Recent Cyber Hacking, Bio Hacking, Neuro Hacking: Energy Technologies Cause Harm to Body, Psyche, Self

Personal Report | Ramola D | July 27, 2023

Just needing to record on here that while working on these two posts in particular (listed below) I was subjected to such extreme cyber hacking–pages frozen, text cut, frozen, delayed, parts of transcript removed if I got up from the computer for a few minutes–while also being subjected to continuous bio-hacking with energy technologies of the kind I have often reported here, that is, actual anti-personnel DEW attack, and neuro-hacking of the most unbelievable kind–but which most neuroscientists working (minus moral compass) within the black ops world of nonstop brain takeover (of especially writers, musicians, composers, artists, scholars, lawyers, students, experts in every field) are perfectly aware of–of freezing out of word and syntax memory–encroachment and attempted erasure of one’s own biological neural networks–occasional takeover of brain to hand connection (producing the typing of words unintended) and energy hits to freeze and delay thinking that this writer was brought to tears: both the extreme frustrations of continuous cyber hacking and the continuous assault on the human body and brain with energy technologies, currently being hidden under such covers as neuro surveillance, deterrence, and healing and restoration technologies–especially, this writer suspects, directed at those unlawfully targeted and unlawfully psych-held and unlawfully and fraudulently false-psychiatrically-labeled–produces actual biological energy effects on the body, as revealed in numerous military documents: This is “information warfare” which is asymmetric and unlawful, it enters the zone of bodily torture–which is against all laws, statutes, codes, ordinances in any jurisdiction, and certainly is against all human rights laws and codes of civility, decency, and normalcy–it is being hidden under many names today, as neuroethicists know, and it needs to be fully and completely halted. Vibrating or accessing the human body from a distance or from nearby without the consent of that human body is a crime.

These are the posts:

Neuro-AI Convergence, NBIC, And a “New Global Order” Embodying Asymmetry in Ethics

Edward Ellis, Equity Lawyer, Imprisoned Without Cause, Denied Appeals in “Inversion of Justice System”: Whistleblower Pharmacist Neelu Berry Chaudhari and London CPA Lee Cant Alert World to his Work for Humanity

More will be shared shortly on all these matters, but I want to note it is not acceptable to attack the body, brain, and computer of a writer and journalist calling it “cyberwarfare” “information warfare” and so on. Living human beings are not computers and cannot be treated as such–most sane humans on this plane/t would agree with that.

Notes I made on 7/18/2023 (below) on the concept of “Continuity of Self” often tossed about in the very questionable world of “Neuroethics” address the inanity of this concept when any touch of the human body with energy technology changes and is designed to change, producing what the military conceals as “human bio-effects.”

We must remember children are being harmed this way today, as well as “vulnerable” populations in prisons, correctional centers for teenagers, elderly in nursing homes, children in schools, the (mis)labelled “mentally ill.” The study of human brains and cognitive processes for transfer to Artificial Intelligence today is hugely problematic, for many reasons. A subject for further discussion and public address shortly: clearly this is a subject we need open debate on, we need neuroscientists and AI scientists and human rights lawyers and biologists and thoughtful intellectuals and journalists, concerned parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, family members of every kind as well as the numerous non-consenting humans subjected today to such grievous harm from unthinking or arrogant military, private sector, or intelligence-affiliated scientists speaking openly with each other on these matters.

Ramola D, 7/18/2023, 2:09 pm:

When any kind of vibratory energy is applied to any part of the human body including brain and nervous system, the cells are changed. There can therefore be no continuity of self whatsoever, this is a bogus and fraudulent term.

When such energy is applied in different frequencies, constantly, or in remission on occasion, on the nerves and the brain in particular, that is determined neuro damage. “Dual-use” technology therefore is a misnomer.

This is technology known to cause actual bio-effects and the doctors working on this—neuroscientists, psychiatrists, neurologists—have to know this. The nerves and brain are changed, the ion-potentials or ionic activity at any moment in time is changed, whatever constitutes memory in the brain is changed, deformed, destroyed, obscured, altered—this is how a lifetime’s work of thought, reading comprehension, analysis, processing, certainty in conclusion and acuity in conveyance of thought and analysis through speaking or writing—work which informs identity and contributes to profession, certainly avocation and vocation—is taken down by the neuroweapon users who seem to be functioning on ego, criminal bent, amorality, beyond-hubris, very petty malice and juvenile orienting of self, and a mistaken belief in their own immortality.

Continuity of self cannot exist when neuroweapons, neurotechnologies are used on brains.

Both incipient potential—as in children and adults both—and extant potential—similarly in children and adults both—and arrived-at expertise, especially in adults but also in children, progressively, is being attacked. If there are laws on the books today regarding intentional battery to destroy lives, livelihood, profession, occupation, and expertise, those also apply here.

“Continuity of Self” as a concept, an intention, a goal, or a framework needs to be examined at great depth. Related post: Lack of Consent in Neuro Ethics and Brain Research: A Primary Problem, Long Exposed

Clearly Neuroassault and Neurobattery, Energy assault and Energy battery–performed in secret, hidden with covers and lies, rushing toward fraudulent “Psychiatry” and “Behavioral Health” to conceal the crime–on all writers, artists, musicians, composers, scholars, lawyers, any professional really, as well as any child, any adult, any teenager is Extreme NeuroCrime and those who have sought to harm us in these ways seem to be operating on misplaced scientific intent and, from all accounts, examining the personal accounts of many as well as reflecting on my own experience, on petty grounds of ego, malice, and jealousy. Topics to explore for another day.

Suffice to say for now these are national and international human rights law matters, and they should not be kept silent and concealed for want of media space to discuss them–people in media, academe, publishing need to actively seek out and address these subjects.