Carl Boudreau Astrology: October 2015–Saturn in Sagittarius Heralds the Ascent of Truth, Justice, Conscience

Such reassurance–information to celebrate! Thank you so much for this post–re-blogging on The Everyday Concerned Citizen.

Deus Nexus

From:Starship Earth: The Big Picture | by BP

Very interesting, Carl. Thank you for much needed good news. Our breakthrough is so close we can taste it.  ~ BP

Astrology Status for 09/18 – October 2015: The Threshold

by Carl Boudreau
September 18, 2015 at 7:22pm

Not Just Another Ingress

zodiac_blueI think the best way to understand October 2015 is as a followup to Saturn’s re-entry into Sagittarius for the full transit. This ingress is one of those astrological events whose truly immense significance can easily be missed.

It’s true that October will be about coming to terms with the complexity and difficulty of the energies unleashed in September, among other things (

But the deeper astrological truth about October is that it will help us once again bring the gifts of Saturn to bear against injustice, inequality, exploitation and oppression. Saturn’s Sagittarius ingress will end a…

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