Dr. Katherine Horton: “We Have Now de facto a 2-Tier Society…a System Inversion Where Absolute Scum Have Been Elevated by the Uber-Powerful Surveillance People Above Any Kind of Normal Society.”

(3) Real Talk Episode 3_ Dr. Katherine Horton on Financial Systems - YouTube - Google Chrome 2017-07-17 12.47.52aIn a powerful and hard-hitting Real Talk True Media conversation on a wide range of issues related to the current rise of the global surveillance state, budget monies which disappear into a black hole, and organized crime at the heart of the global financial system, Oxford-trained former CERN Particle Physicist and Systems Analyst Dr. Katherine Horton traces how trillions of dollars stolen from the public purse–as recorded by former Assistant Housing Secretary and President of Solari, Catherine Austin Fitts–as well as thousands of missing children today point to the existence of a parallel “spying civilization” which employs institutionalized secrecy to hide venal crime.

The end-result, she says, is a society out of kilter, which does not honor the innate power of human beings as creativity and change generators, but, in seeking absolute control, enters a spiral of inevitable systems failure. 

At heart of this bifurcated society is the funneling of vast public monies via the Security and Intelligence Agencies into the creation of a vast class of citizens–often uneducated, blue-collar, young, indigent, unemployed–being trained in cities and countries worldwide to criminally target, stalk, harass, and assault with microwave weapons those brilliant professionals increasingly identified by the Intelligence agencies as exceptionally bright, aware, creative, intelligent, and likely to effect positive change in their communities.  

These targets are then blacklisted, defamed, and slandered by Intel agents in local communities and clandestinely enrolled in highly lucrative (for the Black Ops military-industrial-academic-intelligence complex) contracts for Military/Medical/Intelligence weapons-testing, implant-and-sensor testing, and neuro-experimentation operations worldwide.

For every target, there are thousands of hidden targets and also for every target, there are thousands of children, being stowed somewhere, who have even less rights than us–who are literally being shredded in the most inhumane, psychopathic fashion.”

An essential problem, she identifies, are top-down managerial views of human activity and human beings as resources rather than non-linear creativity generators who can turn systems failures around and use their creativity and individuality to change our reality in ways that would benefit communities, societies, countries, and the world.

Stay tuned (you can subscribe to Real Talk True Media here) for the resumption of this riveting conversation in Part 2 later this week, where Dr. Horton will further examine how Switzerland lies at the heart of the problem and expand on solutions for meaningful global change we can collectively commit to.

In avid demonstration of the extraordinary defamation and slander tactics employed by today’s new criminal/crimIntel class, fully supported by the mushrooming State mechanisms of police-state repression involving Intelligence agencies, local police, and masses of citizens–including neighbors–being trained to act as Stasi troublemakers, stalkers, and discreditors, Dr. Horton reports today that she was recently verbally attacked and threatened by her neighbors in Zurich, Switzerland, in an extraordinary fit of what appears to be contrived street theatre.

Luckily for all of us, she recorded this conversation (linked below), conducted in German, which ensued when she returned to her flat after a walk, and spliced it together with an English translation and a series of pertinent questions addressed to the world.

With many thanks to Dr. Katherine Horton for her candid conversation on crime and financial systems, and for her video above illustrating what the highly-educated and exceptionally brilliant targets today of Intelligence agency criminality around the world are being subjected to within their own neighborhoods in desperate replays of 1930s and ’40s Nazi crime.  

The question of note today really is: Are people of conscience worldwide going to wake up and do something about all of this — or simply let the conglomerate of corrupt and criminal and well-padded Mil/Intel mechanisms worldwide roll over and flatten all of us?

To see Dr. Horton’s recent address to Americans of integrity and conscience on this subject, please see: Dr. Katherine Horton to All Americans with Integrity: Global Nazi Extermination Program Underway–Why You Need to Help Rescue Electronic Concentration Camp Victims Now!

–Ramola D/7/17/2017

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  1. This is the next step in the evolution. I try to refrain from discussing this portion because there is so much for TI’s to assess in the beginning. It is just too much to add in the full spiritual component when basic survival is in the balance. We are not just fighting the ultimate war of men we are fighting beyond what we consider reality. It means breaking the constructs that people generally understand as “reality ” and this is no easy task. ( Especially when being assaulted 24/7. )TI’s need to get physical relief first, by building their sanctuary with protective shielding material etc.getting some financial safety , protecting their homes, and securing just a little peace of mind.So then, they can think clearly before going to the next step.

    Initially, going through the system is what most TI’s do. They want relief and they want justice. Moreover,the more they do this the more aware the general public becomes. It is almost like putting it out in the”ether.”
    There is a tipping or saturation point to general consciousness.
    However, it is really time for those of us veterans who have been through this for a decade or more to breach the next level. Most of us are aware of the mirage. We are aware on how many levels this extends and we must engage in the next steps that include what you have mentioned and more.

  2. Dear Ramola D and Dr. Horton,

    If you are not an asset, you are a liability. When you can no longer be controlled you are a liability. Been thinking about what is going on and reading what TI;s write and see the words that come out of people’s brains onto the page… After a year of being shocked at the state of affairs in the United States and around the Earth, I have *accepted and realize* that we are living *in the system *now. It has been in place for years and *there is nothing we can do about it, on the outside. * Too many people work for the Network. Catherine Austin Fitts of *The Solari Report*- (one of the greatest money-minds in the nation) believes two societies are alive and well dividing tax monies in the United States. For civil war to break out in any Nation to stop the criminal-societies in place today- the good-half of the nation’s population would have *to be awake. * They are not awake. So ‘outside’ ourselves, or ‘out there on the streets,’ *to stop* these criminal-societies in the same way they are assaulting good people…* is impossible and would be illegal. To stop what is happening- what is already in place through judicial means would take much time or a miracle. *We don’t have that much time.

    Those of you defending yourselves from electromagnetic frequencies in your own homes, are in the minority within our ‘societies.’ (Our societies being the ones not wanting to take away free-will from humanity.) Byron Katie says that “Defense is the first act of war.” Well… defense for all intensive purposes is an act that initiates a plan for survival. Staying alive. TI’s can get tired of defending themselves against authorities refusing to acknowledge electromagnetic weapons exist and are being used to experiment on good people. People who are tortured and in pain become gutted, until they only exist in present time, survival their primary goal.

    So today all this information came to attention. Targeted Individuals now aware of what is happening have the ability* to stop* what is taking place and help others. It would only take a leap within their own brains. It only requires that a targeted individual KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT they are constantly connected to the system or Network that is soft-killing and experimenting on them. For someone to assault a TI with electromagnetic weapons their body’s electromagnetic pulse has to be located and downloaded into a computer system. This assures when they are ‘shot,’ they are the only ones to receive the electromagnetic pulse meant to harm, even if they are on a crowded city street, or in a packed stadium. Once a TI is located, connected and the targeting begins- *they are an energetic part of a huge computer network.*

    Think of the possibilities a targeted individual has during that time! TI’s are physically a part of *the system assaulting them. * What does that mean? That means TI’s can use the very energy aiming to destroy and experiment on them- against those perpetrating the crime. Most TI’s don’t want to hurt anyone who is harming them. Most are good, good people wondering why ‘this is happening’ to them. * Sending the energy back to the source is the post non-aggressive act of stopping assault that there is*. Personally believe that most TI’s have never broken a law nor do they ever want to. By sending the electromagnetic pulse aimed at them back to it’s source, a TI is reversing an illegal act. If they were to get good at this* reversal of energy* they could start sending the energy into a black hole or something, if they do not want to effect the people harming them. However to harm the computers used to assault them would be a good thing.

    Sounds incredulous and like science fiction? There is no more science fiction. *Think* targeted individuals. *Think* about the fact that your brains are being hacked, mapped and downloaded into computers. Think about how Einstein said, “Imagination is greater than knowledge.” So the next time you are being assaulted with electromagnetic weapons, close your eyes and concentrate on ‘seeing’ the stream of electric frequency coming your way. Locate where you are in pain from the assault. Take the color you like least, *or best for that matter* and color that energy you ‘see’ in your mind. Start where you are being hit… then visualize this electromagnetic energy turn around to head straight back into it’s own stream back to it’s source. *Remember your energy is connected to a computer system when you are assaulted, and use their own connection to send back their own energy. * When you do this keep words like, ‘download, reversal, hack, computer and ‘source’ in your mind. (Or words similar.) What you want to do is to get their energy to work for you. Plain and simple. But first you must admit that the system is in place. And the only way it can be changed or stopped, is from the inside. The inside is a computer and the human brain. TARGETED INDIVIDUALS ARE ON THE INSIDE. All you need to do is to change your minds about just how connected you all are and proceed from there.

    One last thing needs to be noted. When targeted, most TI’s tend to contract physically, because the pain and fear makes it easy to want to shrink out of sight. When you send the system’s energy back to the weapon source, and the computers… you need to do so *by expanding*. This act of intent to ‘shine’ *as we were meant to*, will help keep you strong while sending the Network’s energy back to itself. If you believe in God, the One by any name… use God’s name and God’s angels to assist you in this act of free will. They will only be to happy to shoulder most of the work. Also if you breath out while pushing back it helps. Just know that what you are doing is as real as the weapons and computers they use. This will take much practice, like any skill, so do not give up! Your life force is stronger and it is divine, which makes you more powerful than AI.

    Please forgive me, if this was inappropriate to send for you to read, however feel it is important.

    Sincerely, targetedartist.wordpress.com

    On 17 July 2017 at 12:03, The EveryDay Concerned Citizen wrote:

    > Ramola D posted: “In a powerful and hard-hitting Real Talk True Media > conversation on a wide range of issues related to the current rise of the > global surveillance state, budget monies which disappear into a black hole, > and organized crime at the heart of the global financ” >

  3. Are you familiar with the Johnny Gosch case? Katherine mentioned the satanic pedo networks; not sure if she’s reached the same conclusion but my sense is the more you uncover what’s happening with TIs, the more these networks will be exposed. Mrs. Gosch is a great resource of information.

  4. Multi-stalking is a multi -phasic , multi disciplined core corruption of our social structure and humanity through well planned timed-release programs affecting the basic root structures of society through silent physical torture,desensitization, fear mongering, promoting moral decay and the developing and grooming of social pathologies . Dr Horton is absolutely correct to look towards the various systems financial, religious , scientific, and educational. We are looking at many programs launched simultaneously to engineer a collapse initially of western societies where freedoms are taken for granted. How do you get full control of different groups of people accustomed to the illusion of making choices ? They are using a hidden hand through a hidden agenda on multiple levels. Dr Horton has a tremendous handle on the overall perspective . It is the removal of resistance as the absolute goal. Look at the push towards transhumanism / Is this by chance or happenstance?
    If they now are using nanites, micro chips and mind control frequencies (HAARP) to intrude on humanity what will be done when people fuse with the internet consciousness? Unfortunately, on the subject of academia the heart of discovery for wonder and the betterment of man has been replaced by a heart less need for money , fame(getting published) (i.e. power and control).
    Thank you Dr Horton and all the participants for your openness and willingness to discuss these issues.

  5. The video with audio only is an example of grace under tremendous pressure while being verbally assaulted by the neighbors. My heart goes out to you. God help us in the name of Jesus. Dianne


    NWO is buying up all Health care organizations. Why?
    1. They know electromagnetic harassment is causing heart attacks/strokes/dementia/memory loss and more.
    2. You will go to the Drs and be placed on medication if they decide you should survive.
    3. Medical insurance pays for test and medication.
    4. What insurance doesn’t cover will be paid by you. Putting a strain on your finances.
    Contact all Legislators, Senators amd Representatives tell them to stop this corruption-harassment, stalking and greed.

  7. Brilliant!!!

    K. M. Stewart NSA Accidental Whistleblower


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