Boiling Frogs Post: Probable Cause with Sibel Edmonds- “Kill First, Ask Later … Wait! Never mind! Don’t Ask or Answer Whatsoever!”

Don’t miss Sibel Edmonds‘ new and ongoing series of video posts at Boiling Frogs Post if you have an interest in trying to figure out the inexplicable machinations of this government–and in finding a community of journalists of integrity and conscience who are unafraid to probe the unprobeable. Casting a close and analytical eye at things like military spending, drone strikes, secret no-fly lists, and complete lack of explanation from an inexcusably secretive Administration, Sibel Edmonds pulls together information from various sources in cogent, spirited ways, and asks us to pay more attention to what we are being told and never being told, in ten-minute video conversations, as this one on drone strikes, terror watchlists, and no-fly lists:

“In this episode I provide a brief presentation on our dangerous and Kafkaesque world where our nation claims a 100% right to kill with no reason or explanation needed, a 100% right to kidnap and torture, and a 100% right to blacklist and surveil without having to show any justification. We are going to talk about a US code of operation that confidently says “Kill First, Ask Later … Wait! Actually never mind! Don’t Ask or Answer Whatsoever!” We’ll discuss our murders by drones, our secret no fly lists, secret surveillance target lists, and much more. You may consider yourself immunized from these factual absurdities, but I can assure you: You Are Wrong!” – See more at:


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