Needed Paradigm Shift on US/UK/Europe/Global Targeting & Surveillance Abuse for 2018/Report #38, Jeff Godwin: “Let them know…this can blow up in their faces!”

Ramola D/12/29/2017

THE most important conversation I’ve had this year on Ramola D Reports, although every single conversation I’ve had here on these podcasts has been incredibly informing, illuminating and inspiring.

jeff1aJeff Godwin, film-maker, documentarian, activist, journalist, who has often helped inform UK police on matters related to the occult, makes no bones about informing those who are targeted today that they need to take decisive action in 2018 to inform their local police stations that unlawful, covert harassment is underway, and that the wrongful, defamatory malignment  of targets as pedophiles, prostitutes, terrorists, and violent extremists–favorite ploys of Local Law and fusion centers, in conjunction with Black Ops Military Intel and other Intel agencies keen on human-trafficking citizens into lucrative weapons-testing and neurotech experimentation contracts in the UK, US, Europe, and elsewhere, worldwide–warrants investigation and verification. This is a way of undercutting plausible deniability, he says, and a means of letting local police know that the public knows what is going on, that they are being notified, and that their inaction or complicity will indeed blow up in their faces shortly if they don’t step up and take action.

Jeff also suggests that TIs (“Targeted Individuals”) need to stop thinking of themselves as victims–even as they are indeed being severely victimized by pathologically power-hungry Intel agencies, Black Ops cops and their bosses–and start making notifications, demands, and taking direct action to inform the public they are in danger too of the neuro/EMF technology being used on them. Tabling at public events, getting in front of the White House, Capitol, Parliament, including asking President Trump #What About The Memo? publicly, getting right in “their” faces with information and evidence for the public is what is guaranteed to bring results, he says. He cites the case of Damian Green, UK parliamentarian who was sacked a few hours after a vocal demo in front of Parliament a few short days ago. 

Jeff is on fire in this conversation, a fire he relays; I was inspired and deeply engaged. I ask that everyone who is being extrajudicially targeted today and being subjected to the grotesqueries of modern Plausible-Deniability Surveillance with its dirty arsenal of stealth radiation weaponry, Dark Web 24/7 nanocamera surveillance, microwave and sonic assault, neurotech assault, Psy Ops assault, NanoBioSensor assault, “Electronic” and “Biometric” organ and cell surveillance, covert implantation, non-consensual neuro-experimentation, weaponized Psychiatry, weaponized Media Deception, and weaponized Law Enforcement subjugation of Constitutional rights watch this video and pass it on and share widely.

Inspiring, thought-provoking, igniting, Jeff’s passion and intensity can help lead us onward and upward into a better future for all our societies; please watch, listen, be inspired, take action. And stay tuned for the rollout of these campaigns in 2018! 

Please share widely. Please also watch earlier podcasts with Jeff Godwin, Reports No. 34 and No. 36.

Please stay updated: watch the informative videos Jeff Godwin is posting at his Youtube channel, The Hecate Protocol.

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9 responses to “Needed Paradigm Shift on US/UK/Europe/Global Targeting & Surveillance Abuse for 2018/Report #38, Jeff Godwin: “Let them know…this can blow up in their faces!”

  1. Thank you Ramola D. and Jeff! Yes, pick a week–for the US and UK and every TI in the world. We will do this. But about the FOIA–will they comply with this? Also, in the US, the police are really extreme now. Also to Terri–you are so strong and brave, and thank you for your comment. You are not alone, much of what you’ve been going through I have too. It’s awful.

  2. Actually, It is a corporation. You need to watch a plain youtube. Here is a link: It is entitled: Why is Washington named District of Columbia?? We fall under a corporation, now. Has been for a very long time. The United States is a foreign corporation Title 28. Check out the video. Tell me what you think? It is a quick video.

  3. Very sorry to hear this, Terri. It is the exact pattern of abuse being visited on thousands around the world, most definitely here in the USA, which has become a Stasi cesspool, while the mind-controlled masses still dream on that we exist in a democracy.

  4. Elaine Burka

    I am very interested in this. What is your opinion on sending certified letters to some instead of in person because some might be hard to reach in person? Also I would like to contact not just the local law enforcement but the state & FBI along with the local fire department that is in on it. Then send a copy to our local paper. In your opinion is any of this overreach for now?

  5. RAMOLA D . thanks for being you….. you put the case across and are doing a great job keep it up …. also new is a new site run by our dedicated aiiz . in the fight for equity and all the wrongs of this subject . ps need to share the good news .

  6. Have you heard of the BIO/API? Everyone I believe has it.

  7. Hey, back in 2012 I found this web site called data Check it out. What do you think? I agree that we need to fight back. It is has really gotten out of hand right now with the illuminate. We are being abused by copper based DNA folks.

  8. The exact covert harassment that Jeff describes in this video, is what is happening to me. I went to both local law enforcement and FBI for help, and discovered that they are in fact aware and fully participating. They have told community members that I am a child abuser/molester, to get people on board the harassment. All my online activity is monitored and my accounts hacked. They have threatened to plant false evidence so I will go to prison. I have multiple implants and have been watched and experimented on for years. In 2017, I discovered the implants and then started to be heavily gangstalked, tortured, microwaved, harassed by aircrafts, neighbors, law enforcement,medical professionals.

  9. You are one of the brightest people I know, Ramola! Excellent message! It might blow up in your face! That’s it! I will also hold on to malignment and grotesqueries as well! Jeff makes a valid point, the victim terminology suggests powerlessness. I’ll speak of ZERSETZUNG subjects not victims from now on. I am grateful that you are, Ramola! Peace and love in 2018!

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