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Notice | Ramola D | Dec 17, 2022

Notice to the world that all the people in the household of Ramola-grace Dharmaraj/Ramola D and all claiming the protection of :Pine-Haven: suv’eran charter & Land[Embassy]; united states from around the world and within the land and soil jurisdiction of the united states, including Paul Tanis and all people claiming Internationally protected person status for their own protection are indeed fully protected under my Internationally protected person status within this :Pine-haven: suv’eran charter & Land[Embassy]; united states, which is Internationally protected territory under the protection and auspices of the Purple Thumb Community and Crown of the Mauri Nation (Aotearoha Global).

As such they are fully protected in international human rights law and within the international human rights community wherever they are in the united states and world.

Those in her immediate family and household unwell temporarily and needing the comforts of home to rest and restore their daily health within this household are assured this home of this Internationally protected person is theirs to rest and restore within as best they need, whether they have all their documentation completed or not, since her documentation and notices have been perfected and the protection they extend to herself and family is fully extended to them.

No-one is permitted to approach an Internationally protected person under the protection of this Internationally protected person’s status anywhere nor walk up the sidewalk, climb the stairs, enter the porch nor make attempts to enter the home of this Internationally protected person without her permission and indeed invitation to do so, as she continues to heal quietly within the sanctuary and sanctity of her own private home and protected territory.

All verification of such documentation may be found online at the links above to the Purple Thumb Community.

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