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Dr. Katherine Horton, Oxford Physicist, Assaulted with EMF Weapons, Needs Your Help: Please Write to the German Ambassador in Bern

Dr. Katherine Horton, an Oxford-trained high energy physicist specializing in complex systems who recently revealed on the Richie Allen show that she has been targeted brutally with EMF weaponry since summer 2015 —after being assaulted, stalked, and surveilled for years–has issued a general worldwide call for help in getting assistance and a cessation of these EMF attacks from the German ambassador at Bern. She asks all concerned citizens as well as those experiencing such targeted EMF attacks themselves to make this a global and public issue—for both herself and for all victims of EMF weapon-targeting worldwide–and to speak out on her behalf by writing a letter to the German ambassador (details below).

Dr. Horton, who is building a highly informative site at her website Stop007.org to reveal and address these crimes, is unequivocal in naming the Secret and Intelligence agencies, weapons manufacturers, and military culprits who are behind the assault on civilians all over the UK, Europe, the Americas, Australia, Asia worldwide today. This page on her website lists a number of whistleblowers who have been speaking out about these crimes for years. Taking the scientific approach, she proves with meter readings the undeniable reality of the EMF signals entering her home, and has posted a number of videos online at Youtube, with meters, showing incoming pulsed signals aimed at her head and body,

From her website, Stop007.org:

“In 2011, when I was a research fellow at St John’s College, Oxford, I became the target of British intelligence when I attended the public court case of Berezovsky v Abramovitch as part of my research.

What began as overt surveillance became intrusive harassment by a group of British men mostly in their 50-70s after the end of the court case. And eventually, it morphed into open, rampant criminality by people connected to the intelligence services and the police. Their violations grew ever more sadistic and brutal with time, followed me across Europe, escalated into physical assaults and have not abated to this day.

With time, they even began using me, as well as my family and even friends, as target practice for modern weapons and subjects of human experimentation with impunity. They have already permanently damaged my hip and my knee in premeditated assaults, nearly murdered the mother of my best friend, sent me repeated death threats and almost murdered my husband and me on the motorway. By now, I am fighting for my life.”

Dr. Horton’s sworn video affidavit on her background is posted at her channel on Youtube.

Dr. Horton continues to post videos regularly at Youtube and on her Twitter feed at @Stop007org.

Her appeal for your help on Dec 19:

Covert targeting with electromagnetic/scalar/sonic weapons is an issue of particular and heightened concern at this site, and continues to be covered here with analyses and reports. Dr. Horton brings a high level of urgency to this campaign and reminds readers and viewers that the world we are living in can be shaped by our common humanity only if we take action to address the incredible human rights violations being leveled today at innocent people worldwide by a collusion of Intelligence and Security agencies, Defense contractors, Defense departments, and Governments wielding—and abusing—enormous military power against unarmed, vulnerable, and defenseless citizens using Stealth weaponry and Classified labels. Human rights organizations and media are being silenced by these labels.

This is Secrecy-Protected Crime–covered here in this recent post, Open Season on Targets, and must be exposed and terminated.

Literally, it is the fire burning in our individual hearts for justice alone that can make a difference in such a tied-up situation–where, because weapons being used are kept “Top Secret” and above, no-one will speak about it. As a consequence, human rights organizations sit idly by while people are being devastated by these weapons. Mainstream Media assists the carnage with open lies, as covered here earlier, as do health professionals like physicians and psychiatrists; it is a collusion that blatantly protects State abuse of powers. Collectively, we can make a difference, but only if we individually speak out.

Please take a minute to write the German Ambassador, Dr. Otto Lampe, a letter on Dr. Horton’s behalf, and on behalf of all humanity. This link leads to a Contact form on the German Consulate’s site. Dr. Horton’s translation of the form into English is below.