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Reiner Fuellmich: PCR Tests Are Invalid, Asymptomatic Cases Do Not Exist, Medical & Genetic mRNA Vaccine Experiment via Deliberate Deception Has Been Unleashed on Unwitting People

Video Post and Link | Ramola D | April 18, 2021

Reiner Fuellmich, as many know, is the outspoken German lawyer collecting evidence on the crimes against humanity committed by governments in their rollout of the gigantic COVID hoax on the world’s populace, and the great harms in economic damage, life and social shutdowns, mind control, child abuse, increase in suicides, and now vaccine deaths and disability from the experimental mRNA vaccines, which have resulted.

This is an important video where he speaks about what has occurred, how the PCR tests are absolutely invalid, how the deception around “asymptomatic cases” of a mild flu virus (made out to be deadly dangerous by media hysteria and CDC/WHO deception) has led to an absurd and misplaced frenzy of testing, how governments have deliberately deceived people about the vaccines which are not really vaccines but a genetic experiment. (The PCR test was denounced by its inventor Dr. Kerry Mullis and was never approved except by EUA in the US. )

To understand further what exactly mRNA vaccines are doing to people’s bodies, please see this compilation of information: Report 242 | Public Education: mRNA Vaccines in Focus: “Safe and Effective” or Russian Roulette with your Life?

He asks hard questions of his and all governments, but he reminds us through this questioning that we all need to be forcefully asking these questions ourselves and taking action to roll this major catastrophe back.

Most national governments have signed the International Health Agreement of 2005, and committed to the Communist dictates of the WHO’s Global Preparedness Monitoring Board to run “training and simulation exercises”, as covered in Newsbreak 81: CONFIRMED: COVID-19 Plandemic a Known, Live “Training and Simulation Exercise” under WHO, Treasonously Agreed to by 196 Countries

Of course, that compliance by the 196 countries who signed off on that IHA/2005 has come after decades of previous UN/IHA treaties, agreements, and concessions, and now, as a consequence of that compliance, we are witnessing the breakdown of our economies globally, the fattening of billionaire’s pockets–all those pushing and investing in dangerous untested mRNA vaccines, and the further ascendance of the pharmaceutical industry, which is now callously pushing ahead with the genetically-modifying vaccines despite rising numbers of deaths and vaccine injuries worldwide: in the US alone, over 57,000 injuries and over 2300 deaths, reported, that is, to the VAERS database at CDC, as of April 2.

Clearly, the government officials involved in these actions of compliance to national economy shutdown–as exposed by the Belarussian President who reported a World Bank/IMF bribe of 940 million dollars to shut his country down–have all engaged in massive treason to their own people, as they rushed to usher in Global Medical Tyranny and Transhumanism via mRNA vaccines.

The fact is, COVID-19 is an unpardonable fraud committed by absolute pirates in central banks and globalist organizations seeking to transhumanize the entire human species with mRNA gene transformation substances, nanotchnology, and allergenics–destined to either reduce lifespans, end lives outright in eugenicist genocidal intention, or roll in “synthetic humans,” patentable, top-uppable, boost-able, with mRNA pathogens forever, as “natural humans” are transformed by these sociopaths into artificial, controllable cyborgs, as their documents and transhumanist manifestos on Humans 2.0 indicate.

Please note, these rollouts have occurred after War on Terror Stasi, Uber-surveillance rollouts, as covered in Chapter 1, Newsflash Radio–this series to be resumed shortly. It’s all connected…

All concerned need to realize we are the ones who need to change this situation around: everyone should be speaking out, drop the masks, deny consent to the tests and vaccines and start becoming super-vocal to stop these operations against humanity stat.

Please watch and share widely. Video posted at Bitchute by Philosopher’s Stone, (a major hub to subscribe to) many thanks.