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New Zealand Rises to Rally Against Government Tyranny | NZ MP Dr. Gaurav Sharma & Journalist Anna Fifield Expose Jacinda Ardern’s MO of Manipulating Information to Disinform and Disempower Citizens | Sir Russell Coutts Joins Protest

Report | Ramola D | August 23, 2022

Thousands of New Zealanders rallied with signs and chants outside Parliament in Wellington today, protesting the endless and excessive mandates and restrictions issuing forth from the New Zealand government: mask mandates, vaccination rules, quarantine rules and lockdowns which have painfully affected lives around the country.

The rally was organized by Freedoms and Rights Coalition — Telegram LInk:; Website:

Airlines scrambled to cut people off from getting to Wellington:

Meanwhile recent New Zealand news exposes Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern’s government of running an Orwellian Disinformation and Restriction operation reminiscent of Brave New World and 1984, says Dr. Gaurav Sharma, an MP suspended currently for his apparently forthright and candid views revealing that the “Transparency” winners in New Zealand are in fact Transparency losers.

Journalist and Editor Anna Fifield speaks openly of government arrogance in shutting journalists down from doing their jobs and cutting off access to the so-called experts behind the Jacinda Ardern policies of everyday tyranny served with a mask. Sir Russell Coutts, famous New Zealand yachtsman describes why he has dropped support for government restrictions, pointing out that ridiculous rules like forcing people to wear a mask in restaurants while walking to the restrooms and forcing schoolchildren to suffocate inside masks warrant his protest.

Dr Gaurav Sharma claims dystopian levels of manipulation from the Government/Newstalk/August 19, 2022

When did our public service get so arrogant? | Anna Fifield, 5, 2022

Post in Telegram:

New Zealand has been excessively despotic and idiotic in its restrictions, as the whole world has noticed. This clip from the UK is from January 2022:



Meanwhile the NZDSOS New Zealand Doctors Speaking Out With Science have informed the New Zealand police and government of increasing deaths from the COVID vaccines, and advised parents to do their research before giving their children this death-producing vaccine.

Urgent Message to Parents Considering the C-19 Vaccine for Children/August 23, 2022/NZDSOS

First Acknowledgment: Crown of the Mauri Nation Recognized as Suv’eran Government of Aotearoha and Gondwanaland, Lady-Crown: Tutikatuku III as Suv’eran Crown by Member of New Zealand Parliament

Report | Ramola D | February 3, 2021

In breaking news this morning, the Purple Thumb Community discloses that a live broadcast by Billy Te Kahika, a New Zealand Parliament member and representative for the illegitimate government of New Zealand–a private corporation duplicitously titled HER MAJESTY QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND–reported as such earlier in this article acknowledged the Crown of the Mauri Nation as Suv’eran Government in a live broadcast on Facebook on Feb 2, 2021 (deleted shortly after), reaching 60,000 people.

Gregory Baughen, Secretary to the Governor-General of New Zealand

Succeeding the disclosure by Gregory Baughen, Secretary to the Governor-General of New Zealand (left) on 11 December 2020 that no Crown of England had occupied New Zealand [since 1986] for all of the last generation, a Royal Decree Proclamation judgment issued by the Crown of the Mauri Nation on 22 December 2020 followed by a Final Order issued on 12 January 2021 to the New Zealand Prime Minister, Governor-General, and Treasury taking authority over all lands has met with tacit admission–no rebuttal received.

Historically, the Treaty of Weitangi was concluded in 1840 between Queen Victoria (via her Lieutenant General William Hobson) and several Mauri tribal chiefs and has stood the test of time as a founding document of New Zealand although discrepancies between the Mauri text and English text have caused differences in interpretation and legal wrangling over the years. Primarily though it has acknowledged the ownership and sovereignty of Mauri tribes over Mauri lands while offering Mauri the rights and protections of British subjects. (Over time, as in other British colonies, this has morphed into colonizing subjection.)

Notably, the Treaty was preceded in 1835 by a Declaration of Independence–Te Whakaputanga–signed by a number of tribal chiefs confederated as the United Tribes of New Zealand firmly claiming the sovereignty of their lands and lives.

Te Whakaputanga

The momentous discovery in December 2020 that since 1986–when it seems efforts were made to subsume the Treaty of Weitangi into the State Owned Enterprises Act of 1986–the government had changed in some basic way from affiliation with the Crown of England to a private government corporation registered in Washington DC, has led to the realization that no British Crown now exists as treaty partner, leaving the Crown of the Mauri nation and tribes the sole standing party and suv’eran over all the lands of Aotearoha spoken of in the Treaty. (,

Far from operating “illegally,” the Crown of the Mauri Nation Stands Suv’eran

Billy Te Kahika

Although, ironically, notice of the Crown of the Mauri Nation as sovereign had been made by Billy Te Kahika in disparaging mode, with this politician and member of the corporate New Zealand government–which has both perpetrated fraud upon the people of New Zealand in name and deed–falsely suggesting that the Crown of the Mauri Nation is operating “illegally,” the fact remains as published earlier and noted in the Press Release of 2nd February 2021 (imaged below) that succeeding the vacating of the Crown of England, no other Crown stands to fulfil the Treaty of Weitangi but the Crown of the Mauri Nation, as noted in this article earlier:

BREAKING: The-Crown-of-the-Mauri-Nation Orders New Zealand Government Corporation “HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND” to Stand Down & Leave Immediately; Directs SEC to De-Register It for Enforcing Pretend Laws & Committing Treason, Genocide, & Crimes Against Humanity

Lady-Crown: Tutikatuku III, Royal House

Now that it has become clear that the current government of New Zealand–which has been and is imposing subjugatory and unlawful mandates on its people, including “treason, genocide, crimes against humanity”–is indeed the party which is operating unlawfully, acknowledged by Chief Justice Sian Elias in 2017 when he stated that the current government of New Zealand corporation deceitfully titled “HER MAJESTY THE QUEEN IN RIGHT OF NEW ZEALAND” assumed sovereignty in 1986 without a written Constitution, it has become a matter of urgency that this information be disseminated widely, so that the people of New Zealand can shake off the yoke of this fraudulent colonizing government and return to true sovereignty as quickly as possible.

Screenshot, SEC website:

Interestingly, this 2017 exchange between New Zealand Government and an information-requestor seeking to understand the status of the government yields less to nothing in the way of clarification: clearly a fraud in plain sight has been committed on all–in much the same way as in all other Commonwealth nations and every nation under the sun–they’re all incorporated private government corporations under Rome.

More information on the Flags Authority, Postal Authority, and the 1844 Queen Victoria Trust describing the historic context in which the Crown of the Mauri nation derives authority can be found at the Purple Thumb Community website.

Press Releases for the Crown of the Mauri Nation can be found here.