Young Woman Tased by Brutal Spanish Police: Call to Suspend These Officers and Ban Tasers

Post from Facebook/Posted at Anti Corruption Ireland 11/28/2020 | Ramola D | 11/30/2020

This is a deeply disturbing video of a young woman “tased in Spain for the crime of bringing her mother to a medical appointment.” Not merely is the young woman in grievous fear and pain at being beset by a group of bulky police officers, she is then brutally injured with a taser–a violent conducted-energy device which shoots a physical projectile into the body causing extreme shock and pain, covered earlier at this site here–and jumped on physically by this group of young armed men, causing both physical shock and injury and psychological trauma. She is then tased Multiple times!

Imagine if this young girl were your daughter, or sister. What is also shocking is that the police do not heed calls from bystanders to stop hurting her, and stop people from approaching to help her, and that people do not push through and stop these men from assaulting her. Note: this is most definitely Assault and Battery, in addition to grievous electroshocking and terrorizing.

Young woman in Spain terrorized, tased, jumped on by police for taking her mother to a medical appointment/Posted at Fb 11/28/2020

This video establishes the brutality of these Spanish governmental actions in permitting police to behave this way, with no concern for the basic human rights of this young woman. This is a grave human rights atrocity and a violation of all civil society.

This is not Public Health, when police can electroshock an innocent young woman citing imaginary fears over an imaginary virus which no government has proved exists, which, by CDC/WHO’s own estimates has a 99.97% recovery rate, and which has not been proven to cause a single death worldwide–although lots of varying data regarding cases and deaths keeps being flung about by governments, none of whom can prove that old age and co-morbidities was not the cause of death in all cases.

This is tyranny pure and simple, and should not be tolerated. Please share this post and video widely, send it to every member of the Spanish government, demand the immediate suspension of the entire group of police officers involved and demand that police be stopped from using tasers.

For too long, people have sat back and permitted police to keep arming themselves, regulating themselves, and permitting themselves to use deadlier and deadlier weapons on people. Tasers are listed as “non-lethal” or “less-lethal” weapons in the United States, but they are as can be seen in this video, just extremely savage in their mechanism and effect, and have no place among humans (or animals for that matter), and should be Banned.

Police also have no business terrorizing a young woman like this.

It is time for each of us to speak up for each other. Please speak up for this victimized young girl and her mother, please let the world know the Spanish government cannot be permitted to behave in this fashion, this is absolutely unacceptable. It is not human, it is not normal, it should be stopped.


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  1. Thanks very much for this information and please share any further details such as the name and phone number of this clinic if you find it, websites with info etc.

  2. We absolutely need the police involved, their commissioner and ministers to be called to account. It seems one needs to write in Spanish or Catalan.
    Some details to assist those who can do so:
    The town is Sabadell
    I can’t yet find the clinic – who need charging for calling the cops
    The police force are the Mossos d’Esquadra and their chief is Josep Lluís Trapero, who has been criticised for brutality before
    and that the interior minister, who defends this incident, is Miquel Samper
    He needs to be indicted.
    Police brutality needs to stop and taser users charged with crimes.
    I note that there are many tasing examples, including during covid season, but that when a man threatened the police with their own weapon, that he was charged!
    We make clear that this is not to be tolerated!
    All those involved need arresting and imprisonment.
    And the victim, who I send my great love to, is Paula Parra.

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