenlooper sitting at a desk (with a mic) on the stage of an auditorium. He was sitting on one side of the stage and the State Department officials were sitting behind a desk (with a mic) on the other side. They showed a few snap shots of a large audience seated in an auditorium and other snap shots of people I knew sitting together (in the audience). The pictures were colorless (the way images are in your head) and none of them showed John, the State Department officials, and the audience together in one shot.

The “inquiry” proceedings were communicated to me through Voice to Skull live and mimicked Hickenlooper’s voice perfectly as he sort of dodged and weaved his way around the questions like Bill Clinton. I listened to it while I was at home working and took a couple of business calls.

When I hung up the show was still going on, live, I just missed some questions that had been asked. It was perfectly scripted with dozens of characters (each with a unique voice) that played their roles perfectly through the entire inquiry.

John never provided any concrete information about his involvement to the panel from the “State Department” so the treatment just kept evolving into something else the next day having to do with the Denver Police and FBI being involved.

As the years went by, the treatments became longer and more complex, and grandiose, because what they were saying was always so hard to believe.

By the end of Year One they had convinced me that my neighbors were involved.

By Year Two they made me think my high school friends, and their friends, were involved.

In Year Three they made me believe some of the executive directors from the charities I worked with were involved.

By the fourth year they said John Hickenlooper, the Denver Police, and the FBI had put me into the program.

By the fifth year they said an old lonely reclusive billionaire was funding the torture because he wanted to give his money away to someone who had “been through hell.”

By Year Six they said my uncle, Vera Gowlland-Debbas, the ACLU, and UN were involved.

By Year Seven they said the US Navy and Susan Rice were helping me.

In Year Eight celebrities and heads of industry Larry Ellison, Trey Parker, Ben Affleck and Matt Damon had joined in.

By Year Nine my former employers CompuCom Systems and Aerotek, along with Yahoo (which was a client of mine) were lobbying to have me released.

And by Year Twelve, when I was living in East Palo Alto, President Obama, Marissa Mayer, Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg and half of Hollywood and Washington had all come together to stop Voice to Skull. This was when they introduced bio-robotization technology that could move my body parts. That treatment, which I’ll describe later, was so dramatic that it ended with me having to be airlifted to the hospital where I spent an entire month recovering. I’ll talk about that later.

Ramola D: So these are highly elaborate treatments, referring to people you know, as well as public figures and celebrities, that seem to be highly structured and constantly put you through an emotional wringer, building you up and letting you down—as if a military or CIA psychologist working amorally on torture techniques had invented them.

Chris Burton: I’ve been through many hundreds of treatments like this involving all sorts of characters supposedly becoming involved in order to help me and all of them ended with an emotional thud. If I had a distant relationship to someone through friends or family, like celebrities or CEOs, they were included. Every storyline was built on the previous one in a highly organized way that would require a full-time project manager to keep track of.

Anybody you know could be built up as an “insider” who signed a non-disclosure agreement making it impossible for them to talk about it. And because the technology is so incredible, and electromagnetic weapons are so important, you’ll believe almost anyone could be participating.

It wasn’t until a few years into my torture that I discovered just how closely their treatments resembled the psychological torture and enhanced interrogation techniques perfected by Russian and US intelligence services. These techniques guided their daily conversations which were, again, all intended to build up stress and anxiety in the victim and lead them to believe they’d soon be released.

Ramola D: Thank you for drawing my attention to the undeniable commonalities between classic KGB Communist Russian torture techniques, the CIA’s 1963 KUBARK Counter-Intelligence manual of torture, the CIA’s 1983 HRETM (Human Resource Exploitation Training Manual) torture techniques, Rumsfeld’s Working Group’s SERE-based Guantanamo psychological torture techniques, and these V2K torture techniques, which you have spelled out in the Torture Techniques document you sent me, along with your answers here to this interview. (Ed Note: Please see the Torture Techniques Document linked here, under Related, below.)

Chris Burton: The Russian, KUBARK, HRETM and Working Group (Rumsfeld) psychological torture techniques used to build up my treatments included the following:

monopolization of attention, cultivation of anxiety and despair, alternating punishments and rewards, demonstrating omniscience and omnipotence, use of scenarios, denial of privacy, insults, threats, sensory disorientation, emotional love, emotional hate, fear (revved) up harsh, fear up mild, reduced fear, pride and ego up, pride and ego down, futility, establish your identity, repetition approach, file and dossier (convincing the detainee that the interrogator has a damning and inaccurate file that must be fixed), Mutt and Jeff (a team consisting of a friendly and harsh interrogator), rapid fire questioning, sleep adjustment and deprivation, false flag, threat of transfer, isolation, prolonged interrogations and many more that are not documented.

You can find the definitions of these classic CIA Torture techniques on the Internet.

Today, after experiencing just about everything Voice to Skull technology can do, I realize they had been surveilling me back in 2005 by accessing my brain’s evoked potentials, which allows them to listen through my ears and see through my eyes, but they never revealed those capabilities until much later.

By not revealing those capabilities, and just transmitting voices, they were able to make me think all sorts of things were happening that weren’t. For example, they only spoke to me in my loft and car for three years, which made me believe my house and vehicle had cameras and transmitters installed in them. And by commenting on what I was seeing on my computer screen they made me think I was constantly being hacked. None of this was true.

This graduated revealing of their technologies which includes conversations, then voice transformation, then injections of emotions (emotional signal clustering), then lie detection, then forced speech, then hive mind telepathy, then bio-robotization (heterodyning) et al. allows them to create elaborate treatments but it also establishes a timeline of “experiences” that I believe reveals a distinct pattern or signature that’s completely unique to all Voice to Skull victims. Journalists, lawyers and mental health experts, take note.

Ramola D: Would you like to address this distinctive pattern further, which separates Voice to Skull Torture from what psychiatrists call paranoid delusional systems, audio-visual hallucinations, schizophrenia, and schizoid disorders?

Chris Burton: Yes, let me interject with something very important here regarding treatments and this signature pattern of experiences. We’re all familiar with Dr. Lorraine Sheridan and her group-stalking “study” which concludes that people who claim to have been group-stalked, or Voice to Skulled, are most likely delusional.

The basis of her study was an online survey which asked respondents questions that were taken from a PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder) questionnaire that basically crossed out the word PTSD and replaced it with “group-stalking.” The questions Sheridan published asked respondents how their condition made them feel, as opposed to being investigatory in nature–as if it was already a foregone conclusion that group-stalking was a mental illness. Sheridan actually cites one of her own papers in the study which suggests group-stalking is “indicative of paranoid delusional systems” which underscores her bias. There are absolutely no references in her survey to the actual conversations people were having with their torturers. This is akin to asking the diplomats in Cuba to explain their feelings, not their symptoms.

Voice to Skull torturers follow a very strict protocol that protects their anonymity while they’re constantly building up treatments. If this protocol and the survey respondents’ description of their treatments were addressed in Dr. Sheridan’s questionnaire, it would have provided a huge amount of insight into the Voice to Skull claims being made by a good number of gang-stalking victims.

It’s apparent from the very beginning when you’re Voice to Skulled that the conversations are coming from human beings because the torturers are always revealing personality traits unwittingly. They use different grammar and diction than you do. Some might speak by pairing prepositions with the word “which” all the time, like an academic, when you (I) don’t. They might make mistakes commenting about the law or historical information (that you happen to know). They might crack up laughing at something funny you said or at the absurdity of the situation. They might even break down and cry as they’re recalling all of the horrible things they’ve put you through.

Torturers never tell you what they look like, or where they grew up, where they went to dinner last night, what their favorite food is, what kind of car they drive, what they do for fun, how many kids they have, what kind of books or movies they like, what nationality they are, and the list goes on and on and on. They speak non-stop, 16+ hours a day, year after year, discussing minute details about your friends, family, and others they claim are involved, but they never break the protocol which protects their anonymity, as if they know what they’re saying is being recorded. Nothing that could triangulate the identity of a torturer is ever mentioned out loud.

Torturers have to concentrate extremely hard in order to create sentences that abide by their protocol. And having to speak so much eventually breaks down their act. This, and the Emmy-winning writing that goes into the treatments, which just picks right up from where it left off the day before, is why real victims of Voice to Skull just roll their eyes when they read books about schizophrenia, bi-polar or delusional disorder.

The conversations that Voice to Skull victims are hearing are completely different. And unlike the 300 million people with AVH and the 1/100 with schizophrenia, Voice to Skull victims report the unique experience of people speaking through their mouths and moving their body parts! Talk about a pattern of “symptoms” that’s completely unique to Voice to Skull.

Ramola D: It’s clear there’s more to this torture than just “voices in heads” pulsed in using military EMF neurotechnology—let’s explore that further shortly.

To return to your early experience, I understand you were bullied by these Voice to Skullers to actually close your successful IT company.

Chris Burton: After about half a year into my torture, I realized I was in big, big trouble. Once they knew I was really scared they told me, in a very calm manner, that they were going to kill me if I didn’t stop working in the IT consulting industry. I was afraid for my life and had no choice but to close down Watermill. They also threatened my sister’s life a week later describing where she had parked that evening. Now, 13 years later, after experiencing so many hundreds of treatments, I regret my decision to close my business and destroy my IT consulting career but at the time it was the only decision I could have made. The technology and treatments are so scary that you can’t take any chances! All a Voice to Skuller needs to do is tell you what color your little girl’s dress is that day and you’ll quit your job, change your testimony, leave the country, or potentially hurt yourself. They have that kind of power.

Ramola D: So this neuroweapon system, by way of its intimidating voice-in-head technology and psychological CIA-Torture techniques is being used as an insidious Social Engineering tool—to effect destructive actions like shutting down a successful career with overt and implied death threats.

Chris Burton: There are three deaths connected to specific treatments they put me through (which are described in my YouTube testimony). Two people died only days after being mentioned on Voice to Skull and my cousin’s mother in law, Vera Gowlland-Debbas, the International Law School Professor, came down with cancer and died eight months after I contacted her and went public on Facebook in 2014.

Ramola D: Are you saying this Voice to Skull program then is connected to a powerful Black Ops organized crime network that doesn’t think twice about committing murders–that people whose names are mentioned by Voice to Skull are being targeted for death?

Chris Burton: Clearly there are no rules of any kind in place for these programs and because there are so many compartmentalized entities taking part in the research, there’s no telling how many personal or political grudges are being settled in these experiments. They’re doing everything they can to protect their anonymity which gives them a license to torture people to suicide and weave into treatments anything they like.

My YouTube testimony goes into the deaths related to my torture pretty deeply. One of the deaths, the most recent one, which happened in January was so traumatizing I thought it had been faked. I just couldn’t believe it happened. Voice to Skull imitated a very good friend of mine for a couple hours one night and he died of a seizure a few days later. This was the very first time they had ever spoken of or imitated this person. His name is David Scott.

Another death, Karen Quintana, who died of an aneurysm in 2014, occurred two days after Voice to Skull spent four hours scolding me about my friendship with her son-in-law. I had just met her a couple weeks before. After that happened I packed my bags and moved to SE Asia to go public about her death and write a book about my experiences with Voice to Skull.

Vera’s death was another traumatic loss that created terrible confusion and anger in me. Vera Gowlland-Debbas was a world-renowned international law school professor and was Palestine’s legal advisor. When I moved to SE Asia to write about Karen’s death I notified Vera and she immediately came down with an aggressive cancer that killed her eight months later. If I had been given a chance to explain Voice to Skull to her, she would have been one of our biggest advocates.

Because these programs are classified, and therefore walled off from society and the law, news about them, if it ever comes, is twenty or more years away so intelligence agencies and researchers can remove anyone they want who’s associated with a TI with zero repercussions. It’s just like walking down the street and sticking someone you don’t like with a needle and giving them Syphilis during the Tuskegee experiments. There’s no difference.

Part 2: Synthetic Telepathy, Hive-Minds, Brain-Cloning, Emotion-Injections, Full Body Takeover – The Living Manchurian Candidate Program

Ramola D: I understand you are making a distinction between Voice to Skull and Synthetic Telepathy. How do you define the latter? What was the first instance of Synthetic Telepathy you can recall?

Chris Burton: Synthetic telepathy was introduced to me after I had lost everything. I quit Watermill and my career in IT consulting because of the death threats, and worked for seven years to build up my credibility in the charity fundraising industry as a way of both protesting the torture and proclaiming my innocence.

I thought that if I created fundraising businesses that exclaimed, “Look at me, I’m raising money for all of these schools and charities,” someone in the Voice to Skull hierarchy or chain of command would take notice and shut down my torture program, but my appeal to their humanity didn’t work and I lost my life savings and home in the process. The Voice to Skullers tortured me non-stop with treatments and other psychological torture techniques the whole time I was working on these companies.

Here are some graphics from the three charity fundraising businesses I started.

Chris-paws1Pawscorp.com allowed customers to donate 30-100% of the profit from over 4000 pet products to one of over 200 schools and 501(c)(3)s. We worked with American Humane, Goodwill, the YMCA, the Wounded Warrior Project, Rush Soccer and many more well-known organizations.

chris-expo1Transitions Expo was a college and career fair for underprivileged youth that benefited The Street School Network. For-profit and state schools/community colleges were represented under one roof.

Pet Family Deals was a 50/50 partnership with the Colorado Veterinary Medical Association. It provided pet-related daily deals, similar to a Groupon for pets.

Chris-7aAfter I lost my loft to foreclosure in 2010, I moved into a friend’s house who did a lot of traveling. I was alone most of the time so the Voice to Skullers created a treatment I call the vetting sessions. They knew my cousin’s wife was an environmental lawyer for the UN and her mother, Vera, was a world renowned international law school professor who wrote the ICJ advisory opinion on the legality of the separation wall in Palestine, Legal Consequences of a Separation Wall in Occupied Palestinian Territory, so they pretended that my inclusion in the torture program was causing a huge debate within the institution(s) heading the experiments.

They put on a mock trial which vetted my character and involved a sort of defense lawyer who spoke on my behalf. They said Susan Herman and Jameel Jaffer from the ACLU were involved along with some of my cousin’s friends from LA (who were important people). Once again, this treatment required me to talk about every aspect of my life to the torturers who were pretending to be something like a secret society.

When I brought up the charity fundraising I had done, one particular Voice to Skuller I call Hoarse Voice (because his voice sounded hoarse all the time) spoke up and screamed in my defense, “Listen assholes, Chris was doing everything right and you still Voice to Skulled him!” When this happened, I could literally feel his emotion in my body. He yelled at the other Voice to Skullers for a few minutes and I noticed my hands had clenched up into fists and my lips were mouthing his words! This was the introduction of emotion injecting, body takeovers, and hive mind/synthetic telepathy.

During the vetting sessions treatment, which lasted a week, they brought up a test I had cheated on in high school which I didn’t want to talk about. When they brought it up again a few minutes later, I thought for a second about the cheating, at which point one of the Voice to Skullers exclaimed suddenly, “That’s it, we got him!” This is how they introduced mind-reading and just like all of their technology reveals, it was woven into an elaborate treatment which made me think I had a chance of being released.

It was during the vetting sessions when Voice to Skull started scolding me for being friends with Karen Quintana’s son in law. When I heard Karen passed away two days later I decided to go public and moved to Cambodia and Vietnam in 2014 to write a book about my experiences. My YouTube testimony details a lot about my torture in SE Asia.

When I moved back to the US in 2015, they revealed hive-mind/synthetic telepathy in Palo Alto and I’ve been communicating with them telepathically ever since. Before that, for ten years, I had been speaking out loud to communicate with them.

Synthetic Telepathy is the ability to communicate to the Voice to Skullers by just thinking. Today I realize that they were probably using telepathy on their end the whole time but for years I thought they were using some sort of headset with a microphone.

Ramola D: Are you saying that you think Voice to Skull–the experience of their voices sounded in your head–was actually just Synthetic Telepathy all along? Or what exactly are you saying?

Chris Burton: Yes. I think the Voice to Skullers were using Synthetic Telepathy the whole time on their end. Synthetic Telepathy and Voice to Skull sound exactly the same to the receiver. For 10 years I would talk back out loud, believing that was the only way they could hear me. They didn’t respond to my thoughts for 10 years which made me think I had to speak out loud.

By not revealing this aspect of the technology, and creating obvious “clues” like communicating with me only in my loft and car for three years, they made me think my neighbors were involved or that it was a surveillance operation being conducted by a group located somewhere in downtown Denver (using an LRAD sort of device to transmit the sound and a bug to pick up my voice). For years I would stay up late with a telescope and binoculars looking at all of the windows in downtown Denver hoping to see someone aiming a sonic device at me. This is all part of their game.

Robert Duncan says V2K is transmitted via ground based-transmitters and satellites (for redundancy) and can follow you almost anywhere on earth. He has written two books about the technology and claims they’re transmitting brain frequencies that are unique to the victim from a very long distance away. I’m sure they’re using a combination of technologies, but to the victim, as I said in the beginning, it feels like one beam that follows you around everywhere you go.

Ramola D: And both Synthetic Telepathy and V2K sound like normal voices, normally sounded?

Chris Burton: Yes, both sound exactly the same to the victim. When it first starts you immediately associate it with technologies you’ve heard of, like the LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Radar), so you think in analog terms as if there’s a person speaking into a microphone. Later, however, as they reveal more and more of the technology, you learn that what you’re hearing is not your cochlear membrane being vibrated or bone conduction.

It’s a frequency that’s actually firing neurons and recreating sounds by copying the exact nerve impulses sent from your ears or eyes to your brain. Later, when they started impersonating people’s voices, I realized everything I was hearing had been digitally transformed in some way and then transmitted into my brain. When you think in digital terms the precise capabilities of this technology become apparent.

Ramola D: You mentioned being treated to a major Voice to Skull treatment in Palo Alto. Did you experience both Hive-Mind/Synthetic Telepathy and V2K at this time?

Chris Burton: In Palo Alto, they put together a massive two-week treatment in which they brought together a large team of Voice to Skullers to play the roles of President Obama, Mark Zuckerberg, Elon Musk, Marissa Mayer, Ben Affleck, Trey Parker, Dustin Hoffman, James Hetfield, Fred Armison, Kristen Wig, my sister, my cousin Joe, my dad, and two former colleagues. They imitated the voices and personalities of everyone to perfection. Some, like the Obama, Fred Armison, and Trey Parker characters spoke for hours while others, like my sister, spoke only a few words.

For two weeks straight they kept me up until 5 am in this treatment that was intended to make me believe there was an elite group of celebrities and politicians, already well acquainted with Voice to Skull and hive mind telepathy, who were taking part in a giant reveal of the technology in anticipation of letting me go. They claimed I was going to be part of the leadership team that helped determine when and where Voice to Skull would ever be used in military or the private sector, if ever. The group (I never knew exactly who was in the hive mind until they spoke) improvised elaborate skits and sang songs at night that built me up as an “insider” in their club. The skits were led by the Fred Armison, Trey Parker, and Kristin Wig characters and were performed as well as any Broadway performance. It was THAT good.

A few days into this massive treatment, they introduced Hive Mind Telepathy. The hive mind basically allows the group to suggest words while another person is speaking. It’s a lot like hearing multiple words layered together in an audio track with one coming through a little louder than the others. When more than one person thinks of the same word, the software adds weight to that word which causes it to stand out. This allows the person speaking to improvise speeches and rhymes all night long.

In order to speak in the hive you have to “think out loud,” but the hive can also read your mind and give away the entire sentence you’re about to say (if you’ve already envisioned it). I’ll talk more about that aspect of the hive a little later in the interview because it’s a functionality they mostly keep turned off because when more than one person’s entire sentence is being communicated at the same time everything becomes sort of garbled and you can’t make out what is being said.

The group had their own lingo which was made up of phrases picked out ahead of time such as “itsy bitsy teenie weenie yellow polkadot bikini” which was used instead of words like small, puny, short, etc. By using these phrases, singing songs, and rhyming sentences they created a perfect example of what hive mind “chat rooms” might look like if the technology ever became public.

Each chat room I was put into had its own “personality” (e.g. cartoonish, sensual, business-like et al.) with their own (living) rules that changed based on funny things people would say in the hive mind. For example, one of the characters, I think it was the Trey Parker, said “myself and others” instead of “me” and it caught on so everyone started using “myself and others” instead of “me” or “I” whenever they spoke.

Other times rhymes would catch on and everyone would end their sentences with something that rhymed with “balloon,” for example. The treatment went on with puppet shows (using my hands to talk to each other), masturbation “chat rooms” in which you and a “girl” would be left alone so she could take over your hand, and topic rooms where you could chat about a certain subject matter.

I could talk for hours about this experience. It was the most well scripted and well produced “show” I’ve ever witnessed and was every bit as good as any SNL performance and it went on for two weeks. (The actual skits and songs were performed at night. In the daytime the “actors” would just talk with me.)

I honestly thought I was going to be released until, of course, after two weeks of building me up, they opened the trap door and told me the real reason for the performances. I had been chipped for the purposes of experimentation and the chip, which had a small battery connected to it, and was inserted all the way into my brain stem, was running out of juice. They told me my chip’s battery had a ten-year power supply and that when it died, I would die too because it was impossible to remove or replace. They said they got everyone together and created the skits as a way of saying goodbye. They imitated my dad and sister, both of whom were too “broken up” to see me off in person??

To add to the ruse, they hit me with what I call a P wave. It’s a wave that feels like pressure is being applied to your whole body. It’s very scary and can be increased to make you think you’re dying. They started it at a one and increased it to a ten over the course of about fifteen minutes while everyone said their goodbyes. The president said I’d be buried in Arlington. When the pressure got to about a seven I could feel my organs gurgling and bubbling, which Dr. Horton called cavitation in one of her videos. I just laid down in my bed and waited for it to be over. After 15 minutes of the P wave and organ gurgling I wasn’t dead yet, so I questioned why I hadn’t died and some of them started to giggle. After this, they tortured me relentlessly for weeks which ended up putting me into the hospital for a month. I’ll talk about that later.

One additional note. During this treatment, which involved the voice of a female ex-colleague I worked with at CompuCom Systems, they revealed how they could morph a girl’s voice into a guy’s voice in mid-sentence. This is the level of voice transformation software they have and highlights the fact that everything you hear over Voice to Skull has most likely been manipulated.

Before they morphed her voice into a guy’s they had built up a treatment, over a period of four months, having to do with her being recruited into Voice to Skull to help me get through it. They built up her character over time using her exact voice and mimicked her perfectly, right down to the way she spoke (which was very quickly).

She was supposedly “monitoring” the experiment someplace with my uncle. I didn’t believe this, but then during the two-week torture in Palo Alto, she started speaking all the time, and would laugh “genuinely” at anything funny I would say while the celebrities kidded us about our “relationship.” At night, she began to take over my hand and made me masturbate. The whole situation became so intolerable that I actually called CompuCom and left a voice mail asking someone to tell her to please stop torturing me.

They had me so wrapped up in that treatment that at one point I actually texted “I love you” to her but I quickly snapped out of it, realizing just how dangerous Voice to Skull really was, and texted her right back and said I’m a Voice to Skull victim and to please call the FBI if she ever heard a voice in her head. She replied, “Please don’t ever contact me again.” This was a very important person, ex-colleague, and former client of mine so you can see the kind of damage Voice to Skull can do to personal and professional relationships when they feel like it.

Ramola D: Yes, it appears so, with this voice morphing software especially. Really, this is all absolutely extraordinary information, especially about the Broadway-show “treatment” and the way the hive-mind works, including the major takeover of your body that the constant, elaborate “chat-room” back-and-forth communication seems to facilitate. We have to discuss this further in a podcast!

Can you describe what the voices sounded like—did they sound electronic or amplified, or just like normal human voices in close range? Where exactly did they seem to be coming from?

Chris Burton: The sound is faint, as if it’s coming through a wall, but it’s perfectly intelligible. It’s different than a sound-wave which becomes muffled as soon as it travels through a door or a wall. When Voice to Skull first started I put my ear to the walls in my loft but couldn’t find a place where the sound became louder or softer.

The voices were also omnidirectional which made them impossible to localize. The sound falls somewhere between thinking “out loud” and hearing someone speaking right next to you when your ears are plugged. And you can’t filter it out the way you can with ambient noise (e.g., at a ball game or concert). You could be listening to loud music on headphones and everything they say is perfectly intelligible even though it’s faint. It literally cuts through all audible sound and your thoughts like a knife and grabs 100% of your attention.

Unless they’re hitting you with Thought Interruption or Injection, or Freezing Your Mind (which started for me in 2015), you can think clearly while the conversations are being beamed into your brain so it’s not like the “voices” are your only thoughts. Your brain is still thinking about other things, you just have this conversation going on that you can’t turn off. Another hallmark of Voice to Skull is a very high-pitched ringing (tinnitus) they transmit into your head once a week or so that usually lasts only a few seconds. Think of the sound the mortician’s camera made in Silence of the Lambs when he photographed the butterfly cocoon. It’s a super high frequency tone that, when it’s transmitted, makes you think that they’re calibrating something. I always suspected it was associated with Voice to Skull but didn’t know for sure until after year ten when they started transmitting it all the time (making it go up in pitch and down in pitch).

After eleven years of beaming only Voice to Skull voices into my head they introduced Forced Speech in Palo Alto. One day they just surprised me and said, “Hi Chris, this is Joe!” and it was my cousin Joe’s voice coming through my mouth. This means they can control your breathing, tongue, larynx and vocal chords. They can also cause your vocal chords to expand/relax and make you speak much lower than your normal voice. They can impersonate voices through you, like my cousin’s, and send heavily synthesized voices through you too. They never sent a woman’s voice through me but they did a good very good James Hatfield impersonation.

Ramola D: So that is a level of neuro-assault and takeover that is well beyond piping voices into heads via Voice to Skull—others report Forced Speech too. Did you understand by that point you were being assaulted with Black Ops military-grade neural weapons? What did you think was happening? How did you react?

Chris Burton: When I lived in my loft in Denver I thought the conversations were being transmitted from one of the units across the alley or from the parking garage a few hundred feet away. You can see how exposed my unit was in these pictures.


As I said earlier, for years they only Voice to Skulled me in my loft and in my car which made me think my neighbors were involved. When they started Voice to Skulling me everywhere I went in Denver, I realized it was something much bigger, possibly incorporating cell tower sites or even satellites. When the torture followed me to Cambodia and Vietnam I was convinced it was military technology.

The torturers are also professionally trained and very intelligent people so when you add up the expenses in just my torture den alone you’re talking about four or more people being paid at least 100K (or more) for 13 years which is over $5 million in torture labor alone. Add to that the people who don’t speak (developers and other team members) and the equipment (ground-based transmitters and/or satellites etc.), and you’re talking about a massive budget for something that no investor will ever be able to go public with. It can only be a massive classified Military/Intelligence project with subcontractors, or a private entity that’s selling the technology piece by piece to the military (both of which bypass the Common Rule which governs federally-funded experimentation on humans).

As I explained to you over the phone, this tech can take over your entire mind and nervous system to the degree that you literally become a back-seat passenger in your own body. The Hive-Mind Telepathy and Forced Speech was startling when they introduced it in Palo Alto but that was after they revealed the beginnings of the Bio-Robotization which was extremely scary. I had been tortured for 10 years straight with just voices and then out of nowhere one day they hit me with pulsed waves that violently shook individual parts of my body, one at a time.

One day, in Palo Alto, I was driving, and they told me to stop the car because they wanted to “test some waves” on me. I pulled over and they said, “Okay here’s wave number one” and immediately my left hand started moving side to side really fast, about 3-4 times per second. After shaking my hand for about five minutes, they said, “Okay, here’s the second wave,” and hit me with a frequency that made my entire left arm, from the elbow to the tip of my fingers, start whacking my chest over and over.

After five minutes of that, they announced, “Now we’re going to try out the gas-pedal wave,” and my right foot began depressing the gas pedal about 20 times. Finally, they said, “Okay, here’s the last wave” and, all of a sudden, my entire torso began thrusting itself against the steering wheel over and over for about 15 minutes. I thought they were killing me off at this point so I dried my tears, lit a cigarette, and just waited for the end.

Ramola D: That just sounds criminal. Essentially each time, it was a wave of powerful frequency or directed energy sent directly to distinct body parts—first your hand, then your entire arm, then your leg, and finally your torso—this was not neural influence or frequency sent to your brain?

Chris Burton: It was a neural frequency sent to my brain which actually had the capability of controlling all of my body parts but I didn’t know that. Up that point, I had thought Voice to Skull was just a number of individual frequencies that could send voices, influence your emotions, disrupt your mind and give an indication of whether or not you were telling the truth. Just those capabilities seemed out of this world to me.

The waves that moved my body parts in the car were pulsed so it made me think they were testing new frequencies that had particular attributes (one can shake your hand, one can shake your arm etc.).

When they revealed Forced Speech, moved my hands for the puppet shows, and took over my hand in the masturbation “chat rooms” I began to realize the technology could affect every part of my brain and nervous system. A year later they actually took over 100% of my body in a hotel room in Mexico and walked me around like a marionette! They had total control. I couldn’t move a muscle or even think for myself. They’re very good at revealing the technology in graduated steps and weaving them into your treatments (to maximize the torture). You’re always thinking to yourself, “I can’t believe they can do this” but later they show you even more.

Ramola D: And that’s the crux, isn’t it, of the CIA’s long-studied, secretive MK ULTRA intentions, as reported by John Marks and others–to create fully-controllable “assets” or spies or assassins: the Manchurian Candidate Project.

During this time period, were you experiencing other aspects that others being targeted covertly with EMF/sonic/neuro weapons have reported, such as stalking, or being hit physically with DEWs (Directed Energy Weapons)?

Chris Burton: I talked about what Michael Raines did to me in Half Moon Bay, which I think could be described as gang-stalking. But in Palo Alto, one night, they actually sent someone over to talk to me who was wearing a Manchurian Candidate Project sweatshirt.

I was sitting under the canopy at a bus stop to wait out a rainstorm, near the house where I was renting a room, and was approached by a guy I had met the week before at the same bus stop. When he got closer, one of the Voice to Skullers said, “Hey, look there’s Greg, he’s not so tough looking…” and without me saying a thing, the guy, Greg, started laughing hysterically.

Voice to Skull then remarked, “You see Chris, Greg is a friend of ours, we know people everywhere.” Greg just continued laughing and nodded his head and that’s when I looked down at his sweatshirt and couldn’t believe what I saw. It had “The Manchurian Candidate Project” embroidered on the top left chest area in red and black lettering. Greg showed me a music video on his cell phone and then got up to walk to another bus station and I just let him walk away. I honestly thought this meeting meant Voice to Skull was about to end, but it didn’t.

Of course, now I regret not stopping Greg and getting his information but Voice to Skull knows what it’s doing. They knew I didn’t have my cell phone with me and couldn’t take his picture. He (Greg) had told me the week before that he was on parole so I’m sure I could identify his mugshot (he looked like Michael Irving), but what police officer is going to believe my story.

Regarding DEWs, the torturers like to shock me unexpectedly when I’m just laying around but I wouldn’t call that being shot with electromagnetic bullets the way Dr. Horton describes it. They’re just transmitting the sensation of being shocked. They can also do this with itches and some aches and pains. I did notice that my abdomen was very warm to the touch one night when I was walking down the street in Mexico, which my Voice to Skullers took credit for.

Ramola D: Which could suggest some sort of DEWs maybe—perhaps not Pulsed Energy Projectiles (a US Navy-described weapon) as Dr. Horton describes, but remote electro-shocks like Taser hits and possibly microwave weapons.

Chris Burton: The torturers did display a technology in Palo Alto that I’m honestly afraid to talk about out of fear that I won’t be believed. I’ll touch on it a little because it is 100% true and maybe someone else has experienced the same thing.

When I walked around Palo Alto one night the torturers told me to pick a carnation that was growing on a hedge and hold it in the palm of my hand. The weather was perfect and there was no wind. Without me doing anything, the carnation rolled right off of my hand and onto the street. I picked it up and put it back on my palm, which I made as flat as possible, and it rolled right off again. It was late at night and nobody was on the street, of course, so I asked the Voice to Skullers to demonstrate it on me while I stood in the middle of the street hoping someone from an office or house would see me. Voice to Skull didn’t care and demonstrated the effect about 25 times. The carnation was literally pushed right off of my hand every time.

They also demonstrated this effect with a chicken wing a few days later, so they can push things that are heavier than carnations. Incidentally, that night was also the first time they took over my hand. I was eating at a Kabab place and they began spinning a fork I was holding in my right hand. When all of this technology is being displayed, and they’re talking through your own mouth, you tend to believe that they’re leading up to something big (like the end of the program) but it never comes.

Ramola D: Did you mention to anyone what was going on—and what happened when you spoke to your friend about it?

Chris Burton: When Voice to Skull first started I tried to tell my childhood best friend about it when he came over to my loft to hang out one night. I asked him to listen as hard as he could for the voices but he said he couldn’t hear anything. This was before the Voice to Skullers threatened my life so I talked back to them like a tough guy, honestly believing my friend believed me, and said something like, “You assholes, you think you’re bad asses don’t you?”

After an hour or so of explaining to my friend that these people were harassing me, he got up to leave saying he had to call his wife. He was gone for an hour and then returned with two Denver police officers. When I opened the door, my friend was crying and said, “I’ve known you for 23 years and I’ve never heard you talk to yourself.”

That’s when one of the officers told me, “You can come with us voluntarily or we can hog-tie you and carry you out.” I couldn’t believe he had me removed from my own house. He never seemed worried or agitated. He just sat there quietly when I was talking back to the Voice to Skullers.

Ramola D: Why do you think your own friend, who had known you for years, would call the police on you—this does not even sound normal. Had you said anything that might justify his action? Is it possible this friend had all along been a covert operative of sorts? (We are after all living in the age of non-stop Covert Ops and trillion-dollar Black Budgets.)

Chris Burton: My friend, Jason Coulter, was an MP (Military Police) in the Air Force which leads me to believe that he might have been involved. He claimed once to have seen the CIA fly dead US soldiers out of Panama and always said he was skeptical of the government, but if this was pitched as “the most important science experiment known to man,” or however it’s put to perpetrators, he’d probably buy in.

I’m his son’s godfather which makes his potential involvement all the more painful.

After he called the police, he told my sister and my parents, so pretty soon everyone in my family and friendship circle knew what had happened and started to patronize me. Because of this I spent the next seven years working on my charity fundraising companies in absolute silence about Voice to Skull in hopes of building back my credibility.

When I moved to Cambodia and went public on Facebook everyone just attributed my Facebook post to the episode in my loft. One of my best friends started telling people I had gone “bat shit crazy.” I think most of us have faced this sort of thing. You could be the most stable or accomplished or educated person in your group of friends but the second you bring up this technology you instantly become a pariah.

Ramola D: What happened afterward—was a psychiatrist involved, how did your family react?

Chris Burton: My sister came to my loft a week later and recommended I see a psychiatrist she had found. I told her absolutely not, I wasn’t going to see any doctors. I said point blank that I’m hearing living breathing people talking to me through some sort of ultrasound device and wasn’t interested in arguing with her.

That’s when Voice to Skull jumped in and said, “Chris, if you don’t see the psychiatrist we are going to kill your sister.” The very next words out of my mouth were, “Okay, I’ll go see the psychiatrist.” The death threats against me and my sister flipped my world upside down.

When something like that happens, you realize instantly that you’re on an island and nobody is going to help you. I told the psychiatrist that I never heard any voices in my head and must have been overhearing one of the neighbors outside on their balcony, but she didn’t buy it. Once an intelligent person (like my sister) crafts a narrative to a doctor about someone being mentally ill, or worse, potentially anosognostic, they and the doctor bond and the situation mutates into this altruistic mission to never let the “illness” win.

There’s nothing worse than the doggedness of an uninformed person. I simply complained about someone speaking to me through a sonic device, but because the US classified the technology it sounds to the uninformed like an alien abduction.

Ramola D: You have a highly educated family, I understand. Were they educated about ongoing military testing with electronic weapons—such as microwave weapons and neuroweapons?


Chris Burton: Graduation Photograph

Chris Burton: Absolutely not. My dad, who’s a retired geologist, and my uncle are former Naval officers and neither one of them will have a conversation with me about electromagnetic weapons or neuroweapons. What really upsets me is that my uncle, John Coggi, who’s retired now, went to MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) and was the launch commander of the Milstar program (Milstar is a telecommunications satellite array), and is an expert in geosynchronous orbits.

When I went public in 2014 on Facebook, I wrote to him and explained that I had been tortured for the last ten years with Voice to Skull and that all of my fundraising work (over the last seven years) had been pursued to build up my credibility and protest the torture. At first, he sounded supportive and told me to go to the Physics department at the University of Colorado and check to see if any damage had been done to my body. As it turned out, however, he and my dad were working together to lure me back to the U.S. so they could lock me up involuntarily.

When I asked him what he knew about microwave weapons, he told me a person would need two PhDs to understand what waves can do and that a lot of countries are working on various wave technologies. He said that he was part of a team that discovered a wave that could penetrate the ocean 2000 feet to deliver messages to submarines but that he really didn’t know much about where the technology was today.

His son works for the Aerospace Corporation and won a very prestigious award for architecting a database that tracks all of the military’s satellites and he hasn’t said a word to me either. I think about them possibly putting me into this program all the time but just can’t allow myself to believe it. During the SNL skits in Palo Alto the torturers constantly weaved my uncle John, my other uncle Vince (who was the past president of the Los Angeles County Medical Association), and Vera Gowlland-Debbas into the treatment as if they were involved.

Ramola D: I understand you started traveling. Did the V2K follow you? Were you able to shield at all from these neuro-assaults?

Chris Burton: As I mentioned, the Voice to Skullers only spoke to me in my loft and car for three years which made me think it was being done by my neighbors, an intelligence agency using a surveillance van/truck, or gang stalkers who would follow me around. After about three years they began communicating with me every place I went in Denver.

Chris-Top of Bokor

View from Bokor

I moved to Cambodia in 2014 to write a book about the torture and the torture followed me there. I bought a bunch of books to read on my Kindle related to torture, Cambodia, the Vietnam war, and bullying, and occasionally would share interesting passages with the Voice to Skullers in my hotel room in Phnom Penh which would prompt long conversations.

Chris-bikesBuddhaMy hotel was a couple blocks away from the Russian Embassy so the torture used that as an excuse to insert a new character, Vladimir Putin, into my treatments. Whenever I stepped into the bathroom, “Vladimir” would speak to me about the Cold War. He said my uncle John was a “person of interest” to the KGB back in the ’70s and ’80s (laughing). This Vladimir spoke perfect English so it wasn’t a very good imitation.

Chris-picWhen I moved to Sihanoukville in southern Cambodia the torture went with me and built up an entire treatment about George Bush and Michelle Obama taking an interest in my case. When I rented a motorcycle and rode to Kompot and Bokor Mountain through some rural parts of southern Cambodia, the Voice to Skull talked to me the whole time.

Their voices were perfectly clear. They were commenting on every lane change I made hoping I’d believe that their “intelligence agency” was in contact with Hun Sen and his “daughter” who wanted to ride with me.

Chris-11The voices were perfectly clear in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi (and on the train from Ho Chi Minh to Hanoi). And when my uncle and dad convinced me to come back to the USA the Voice to Skullers told me on the airplane, “Chris thinks he’s coming back to Vietnam” which didn’t make any sense at the time because I had a girlfriend in Vietnam and had left half of my things there. When my dad had me locked up for the psych evaluation I realized what they meant. Fortunately, I was released after 13 days and I went back to Vietnam (with a delusional diagnosis).

Ramola D: Through this time, do you think the V2K–or the AI administering the V2K via cloned and recorded voices—was communicating with you in real time or did it sound like a recording? You’ve mentioned EEG or brain cloning, which ex-CIA/DOD scientist Robert Duncan writes about. How did V2K progress into something even more invasive?

Chris Burton: I’d say my torture is 90-95% administered by humans in real time, not AI. Unless they’re letting me type, like they are now, or watch a movie, we’re always in non-stop two-way conversation. I always test this by asking them abstract questions that requires an understanding of the words I’m using and the context of the question.

As I mentioned before, for the first ten years I was tortured with Voice to Skull conversations and then they introduced Emotion Injections, Forced Speech, Hive Mind/Synthetic Telepathy, Dream Manipulation, Image Insertion, Thought Injection/Interruption, and Bio-Robotization (which is the same thing the other Voice to Skull victims are reporting).

Now, I have a clone (researcher) who inhabits me 100% of the time. This started in 2016 after they took me over completely in the hotel room in Mexico. If you haven’t read much about Voice to Skull you probably don’t know about clones, but it’s a whole other level of torture. The clone is there, I believe, to try to influence you subliminally and help design the thinking algorithms for imperceptible thought hijacking and body movement. I honestly have no idea why they’re doing this to us, I can only comment on what they’re putting us through.

My clone’s name is John and he started torturing me in 2015 through Forced Speech in Palo Alto. Recently he has been leaving me alone during the day because I’m taking an online class but normally he’s talking to me, through my mouth, all day long (he also speaks to the other Voice to Skullers through the hive). The other Voice to Skullers still communicate with me through the hive using synthetic telepathy. At any moment, I can basically summon John and he’s right in tune with whatever I’m doing and can respond with something witty. He’ll do things like move the radio dial if he wants to change the channel or move my eyes if he wants to look at something.

Voice to Skull reveals its technology progressively, over many years, mainly because it’s a long-term program and wants to maximize every bit of the torture (and measure people’s responses to it). I also think they reveal the technology in stages to protect their “investments” because if they spoke though someone, or moved their body parts without that person having any sort of experience with Voice to Skull they’d probably run out into the street screaming and get hit by a car.

Another perspective is that they reveal the technology gradually so that it appears like the onset of some terrible mental illness but what kind of mental illness uses well known psychological torture techniques, builds up treatments, follows a protocol that protects its anonymity, verbally announces new “symptoms” like violently shaking your hands, arms, legs and torso, speaks through your mouth, stimulates you sexually, creates puppet shows with your hands, shocks different parts of your body annoyingly for fun, freezes your ability to think (but only when you’re just about to say something important on the phone or in a meeting), and eventually takes over your entire body in a hotel room and leaves you with a full time clone who inhabits your body all day long? This is what Voice to Skull victims are reporting all over the planet in the same exact sequence! It’s simply astonishing that journalists, doctors, friends and family haven’t picked up on this.

Ramola D: Yes, and this media and medical professional blackout seems to point to intelligence agency control. Those of us educated on these matters however understand that several neuro-technologies exist for remote access of the human brain – some of which are now in the public domain, some mentioned in DARPA and other military projects, some revealed by whistleblowers, but many still hidden.

As you note, Robert Beck, author of Body Electric has gone on record speaking about the inability to stop what he calls the magnetic H wave by any kind of shielding: brain entrainment with frequencies has been recorded as occurring even inside a Faraday cage. What were some of your experiences trying to limit or escape these assaults?

Chris Burton: I have to believe Robert Duncan when he says it’s extremely difficult to shield against this technology. I’ve personally experienced everything he talks about in his lectures and book so why would I not believe his statements about shielding. I don’t see them developing a technology designed to wage covert war that can simply be scanned for or shielded against. I also can’t believe the militaries and intelligence agencies involved would ever allow themselves to get caught. I’m definitely not a scientist or PhD, however, so I’ll never claim to understand how it works or argue with someone who has an opinion about shielding or the various methods by which frequencies can be transmitted.

The notion that you can just meditate or think about something else doesn’t hold water in terms of Voice to Skull. The torturers are on you 24/7 and can outlast any attempt to think about nothing or repeat the same mantra. V2K voices, Thought Interruption and Thought Injection Torture taps into the core of the brain. Each one can be applied at different intensities which, at the high end, can completely consume your mind (making it impossible to think about anything else). Once they torture you at a high intensity with electromagnetic-specific torture techniques (which are both physical and psychological) such as Thought Interruption, Thought Reflection, and many others, your brain just begins to spurt out reflexive thoughts uncontrollably and you literally become “mad” for a period of time.

The constant application of these increasingly destructive torture techniques coupled with statements like, “We’re torturing you until death do us part,” which they tell me all the time, reveals the psychopathy of the torturers and absolute hopelessness of our situations. And even though the symptoms reported by the diplomats in Cuba describe the same things I and other victims have reported (cognitive problems, word recall, ear ringing et al.) the US still refuses to acknowledge the existence of psychotronic weapons (labeling the attacks in Cuba as “sonic” to the dismay of experts who say the physics of a “sonic” attack don’t add up), which is the real nail in our coffin.

Voice to Skull victims are simply at the mercy of their torturers because there are no proven ways to shield against the attacks. Our only defense is to appeal to their humanity. It’s a prisoner of war/guard sort of relationship. The only thing that can save victims is liberation.

The Downloading of the Human Brain to a Computer

Ramola D: And let’s hope that happens soon, as soon as Americans become aware this is what the military and CIA/DIA/NSA are doing in those Special Access Above Top Secret projects, with black budgets and taxpayer money, torturing Americans to create Manchurians. Crying “National Security!” to keep it all hidden.

So it did not stop at V2K—what started to happen? How did further kinds of neuro-assaults begin to occur?

Chris Burton: They have taken me all the way to a full Manchurian Candidate takeover. As I explained earlier, the program revealed more and more of the technology, progressively, over the course of 13 years. The first ten were spent on Voice to Skull treatments but the last three have been spent dealing with the injection of emotions, bio-robotization, dream manipulation, image insertion, thought injection and interruption, hive mind telepathy, and subliminal messaging/scanning.

Once I saw the “Manchurian Candidate Project” written on Greg’s sweatshirt at the bus stop I knew I was in for a terrible journey. They warned me that they were going to take me over completely when I was staying at a hotel in Mexico back in November of last year. That was a difficult time because I couldn’t envision exactly what being “taken over” meant. Was my eyesight going to fade out? Was I going to lose consciousness? Was I going to be tossed off a balcony? Was I going to hurt someone? They built up my takeover over a period of few weeks and it was scary as hell.

When it finally happened, I was in my hotel room talking to John, my clone, about what being taken over feels like, which was the topic of conversation for the last couple of weeks, and he just went ahead and did it. I was laying on the bed when it started and John talked through the entire experience. He said, “Well, I could move your foot off the bed like this, walk you over to the door like this, turn the knob on the door like this, walk over to the chair like this, sit down, stand up, walk back to the bed and lay down, and you can’t do anything about it.”

And he was right. John took complete control of my body and I couldn’t do anything about it. I was completely paralyzed and I couldn’t think of anything except for what he was saying. Once they have your brain mapped, they can overlay what feels like a stronger electromagnetic field (like a blanket) that just completely overpowers your own. I can only describe it as feeling paralyzed but experiencing yourself walking around. You can’t control a single muscle. I couldn’t even think of relaxing my muscles. The clone just overpowers you and you do whatever he does in real-time. John could have done anything he wanted to with my body that night (and still can).

The takeover happened eight months ago. What’s very unnerving is that now I can sense John inside of me all the time. It’s like we’re sharing my mind 70/30 with me controlling 70%. I’m managing the controls but he’s there the whole time. The stage we’re at is very clear to me – imperceptible thought and body takeovers. This brings me to what I mentioned in the very beginning of the interview about the gulf between perceptible and imperceptible shrinking rapidly. This is where, I feel, they are with the technology and what my experiments are focusing on. The technology would just be a demonic possession freak show if it remained perceptible to the victim so now they’re working on making their thoughts feel more like my thoughts. This seems like the next frontier in Voice to Skull (if it hasn’t already been perfected).

In terms of what the non-militarized version of this technology can do for science someday, if they can offload a certain percentage of a person’s thinking to a computer they might be able to bypass certain abnormalities in the brain or the onset of a brain disease. This Voice to Skull “beam” that I referred to is the brain-to-computer interface that’s overlapping my thoughts and serving as my mind, at least part of the time. I can tell part of my mind is thinking at an offsite location because the way I process thoughts has changed. It’s slower, more sequential, and feels extremely limited. I’m also not being “granted access” to parts of MY cerebral cortex because I can’t do very simple math problems or spell whatsoever.

Voice to Skull has also rewritten some of my thinking algorithms just for the fun of it. For example, they’ll cause me to call up an image of a dick pic whenever I think about an old friend of mine named Brian. Brain and I are old college buddies and we’re both heterosexual and I’ve never seen his dick before. Whenever this happens they laugh so I know they wrote the algorithm on purpose. They do a lot of things like this, and worse, with your thinking, that are completely out of bounds. Let your mind wonder a bit and they’ve probably done it.

Ramola D: Is there a difference between the Brain Cloning that you report and the Hive Minding you have learned about? Are you experiencing suppression of your own self, mind, and personality in both cases?

Chris Burton: I talked about the clone, John, a little bit ago. I call him my inhabitor because that’s what having a clone inside of you feels like. It’s a lot like having someone constantly looking over your shoulder. I’m sure they could just artificially maintain this sensation but I get the feeling they’re trying to match my brain to the clone’s so we’re both experiencing the same exact thing (or as close to it as possible).

The clone is always right in tune with whatever I’m experiencing. I could be sitting in a chair thinking about whether or not the clone can wink (I’ve never been able to wink for some reason) and a second later the clone will try to wink (which he can’t do either when he’s inside of me). He’s paying attention to everything that’s happening 24/7 which basically keeps me in a state of constant fear.

Recently, the Voice to Skullers have been feeding me a lot of thoughts that kind of swirl around in my head with some being more noticeable than others. They’re not instantaneous and lightning quick by any means. When I say thoughts, I really mean words. In my case, they haven’t injected or inspired entire actions yet, like “walking over to the fridge to eat the leftovers,” or “going outside to the car to grab the bag you left in the back seat.” This is what I consider to be a complete thought.

I have, however, heard of the hypnosis Millicent has experienced and am worried that I’m going to be used for experiments that go a lot further than that. I honestly believe things are not going to end well for me and the other Manchurian Candidates.

The hive mind does not allow you to think with someone else’s intelligence. It’s also very hard to think deeply when you’re in the hive. We all know the feeling of “staring off into space.” That’s the state of mind you’re in when you’re in the hive communicating. None of our hive-mind conversations are deeply intelligent. You can piece together an intelligent-sounding poem or rhyme which, to an observer, might come across as intelligent, and you can be quick-witted, but it’s really hard to tap into anything except your basic vocabulary when you’re in the hive.

The hive can read your mind. If a person envisions an entire sentence in their head, before they speak it by “thinking out loud,” the hive can deliver the sentence to the group ahead of time, very quickly, in a way that feels almost subliminal. As I said earlier, they don’t always turn this functionality on because it tends to garble everyone’s thoughts together and you can’t make anything out. But when you’re in the hive with only 2-3 people, and one of them thinks of a short sentence, you can definitely make out the sentence before you hear it delivered “out loud” by the person speaking.

Ramola D: What exactly do you think this hive-mind team is trying to do?

Chris Burton: The torturers use the hive mind, and the words it suggests, about 95% of the time now. I think it’s a way to kind of de-individualize themselves and act psychopathic for their own enjoyment. It’s extremely juvenile but they do it so the victims know they’re “crazy” which is essential when trying to motivate a suicide. Up until last week most of their recent tortures had do with eliciting my thoughts. They would swirl around a bunch of barely perceptible thoughts in my head and see if/how I respond. These thoughts are usually pretty dirty so you’re always trying to change the subject in your head. But now they’re all taking part in a full-blown effort to motivate a suicide claiming that I have to die now that I went public again.

Every few days they keep me up until 4:00 am using a torture technique I call the Breathing Torture. This is when they say a specific word or phrase every single time I exhale. They also torture me a lot with Thought Reflection which I think is an AI-administered torture. It automatically responds, lightning fast, to any thought you have with a specific phrase or word, or repeats (reflects) the same thought (sometimes in another voice) right back into your head before you’ve finished it. The Breathing Torture and Thought Reflection Torture are usually paired together because the Breathing Torture forces your brain to respond by saying something like, “why are you doing this” which sparks the Thought Reflection torture. It creates a vicious loop of thoughts and reflections that can happen multiple times a second for as long as they feel like doing it.

Another electromagnetic specific torture technique they’ve created is to speak very slowly (like the slow-speaking sloth in Zootopia). This also elicits thoughts because your brain tries to fill in the…. very….long….pauses….. with what you think the torturers are going to say next. These thoughts can then be reflected back at you instantly, as I described above. Sometimes they just use the Sloth Torture for hours which is pretty agonizing but it’s nothing compared to Chanting or Non-Stop Thought Reflection (which have a very high probability of death).

Revealing These Torture Programs is Civilization’s Last Chance to Reel In Weaponized Neuroscience

Ramola D: Do you think the end-game of all these many brain tortures is total Neuro-Takeover and Bio-Robotizing of people so these agencies can simply go in and take over people’s brains at will—and use their bodies to covertly execute any kind of action or crime they wish?

Chris Burton: Yes, I do. I think the generals, or whoever makes the decisions to hurt people with exotic weaponry, wanted to know how far the technology could be taken and that’s what they’re getting. We’re all stuck in these programs for decades until, like Dr. Horton said, the leadership of these agencies/programs is removed, or we kill ourselves like so many TIs have.

As I mentioned before, I have experienced a complete body and mind takeover and it was terrible. It leaves you with the feeling that it could happen at any moment and you’re helpless to stop it. I described how Voice to Skull voices slice through everything and are impossible not to process, but with thought injection and body take-overs they’re forcing thoughts into your head and activating muscle movements that you can’t block or resist. Once they reach the point at which they can elicit entire actions that feel like your own, there will be no more ethical boundaries to cross in this science and we’ll never know, as individuals, who we ever were. Our personalities could just become dry and humorless like the engineers who developed the technology and we’d never know the difference.

The torturers tell me every day that the program will never end, so the end game for victims like me is suicide or living with the daily torture and fear that the next Manchurian Candidate takeover is going to send them to prison. The capabilities of this technology surpass everything in the US’s arsenal including thermonuclear bombs because it’s Stealth, has unlimited range, and leaves no marks.

This means they’re well known to the highest levels of government which means their use should have reflected the core values of the military and our country and never should have been used, but they were. The US chose to spend billions of dollars innovating offensive DEWs instead of developing defenses for its citizens and that’s all I need to know about West Point and what we term the “best and brightest.”

Voice to Skull is a money tree and the more they innovate its offensive capabilities the more they can fertilize the tree by advancing the notion that the best defense is a good offense. Like electroshock and water torture before them, neuroweapons will become distributed throughout the world and all of the tortures perfected in these experiments will render humanitarian organizations helpless when it comes to identifying and helping victims. Simply put, the longer these organizations stand on the sidelines and don’t say a word about the development of these weapons, the more useless they will become in the future to all of humanity.

My own experience in this program has proven to me that psychotronic/neuro weapons have already been innovated past the point at which they can serve, in military terms, as lethal and non-lethal strategic deterrents against attack by state and non-state actors (if they were publicized).

These weapons can already paralyze your mind and body and control/orchestrate every single muscle movement (including the heart) from thousands of miles away at light speed.

What these programs are doing now is extending the “endpoints” for non-consensual (neuro)science so far out into the future, utilizing the protections only top-secret classification provides, that the work itself, in addition to the already-deployed delivery system (transmitters and satellites), now constitutes an existential threat to the “souls” of everyone on the planet.

By continuing this arbitrarily defined pursuit to control human consciousness through software code that runs exactly the same way on everyone’s brain, the government is creating plutonium in the form of software that can wipe out the evolutionary traits and nurture that make our minds unique such as personality, intelligence, character, and decision making.

These systems, that can blast brain-altering electromagnetic frequencies anywhere on the globe, have already been deployed–which means the revealing of these torture programs represents the last chance civilization has to reel in weaponized neuroscience.

Part Three: The US/Globalist Voice to Skull Program as Death Camp for Victims: Not Socially Permissible Military/Intelligence Technology but Barbaric DOD/CIA Murder/Torture Weapon & Crime Against Humanity

Ramola D: Everything you report, Chris, about this Brain Control/Body Takeover program and your continuing experience of Guantanamo-style Death-Camp Captivity and Torture is seriously concerning and truly heart-rending. I really hope human rights advocates and caring humanity of every profession reading this wake up and start taking action to protect you and all Voice to Skull victims immediately.

I know there is more to this story you wish to convey. You have spoken about suicide ideation in the face of this intensive, continuous torture. You have spoken about your inability to resist the takeover of your motor movements. Is it really impossible to resist?

Chris Burton: With regard to the full body and mind takeover I described in the hotel, resisting doesn’t work. It’s like trying to resist a taser. You can’t resist a stronger electrical charge. That’s what it feels like. Your eyes are working, your ears are working, and your heart is pumping, but everything else is paralyzed.

In Palo Alto, when they hit me in the car with the four waves that shook my body parts, I could clench my fists but couldn’t stop the movement in my arms and torso. After the experience in the car they started hitting me with Thought Injection/Interruption and Chanting Torture which left me with no choice but to threaten suicide.

One of the ways I threatened suicide was by walking 1000 feet down a railing attached to the edge of a four-story building. I wanted Voice to Skull to take my threat seriously and fear for my safety so I went to the same spot every night for a week and promised to add 100 feet to the distance I had walked the previous night unless they stopped the torture. When we got to day five I had promised to walk 1000 feet (I had doubled it from the night before). Normally, when I got up on the railing, I’d shake like a leaf but when I stood on it that night I felt them extending my arms out straight beside me. That helped me balance and I completed the walk, but they continued the torture.

A few days later I dangled myself off of a cliff in Half Moon Bay, and a day later waded out into a dangerous part of the breaks near Mavericks (which are the largest waves in North America). The waves were crashing so hard it would have been instant death if I had continued so I came back to shore. Two days after that they started chanting non-stop which led to the cruelest thing I’ve experienced, so far.

When the Voice to Skullers chant a phrase nonstop you think it’s never going to end because they have AI and chatterbots that can be programmed to continue the chant forever. Chanting is akin to screaming into your ear. It will literally drive you insane or push you to suicide if it doesn’t stop. It crosses that line that makes life not worth living anymore. Voice to Skull is always trying to push you over that line. That night they were especially mean and chanted for hours and hours, non-stop. I had already put myself in some very dangerous situations that might have resulted in an accidental death but the chants were meant to provoke something more.

They pushed me so hard with the chanting that I finally broke down and exclaimed that if they didn’t stop I was going to self-immolate. I had lived in Vietnam and was well aware of Thích Quảng Đức’s protest against the South Vietnamese and thought that this threat might be taken seriously.

They continued with the chant so I drove back to Half Moon Bay at about 10:00 pm and bought a plastic gas can and a gallon of gasoline. I drove to a deserted beach and found a secluded area about 25 meters from the ocean. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt and a hooded North Face jacket and brought a large beach towel which I wrapped around my waist and tucked in. I kept telling the Voice to Skullers out loud to stop the chanting but they kept going. I unscrewed the cap to the plastic container and poured about ¾ of a gallon of gas on the towel, encircling my body completely. I grabbed a lighter in my right hand and held it half an inch from the gas soaked towel and told them again to stop the chanting but they continued. I wasn’t going to light myself on fire, I was just setting up a standoff.

All of a sudden, I felt my right hand begin to move on its own. And before I could think to reach over with my other hand and stop it, my right thumb depressed the lighter and I instantly burst into flames. I frantically tried to unwrap the towel from my body, which was blazing like a furnace, and burned both of my hands badly pulling it off. The gas had soaked through the towel onto my legs and my behind and I immediately felt the flames searing my skin as they rose from my feet to my waist. I ran toward the water but slipped and fell and remember thinking that if I fell again I’d be dead. I put myself out in the water and the torture went silent. I screamed and called them mother&%&$* over and over but they remained silent. It was pitch black outside so it took me 20 minutes to make my way through the brush to my car because I couldn’t see the dirt path.

I drove myself to the nearest gas station and asked the guy behind the counter to call an ambulance. I went into shock and was airlifted to the burn unit in Santa Clara. The doctors stabilized me and I underwent four skin graft surgeries. I was burned over 40% of my body. The torture remained silent for the entire month I was in the hospital and for the two months I spent in Arizona recovering at my parent’s house. But, as soon as my parents left to drive back to Colorado, where they spend the summers, the torture started up again. The second the garage door closed and my parents drove away the torturers started talking again!


Chris Burton: “My whole bottom half looks like this.”

The conversations were, of course, very uncomfortable. I was basically talking to my kidnappers who tried to kill me. We engaged in small talk about whether or not Voice to Skull should ever be used as a military technology against an ISIS or Al Nusra sort of organization but at this point I basically knew I was going to be killed in this program, and have felt that way ever since.

Just to wrap up my story, the Voice to Skullers began torturing me relentlessly at my parent’s house so I jumped in the car and drove to Ensenada telling Voice to Skull that I would rather die in the ocean than at home. I found a part of the beach where I could go undetected at night and waded into the water. The first night I did this John (my clone) spoke up and told me to get back to shore. I listened to him and walked back, but they kept talking.

When the Voice to Skullers just talk, you feel the will to survive, but when they start torturing you with non-stop Thought Injection/Interruption or Chanting, you snap and will do anything to escape. This is what I believe “breaking someone” means in a Voice to Skull torture experiment. If you were strapped down in a bed you’d go insane but because you’re being tortured remotely, you automatically think about suicide. The torturers enjoy keeping you on the razor’s edge (of suicide ideation).

The torture in Ensenada continued, so a couple nights later I went back to the same spot to threaten suicide again. This time I swam out past the breaks into the deep water. I floated on my back and told Voice to Skull that this was it, I wasn’t going anywhere until they stopped torturing me. John and a female torturer I call Deborah continued talking so I stayed in the ocean trading off between floating and treading water. After about 30 minutes I was getting really tired. I had been confined to a bed for the last four months recovering from my burns and was in no condition to be out in the ocean.

I told the Voice to Skullers I was going back to the hotel to strangle myself instead but realized the shoreline was now ¼ mile away. The current had pulled me out a lot further than I had realized. I swam as hard as I could but wasn’t making any progress. My shoulders were beginning to cramp up and I realized I was going to die. Torture became silent again just like they were after I was set on fire.

I just remember bobbing up and down in the water trying to catch my breath and thinking that this was it, I had been really screwed in life. I thought about just sinking but decided to give the beach one more shot and swam as hard as I could. Somehow, I made it to a sandbar where my feet could touch the bottom and my mouth could take in air. I rested for a while and then continued swimming. When I made it to shore John spoke up and said, “Chris, I promise I will never do that to you again.”

They spent a month building up the Full Body Takeover, as I described earlier, but until recently hadn’t tortured me with unstoppable Thought Injection/Interruption/Reflection and Chanting. Now, they’re back at it with Thought Injection and Reflection claiming that I’m going to be tortured to death for speaking publicly.

A couple weeks ago they kept me up talking about the military’s plan to enact regime change in the worst spots in the world because they don’t want EM weapons to fall into the wrong hands. We talked about the sonic attack in Cuba and they said it was part of Obama’s plan to eventually expose the technology. A week ago, we talked about imperceptible Thought Injection for hours and they demonstrated some injections that felt almost natural. As I explained earlier, when they take your mind or body over completely, or inject thoughts, it feels foreign, but they’re moving closer to imperceptible thoughts and may have already perfected it for all I know.

Ramola D: These are just devastating reports. Essentially, this brain-clone set you on fire and tried to kill you—in a way that would translate to the uninformed world as suicide.

Imperceptible Thought Injection suggests the horrific possibility of Complete Mind Manipulation and destruction of a person’s innate self.

I’d like to contextualize these extreme Mind Control projects a bit: When looking at other incidences of neuro-hacking, such as Rohinie Bisesar’s case, or Esteban Santiago, or Aaron Alexis, or Myron May, it is difficult not to see the correlations between the CIA’s historic MK ULTRA programs of neuro-experimentation with EMFs and RHIC-EDOM, and the current-day reported incidences of V2K and bio-robotizing as being headed in the same sinister direction—the complete takeover of individuals for nefarious use as terrorists, stabbers, mass shooters, and publicly-dismissed “psychiatric cases.” What is your thinking on this?

Chris Burton: I sense strongly, by the tone of his testimony, that Myron May was Voice to Skulled. I also suspect that Esteban Santiago and Aaron Alexis were too, but without hearing them speak about the details of their experiences, I can’t be sure.

I emailed Santiago’s public defender and provided him with a high-level overview of my experiences and told him that if Santiago mentions anything about being “taken over” I can provide detailed testimony about similar technology being demonstrated on me. He never wrote back.

As much as I feel sorry for Myron May, I can’t condone what he did. I’ve suffered through hell for 13 years and am burned over 40% of my body and never thought about killing an innocent person. I think he was deeply religious and honestly felt that by shooting people he was just sending them to heaven early.

Rohinie Bisesar sounds schizophrenic to me but that’s just my opinion. Schizophrenia is primarily a thinking disorder and Raizel Robin’s Toronto Life article reports that Bisesar’s boyfriend thought that Bisesar’s research projects didn’t make any sense to him and even after he warned her she still turned them in. The article also said Bisesar called out her boss in front of her coworkers stating that she could do a better job. When you’re Voice to Skulled and your brain is being frozen or your thoughts are being interrupted, you know 100% what’s going on and wouldn’t willingly turn in something that didn’t meet your standards. Bisesar turned in her research reports believing she was doing a great job. That’s a mental illness in my opinion but nobody can know for sure. That’s why it’s so important to give victims of EM assaults a chance to explain themselves thoroughly.

Voice to Skull, however, can still completely discombobulate you during an interview and make you sound seriously mentally ill which is why developing defensive technologies and shielding solutions is so important. I live daily with the knowledge that my clone could take me over at any minute and hurt someone else. That part of this Voice to Skull/Manchurian Candidate torture would figure into anyone’s live or die equation. The fact that trials like Bisesar’s and Santiago’s are taking place without judges putting their foot down and demanding information about these technologies shows how terribly uninformed, misled, callous, or perhaps compromised our justice department is.

Ramola D: I should tell you I covered Rohinie Bisesar’s case fairly closely, through contact with Mind Control activists in Toronto who visited Rohinie in jail and spoke to her lawyer–whom I also communicated with; I also published a letter from Rohinie to one of the activists there, and do indeed think she is not experiencing schizophrenia but is a victim of Black Mind Control Ops, possibly through a BCI chip and RHIC-EDOM or radio hypnosis—which could also have influenced her research paper actions. She has reported V2K—not as you report it, extended treatments, etc., but a distinctive voice. She has reported externally-pumped-in thoughts—and it is possible she is a victim of Bio-Robotizing or body takeover. (My articles on her can be found here.)

What her case and yours demonstrate to me is that there seem to be various dark and sinister neuro-technologies being used by American military/intelligence agencies on people, all unethical and inhumane.

Chris Burton: You could very well be right Ramola. Without a full accounting of these programs and the people in them there will never be justice for victims of crimes where the use of electromagnetic weapons is suspected. This is why organized stalking and Voice to Skull victims have to come forward now and document their experiences. The person I mentioned in the beginning of the interview, Michael Raines, would not be able to pass a lie detector test if he were asked about the interrogation that took place at his house (which I believe is connected to the Voice to Skull program). These are starting points for investigators and journalists who are truly interested in exposing this atrocity.

In terms of the bigger picture, I’ve come to terms with dying early because of Voice to Skull. During my trip to S.E. Asia, I learned a lot about the wholesale slaughter of civilians by the USA in Vietnam and Cambodia (as a result of the CIA’s removal of Sihanouk). Even Ken Burns’ PBS documentary about The Vietnam War (a mostly American point of view) mentioned the US’s Phoenix Project and the 20,000 people it tortured and killed.

I’ve been to S-21 (Tuol Sleng Prison) and one of the killing fields in Cambodia and have visited the War Remnants Museum in Vietnam. Every other person I met in Cambodia lost a close family member to the Khmer Rouge. One fourth of their population literally had their throats cut because of the CIA’s decision to meddle in their country’s affairs.

The US’s secret bombing campaign in Laos and Cambodia destroyed so much farm land that farmers had no way of supporting themselves so they joined the Khmer Rouge (which only had 2000 members before the bombing began).

The USA continued implementing devastating sanctions against Cambodia and Vietnam for decades after the war too, crippling their economies, and then left SE Asia to clean up the unexploded ordinance and land mines.

Yes, the USA spent two billion dollars on programs to help clean up these areas but tell that to the families of the over 65,000 people who have been murdered by these silent killers. The USA also used cluster bombs in Iraq and Afghanistan and sells them in huge quantities to Saudi Arabia (which drops them on Yemen). Israel uses them too.

America is an absolute monster when it comes to developing and using exotic military weaponry. It’s part of this country’s ethos.

Until I read about Vietnam, Cambodia and Arab nationalism I just didn’t know how backward US foreign policy is and how dark and sinister our intelligence agencies can be. Now I know because I’m a VICTIM of the United States’ Military Industrial Complex’s “classified” psychotronic weapons arms race which is really a scumbag-led money grab that will never end until the very last scientist and/or military officer has cashed out on his/her own lethal or non-lethal directed-energy or neuroweapons-related business plan.

Ramola D: There is also the very large issue you have brought up of subtle neural influences permitted by the use of precise frequencies—which means ALL of humanity can be influenced on a mass scale in this way.

There is information today on the different brain frequencies related to different sleep and waking states, as well as to different emotions, and bio-resonance of different organs—some of this from the Air Force Dosimetry Handbooks.

Remote access and influence of human attention, emotion, and bodily organs is now possible through the use of specific frequency-pulses. Is it possible to now change human personality and behavior through remote neural influence?

Chris Burton: Yes, this research is definitely all about frequencies that relate to various brain states and it’s a shame America classified the most important parts of the research. There’s a good paper on Cheryl Welsh’s website, Mindjustice.org, called “Misled and Betrayed” that talks about research into the bio-electric brain.

I’m not a scientist so I won’t talk about the physics or neuroscience involved in Voice to Skull but at a basic level it’s important victims read about the bio-electric brain (where evoked potentials come from) and understand what brain states are.

The activity of neurons generates electric currents and when large groups of neurons, called neural ensembles, synchronize, they create oscillations that can be measured on an EEG. These oscillations equate to various brain states which Voice to Skull is manipulating all the time. These fluctuating frequencies of oscillations are categorized into general bands, Gamma, Beta, Alpha, Theta, Delta, plus Mu, Sigma (sleep), and Sensorimotor rhythm, and have been shown to correlate with emotional responses, motor control, and a number of cognitive functions including information transfer, perception, and memory. Neural oscillations, in particular Theta activity, are extensively linked to memory function and coupling between theta and gamma activity is considered to be vital for memory functions including episodic memory. (Brain Entrainment and Neural Oscillation information here from Wikipedia.)

By experimenting with various frequencies that disrupt these brain states and torturing me for 13 years they’ve erased 80-90% of my long-term memory and my short-term/working memory has been degraded so much that when I read, I can’t remember the sentence before the one I’m on. I also can’t remember words, do simple math problems, or spell, and I was a finance major in college. It’s almost as if parts of my cerebral cortex have been removed.

The non-stop “binded” conversations the Voice to Skullers transmitted into my brain clearly changed my brain and, according to Shane O’Mara, the author of Why Torture Doesn’t Work: The Neuroscience of Interrogation, psychological and physical torture destroys people’s memory so I’ve definitely suffered brain damage as a result of being put into this program.

There’s no doubt the torture has changed my personality too. It’s sad because I was the class clown of my senior class in high school and used to be very funny and loquacious and intelligent before Voice to Skull started. Funny things to say would just come naturally to me and I always had something interesting to add to the conversation but not anymore. I’m as dull as it gets. I was also extremely entrepreneurial with two or more business ideas always in the works but now all I think about is the torture. I have practically no memories of ANYTHING left in my brain including everything I experienced and learned in high school and college, and every single book or article I’ve ever read.

With regard to some other ways I’ve experienced remote neural influence: At work in Palo Alto they froze my brain in very important situations in specific meetings, right before I was about to speak, or when I was on the phone with certain people. One time I was saying goodbye to someone, I said, “Okay, I’ll give you a call yesterday” instead of “tomorrow.”

They’re literally picking and choosing when to attack me based on the circumstance. For example, they’re allowing me to write these responses to your interview questions, and they allow me to write the Employment Services section every year for the University of Colorado’s Colorado Business Economic Outlook, but other times, especially when I was trying to write in Vietnam, or when I was working in Palo Alto, they’d attack me just for the hell of it and make writing impossible. Whenever they did this it would take me 30-45 minutes to write a short email. Other times they’d let me fire off emails as fast as I could type. There’s no rhyme or reason to the timing of their attacks except to censor and embarrass me.

Ramola D: Many of us know by now that an electronic or electromagnetic control grid is in place–a combination of HAARP, GWEN towers, cell-towers, satellites, smart meters, ground-based and air-based sensing platforms, remote sensing systems, RFIDs, portable energy weapons, GPS tracking, biometric surveillance, television programming, nanotechnology, “smart dust.”

And Mind Control effects have been historically applied using these and other means like TV programming. From your experience—which has opened you to a very dark and covert Black Ops world which those Americans mesmerized by Psy-Op’ing mainstream media are completely unaware of–what can you add to this awareness?

Chris Burton: I don’t think a victim of a neuroweapon attack, which is transmitting brain frequencies, will ever be able to tell the difference between a chip, satellite, HAARP, GWEN towers, cell towers, ground-based, air-based, or portable transmission device. As I mentioned, everything that has been demonstrated on me felt as if it were coming from a single beam that is bouncing a signal through me, off the ground, and right back to a receiver. I know I’m thinking through a Brain to Computer Interface now because my thinking is all word-based and sequential instead of quick and idea-based.

The story I shared about Voice to Skull inserting the picture of a dick whenever I think about my friend Brian represents pretty well what “thinking” on Voice to Skull is like. When I think really hard I can recall a few distant memories but usually I’m only being served by the computer very simplified or selected ones. When I think about my elementary school I can only recall the same 3 memories and when I think of my sister, I can only recall a couple pictures of her. She and I are four years apart and went to the same schools together, including college, and have many of the same friends.

Ramola D: Truly wrenching to hear that. It suggests these Black Ops neuroscientists running the Voice to Skull/Manchurian program—and probably lots of other mass mind control projects on all of us—have figured there is opportunity for different levels of control of the human brain and the human body—controlling states of consciousness, controlling thoughts, impulses, actions, even controlling discrete bodily movements and whole-body movement.

What agency do you think humans have left—what can people do today to resist this obvious kind of Mind-Control and Body-Control?

Chris Burton: As I said, you can’t resist being taken-over but you can recognize when it’s happening. That is going to change if they continue working toward Imperceptible Take-Overs. Like sequencing the genome, the time it takes for these groups to “model” a person’s brain has to be decreasing rapidly which means with data science and supercomputers they can probably take-over someone’s entire body and mind almost instantaneously very soon, if they can’t already.

I can’t imagine a use for this technology unless it’s to stop a murder in progress. Voice to Skull and I talk all the time about the ethics of using technology like this and they pretend that they’re against it (while they’re torturing me). They’ve already crossed all of the moral and ethical lines enshrined in the Constitution to protect against this sort of treatment, violated CAT, and broken the Nuremberg Code, so I don’t have a lot of hope for anyone who might find themselves someday on a Targeted-Individual list.

I could have been put into this program because of my company, my uncle’s work in the military/aerospace industry, or my cousin’s mother-in-law’s work with Palestine and the Arab League. Take your pick. What I always thought were major accomplishments in my family and extended family turned out to be reasons for putting me on a Targeted-Individual list.

Maybe some of the Voice to Skullers are doing this to further science and provide the USA with the best weaponry on the planet, but they did it as part of a Mengele/Iishi-like non-consensual experiment.

My torturers simply enjoy torturing me which means they’re either psychopaths being held down by a certain set of rules (intended to preserve my mind for experimentation), or they’re psychologists like Mitchell and Jessen who are just torturing for money.

Certainly, there are good people like Karen Stewart working for our intelligence agencies but they aren’t working at the highest levels. That’s the problem with a captured classified program like this. There’s a “warrior class,” as Karen Armstrong refers to in her book Fields of Blood, that exists in the U.S. military and intelligence circles now, and it’s not going anywhere, and because politicians are treated like celebrities they certainly don’t want to risk their fame by speaking out and risking their “legacies.”

Voice to Skull is really the culmination of everything that exists in America right now. Our generals, politicians and CEOs are beholden to their own financial interests, and the interests of a financial community that refuses to allow anything to “rock the boat.” And the press is nowhere to be found after having been captured by the deep state (NYTimes) or intimidated into silence, or fed just barely enough bread crumbs by US officials to pay the bills.

We’re simply living in a time in human history when the United States lied to and sold out its citizens in return for a Cadillac psychotronic weapons system that will continually be developed and never be acknowledged publicly (how could they at this point). They’ve created a Soviet-era psycho prison called Targeted Individuals where genuine cases involving crimes against humanity quickly dissipate into suspicions of “mental illness.”

As long as they don’t create a noticeable spike in the statistics (death rates and mental illnesses) they can add thousands of people to the psycho-prison year after year and nobody is going to know. This is the United States of America my family, the Burtons, helped to build dating all the way back to the revolutionary war.

Certainly, there’s the potential that psychotronic weapons might be used by terrorist organizations, as Bob Beck demonstrated at the Denny’s restaurant near his house, but the USA is developing these weapons far beyond anything that could be considered an offensive countermeasure. I feel they’re already at the point where they can take people over imperceptibly, at least for short periods, so what’s next? How many more Tis need to die?

Defensive measures would involve scanning for these frequencies in every part of the country, not pouring everything into offensive uses. Russia has federal laws against electromagnetic weapons, the US does not. That’s done precisely in order to protect users of the technology while they continue to innovate it. Title 18 of the U.S. Code makes reference to directed-energy weapons only once, positioning them as WMDs, stating “any weapon that is designed to release radiation or radioactivity at a level dangerous to human life” is a WMD.

But psychotronic/frequency weapons operate at the level of a cell phone signal which is not dangerous. And with regard to “dangerous devices” in the U.S. Code, I don’t think we’ll ever see a court case that determines HAARP, cell sites/towers, or classified satellites are “dangerous” unless a whistleblower comes forward. We need legislation that outlaws dangerous frequencies and electromagnetic energy specifically.

Ramola D: That sounds like a vitally important goal for all of us. Any other positive ways to resist, oppose, challenge, and terminate this invasive Neuro-Take-over of human societies, do you think?

Chris Burton: I think victims are completely at the mercy of their torturers. The only reason why my torture decreased recently is because I almost died twice threatening suicide, but the other day they tortured me all night long before I had to go to work so I’m definitely not optimistic about my situation.

You can’t resist anything they do during the experiments. You’re in their possession. Most torturers and victims have built some sort of relationship over time which could affect the Voice to Skullers’ willingness to torture them all day. Victims need to do whatever they’ve discovered reduces the torture. There is no magic formula. Victims need to create YouTube videos and speak out (anonymously or not).

I’m planning to launch a website for Voice to Skull victims called V2Kvictims.org which I plan to launch in the next month or so. It’s going to focus on identifying as many Voice to Skull victims as possible and itemizing their experiences in the hopes of identifying the same patterns I’ve been talking about in the interview. Hopefully members of the press and the medical establishment will start looking at the SIMILARITIES in all of our stories and begin thinking more critically about our claims.

Ramola D: As we close, we should mention you are embarking on a new career currently. You’ve said that to some extent, you are able to resist such complete takeover of your brain as would disallow language and communication. What is the trajectory that has brought you here?

Chris Burton: After I was tortured at work at Lucid Motors (in Menlo Park), lit on fire on the beach, and then left to die in the water in Ensenada, I decided to write up a YouTube testimony (5 hours) and go public in a big way (again) on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This pretty much ruined my chances of ever getting another job in the recruiting industry. The torture was so extreme at work that I honestly don’t think they would ever let me work again, at least in America.

Victims like me are caught in a real Catch 22 between protecting our jobs and going public to bring awareness to the issue and our stories. I’m embarking on a new career now which I don’t want to share because it’s my last chance at making a living. I feel so terrible for victims who have done similar things and are homeless or jobless now. We literally have to make a choice between informing the public (and future generations) about these terrible technologies or trying to live out our terrible lives in silence, hoping we can survive the torture.

Ramola D: What advice would you give to physicians, psychiatrists, neuroscientists, neuroethicists—and other educated professionals unaware or uninformed about current-day neuro/EMF targeting, non-consensual neuro-experimentation, and current-day MK ULTRA?

What advice might you give lawmakers and legislators—how much at risk are their own selves and families and why should they step forward and start protecting humanity from this New Age of already-pervasive but potentially-devastating technological tyranny?

Chris Burton: Only one psychiatrist has published a paper mentioning psychotronic weapons in a medical journal. Dr. Muhammad Gadit, who’s a clinical professor of psychiatry at Memorial University in Newfoundland, published a paper called “Terrorism and Mental Health: The Issue of Psychological Fragility” in the Journal of Pakistan Medical Association. Other than his paper, there are no academic sources of information about these weapons. The American Psychological Association has zero information about this technology in their PsycNET database which is a travesty. They have four articles from Dr. Muhammad but not the one mentioning psychotronic weapons.

Once you read more about the APA and its partnership with the military you’ll understand why they haven’t published anything about the dangers of sonic or psychotronic weapons. The military employs more psychologists than any other institution in America.

As long as there are no peer-reviewed articles published in medical journals about the dangers of psychotronic weapons, there’s zero chance someone in the medical community or mainstream media will publish a story about them. Instead, they’ll reference studies like Lorraine Sheridan’s about group-stalking.

Psychologists, psychiatrists, bioethicists, and neuroethicists need to publish information in medical journals about the psychological and physiological dangers of sonic weapons like the LRAD or Israel’s SCREAM especially now that we know what happened in Cuba. After reading the patents, FOIAs, and other articles that reference sonic weapons I’d suspect any self-respecting academic, psychologist/psychiatrist or bio/neuroethicist would be able to publish something that could begin to serve as a backbone for other articles related to psychotronic weapons. That’s what we need. Once this interview is published I’ll do my very best to communicate the issue to as many journalists and professors as possible. I hope your readers and the listeners will do the same!

Ramola D: Chris, thank you for this detailed and ground-breaking interview, and for sharing your story with the world. Let’s hope it resonates across continents and compartments alike and that people of conscience will step forward instantly in courage, to take action for you and for all humanity.


Torture Techniques: (Pdf of Chris Burton’s Torture Techniques Document, Demonstrating Connections Between KGB Torture, CIA Torture via Kubrick and HRETM Manuals, Guantanamo/USAF SERE Torture, and Voice to Skull Torture. 

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Two Posts Revealing Massive Abuse of Powers by CIA, NSA in Wrongfully Targeting, Assaulting Citizens with DEWs, COINTELPRO, & More

Many of us know today that there is an active Military/Intel movement underfoot to label and “disappear” all free-speakers, free-thinkers, critical-thinkers, and anyone critical of Government, Corporations, or Banks as so-called “enemies of the state,” “domestic terrorists,” “domestic extremists,” “potential terrorists,” “homegrown radicals” and other made-up categories and, using the Patriot Act, now re-named the Freedom Act, to run a Black/ Covert Ops program of intensive electronic surveillance, community policing, COINTELPRO, defamation campaigns, character assassination, clandestine directed-energy weapon attacks, in short, working overtime to Fully ruin the person’s life. People are also being enrolled into clandestine directed-energy neuroweapon testing and training this way–being run by the military and the CIA as “classified research” as documented insider accounts reveal, and as covered earlier at this site.

How are they getting away with this? How can they possibly be engaging in such massive abuse of powers? Think gag orders, “classified” labels, and “sovereign immunity.” Think fusion centers, complicity of local police, roping-in of communities under Watch programs, rampant lie/defamation campaigns by local DHS operatives, and joint Intel action in variously supporting each other’s corruption or turning a blind eye. Nazi and Stasi operations are rolling out all around us–and have been, for decades; it is no coincidence that these are Nazi tactics; many of our Intel agencies have shady Nazi connections. As a consequence, communities and individuals are being terrorized.

We should be aware of one thing: Until our Intelligence and Security agencies are fully exposed and questioned publicly about these rampant abuses of their powers–and these powers divested from them–these horrific abuses will continue, as they are continuing currently.  I think it’s important to name these Agencies, and to name those at their head, who are permitting these abuses to occur. We are not going to change this situation by sitting back and letting these organizations wallow in anonymity. Gone are the days when they could put fear in people’s hearts by mere mention of their name; they have so thoroughly abused their powers of secrecy that they have merely cheapened their name today. “Intelligence” and “Security” agencies can no longer be taken seriously, when their primary purpose on the ground appears to be neither Intelligence nor Security, but Stalking, Harassment, Malicious Abuse, Retaliation for Exposure of Corruption, Attack with Electronic Neuroweapons, Snooping, Breaking In and Entering, Destroying Private Property, Bizarre COINTELPRO Mimicking Activities, and Human Trafficking for Profit–Selling People into Classified Research bolstered by Black Ops budgets.

Luckily for us, more and more people are beginning to speak out: people in particular who have avid connections with these agencies and can clearly point to who is responsible.

Take a look at these two recent posts online pointing to the complicity of the CIA and the NSA in these corrupt and criminal activities of abusive “surveillance”:

User Comment on Random CIA Usage of Patriot Act to Blacklist Citizens

CiaThis first post is a comment from a user “Freedom54”, on The Guardian’s recent article: Chelsea Manning: government anti-leak program a ‘blank check for surveillance’ (This is a highly enlightening article in itself, and points to how the government has more than 100,000 security and intelligence personnel under “continuous evaluation” and reveals how Chelsea Manning was characterized internally under the Insider Threat program.)

I will share my personal story with you in hopes of enlightening America’s Vast Slave Classes – the 99% Non Billionaire Class. My former wife’s son who I raised and loved as my own from the age of 8 secured a position with the CIA prior to my finding out that his Mother who was a nurse was having a lengthy affair at the hospital where she was employed.

After we separated my former son entered my Social Security Number into the Patriot Act Data Base which enabled him to monitor my personal phone, my cell phone and my E-Mails. I accidentally became aware of his improper and what I thought was illegal surveillance when E-Mail’s from my Divorce Lawyer that had been forwarded to my Ex-Wife/His Mother’s E-Mail Account was found in my Deleted E-Mail folder. I immediately re-saved the E-Mails and printed them out. I immediately suspected it my former son unknown who tried unsuccessfully to by breaking my “Internet Connection” to permanently delete them to hide their trail.

I brought the E-Mails to my local police Department who worked with my Internet Provider to determine who was “Illegally Hacking” into my home computer. The Police Department received written confirmation from my “Internet & Phone” provider that whoever hacked into my Computer was an un-identified employee of the “CIA” who was using one of their numerous CIA “Internet IP addresses”.

To correct this injustice I immediately wrote and sent letters and E-Mails to then President Bush the Director of the CIA, my NYS Federal Representatives Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Charles Schumer, and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy and then President Obama when he took office several months later.

Although, I did not receive any responses from President Bush, President Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton or Senator Charles Schumer, I did receive a written response from the CIA and Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy.

The CIA Inspector General at the time politely informed me that he would not be able to assist me with my request to have written confirmation from the CIA confirming that my Social Security Number had been officially removed from the “Patriot Act Data base” and that my former son had been reprimanded for his illegal surveillance of an “Honest Law Abiding American Citizen”.

Congresswoman Carolyn McCarthy’s letter simply stated that her hands were tied by the “Patriot Act” to assist me in any way to insure that my Social Security Number was purged from the “Patriot Act Data Base”.

The Patriot Act provides both agencies unrestricted free rein and to act with complete, immunity and impunity thereby making the “CIA and NSA” “Totally Unaccountable” to the “United States Judicial Legal System”, and to any “Congressional Oversight”, being imposed upon them – Thus allowing the “CIA and NSA” to function as “Rogue Covert Government Agencies”.

In a nut-shell the “the “CIA and NSA” are acting as a “Hidden Unaccountable Government” existing above the “Federal Government” thereby circumventing all the “Citizen Freedoms Guaranteed by the American Constitution insuring the Constitution is nothing more than a “Powerless Museum Piece”.

NSA Whistleblower Reveals Dirty Harassment, Covert Assaults with DEWS by NSA in Retaliation for Lawsuit Against Wrongful Termination, Exposing Corruption

https://i0.wp.com/www.eff.org/files/nsa-square.jpg?w=500&ssl=1This second post is excerpted from the recent post at Renew America: NSA whistleblower comes out of the shadows into the light. This is a hugely important article, please visit there to read the whole interview. Karen Stewart, a new NSA whistleblower, speaks candidly about how her attempts to expose corruption at the NSA met with discrimination and retaliation; she sued the NSA for wrongful termination, and was harassed as described above, with DEWs, constant stalking and surveillance, defamation campaigns–the same platter of harassments being experienced today by thousands, no, hundred of thousands of Americans, Europeans, Australians, Asians–all thanks to the NSA and to NSA-agreements with countries. 

Sher: Since we last talked, a lot has happened with you. You have refused to drop your discrimination lawsuit against the NSA and have shared with me that the agency has stepped up its efforts against you…personally.

You’re now being stalked by what appear to be NSA operatives. Is that correct? As you reported to me they, also, seem to be using electronic emanation technology to both stop and damage you. I believe former NSA employee and Whistleblower Russel Tice reported on this, also. This is really deep “dark side” information. Would you tell the readers what they’re doing to you, [possibly] others and why?

Karen: First of all, the case STEWART V. NSA is a “righteous” lawsuit, (brought in 2010) meaning it is a clear case of employer abuse of power and position to an egregious and even premeditated criminal level meant to circumvent whistleblower protection laws like the No Fear Act. Simply put, I asked the NSA Inspector General (IG) to investigate why my award-winning intelligence report series supporting Operation Iraqi Freedom (2003) was used to promote an entirely different woman twice (2004 & 2005) one who had nothing to do with my reports whatsoever, and was a known incompetent, but had methodically sexually compromised many of the male managers within the Weapons & Space (W&S) Directorate. Instead of following correct procedure, the IG and NSA Security decided to cover up the infraction by attacking me. Threats were made to paint my complaint as “paranoid “and to fire me for a non-existent mental illness if I did not drop my effort to get credit for and the promotion for my own work, given to the wrong woman. These threats quickly took shape as false accusations against me by the guilty personnel obviously coached by Security, manifested with stalking harassment masquerading as an “investigation” by NSA Security goons from 2006-2009. In late 2010, despite all evidence showing my innocence from ridiculous and impossible charges, I was fired by an NSA Kangaroo court with a predetermined agenda. My EEOC appeal (lawsuit) had been accepted for adjudication and the judge had ordered no adverse action until its adjudication but NSA ignored his orders.

I moved from Columbia, Maryland back to my family’s hometown of Tallahassee, Florida in 2011. All was quiet until February 2015 when I instructed the law firm I had hired to subpoena evidence from the Maryland Department of Motor Vehicles identifying a burglar (a now retired NSA Executive) who had broken into my home very shortly after I had tried to make my 2006 Inspector General request for an investigation, and stolen extra house, car, and mail keys as well as illegally bugging (burst bug) our home and phone/internet to facilitate further harassment and likely search for blackmail material (no luck for them there).

After the subpoena, I began noticing Security types in Tallahassee following me and photo-stalking me by March/April. Their license plates suggested Naval Security Group from Pensacola and NSA Security personnel from Georgia (Augusta) and Texas (San Antonio). A quick check with the Leon County Sheriff’s Department, specifically Duty Officer deputy Canon, confirmed that NSA also had personnel land at a private airport and deputies had escorted them the the Phipps property north of Lake Jackson (near where I now live) for a “secret exercise,” just before the second round of stalking harassment began. The sequence of events seems to have been for NSA Security to contact the Naval Security Group in Pensacola, Florida (Headquartered at Ft. Meade, Maryland along with NSA) to initially stalk and photograph me under ridiculous false pretenses until NSA could send its own Security personnel to Tallahassee. Once there, under guise of authority, it appears that NSA enlisted the help of the Florida Department of Law Enforcement (FDLE) and its civilian group, “InfraGard,” made up of civilians recruited from their Ride-Along programs. As usual, NSA personnel fabricated some big lie as to why the civilians should actively and passively stalk and harass me, and despite quite obvious questions about why laws and due process were to be completely suspended in my case, the group eagerly jumped at the opportunity for hundreds to gang up on one person (for Federal money, I may add).

Thus, under NSA tutelage and FDLE auspices, suddenly I was a “cast-iron target,” meaning multiple people covered me wherever I was, whatever I did. Cars were even stationed near my home overnight on rotating shifts, beeping to each other when changing shifts but also for my benefit. NSA also sought out willing neighbors to augment their snooping and harassment efforts, which could be anything from hosting an NSA Security goon for accessibility to my property, both home (to bug and monitor short-distance transmissions) and car (to install and switch out vehicle GPS trackers to facilitate car stalking and impeding as harassment. ) Those were the active participants, others not assigned to me on a certain shift were ordered to quickly text in to a special site “the big bad threat” to report my location and time I was there. People even snooped in my shopping carts to be able to tattle to someone about what I was doing, what I was buying. (“God help us, she bought bananas!!! Save the children!”).

This was annoying enough but I tried to ignore it because I thought NSA once again was going for the usual “See, she’s paranoid, reporting harassment every day – now just dismiss her lawsuit!” But I did report acts of harassment that caused physical damage such as hit and run, purposely sideswiping my car, and botching the placement/removal of a GPS tracker under my rear spoiler that destroy my spoiler. (They feared my mechanic would find their tracker so they botched its removal the night before my appointment). I even made fun of my stalkers when I could, using my hobby art shop on a popular internet site to create bumper magnets making fun of them. After all, they were mostly naïve, unsophisticated boobs who desperately imagined that they were little James Bonds and that the greatest existential threat to their country was a woman waiting for her lawsuit to be decided, living in Tallahassee, walking her dogs, visiting friends.

In late November 2015, however, NSA apparently decided that I was not sufficiently being intimidated by their civilian confederacy of dunces to back off my lawsuit to recover my stolen salary and stolen retirement at the appropriate pay level. In 2009 I had researched “gang-stalking” and discovered it was a real and growing phenomenon, but when “electrical harassment” was mentioned, I could not really grasp the concept and wondered about its existence. But I was to find out first hand in November 2015 that it does exist and is a horrific crime against humanity.

NSA and its operatives started using small, mobile devices called Directed Energy Weapons (DEWs) against me and my family in the night. These mobile weapons emit multiple types of electrical emanations from ultrasonic, to microwaves modulated to radio frequencies, to other kinds of wave variations I can’t say I understand yet. Now, with the help of certain mercenary and morally depraved neighbors, the effort is almost 24/7 now with the intention being torture and slow-kill. These types of weapons over a lengthy time, cause cancer, autoimmune disease, heart attacks, seizures, strokes, etc. It is the perfect stealth murder weapon for a corrupt government. At this point, when we leave the house, a criminal base of stalkers has been enlisted by NSA to follow us and aim the DEWs at us wherever feasible to increase exposure in order to speed up death, with the help of the InfraGard dimwits still texting in my location like good little sheeple.”

Please visit Renew America to read the whole interview.The harassment Karen Stewart describes, down to the texting by neighbors, is exactly what others are describing. How can an organization named the National Security Agency get away with this? In reality, they are not engaging in actions of National Security, but actions of Domestic Terrorism. Are we going to sit back and let them? Our silence and our inaction become hallmark and tool of our complicity–today, not one of us can remain silent.

Please share this information widely. Americans need to know what the CIA and the NSA are really doing, and Congress needs to be prodded into action to expose and end these horrific abuses. The war on “terror” is a huge scam, and Americans need to stop buying into it.

Many thanks to Sher Zieve for posting this interview.