Do Not Take the COVID-19 Vaccines: Reports & Videos of Convulsions, Seizures, Palsy, Death Are Increasing

Public Notice | Ramola D | Feb 4, 2021

Increasingly reports and videos are being shared online on social media showing people having convulsions and seizures after taking the COVID vaccine. This is on top of all the reports of deaths fairly immediately–within 48 hours of taking the vaccine–or within 2 weeks.

Even one such report should be enough to halt these vaccine rollouts — in a world where rumors of E. Coli lead to retractions of spinach and rumors of COVID lead to mass culling of minks.

Instead we have Pfizer personnel shrugging off these reports and CDC personnel, FDA personnel, the US Surgeon-General turning a blind eye.

As Dr. Vernon Coleman rightly points out, these are War Crimes these doctors and nurses administering these experimental gene-altering mRNA, nanotech-laden vaccines are committing.

To top all, we have mainstream media refusing to report on these reactions or padding some reactions as “annoying but harmless.” And we have social media Big Tech removing videos, tweets, articles, groups, channels they consider goes against the WHO lie-line; in the process they are removing all notice of deaths due to the COVID-19 vaccines, and adverse events of any kind due to these vaccines.

Death and convulsions are anything but harmless. Please watch and share the video below widely, do not take the vaccine, do not let any of your family get the vaccine, and help inform friends and family about the dangers of this vaccine, which Dr. Carrie Madej has done much to warn the world about, and as 32 doctors and journalists in this video also warn the entire world about.

They are unanimous: Do Not Take the Vaccine.

Image: Doctors around the world issue dire warning: Do Not Get the COVID Vaccine!/Health Impact News

We need to pray also for the people who are featured in these videos, who are suffering continuous convulsions after taking the vaccine: Who will heal them?

Mainstream and social media who suppress this information are committing crimes against humanity as they bolster Big Pharma profits despite the horrific collateral damage we are all being made witness to now–and are becoming liable for the piling-up of vaccine injuries and deaths-by-COVID-vaccine–which latter are being reported at VAERS, ICAN, and the CDC: please visit Children’s Health Defense for the latest figures.

329 Deaths + 9,516 Other Injuries Reported Following COVID Vaccine, Latest CDC Data Show

It is literally up to each one of us to disseminate this information and inform others on these facts. Save lives, let others know.

Please share this post and the video widely.


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