Mind Control News: Some Shielding Advice for “Targeted Individuals”

Posted with thanks to Mind Control News, Germany, for all those being covertly assaulted with EMR/scalar/sonic weapons.

Mind Control News (http://www.mind-control-news.de/) from Europe sends this link to some information on shielding from Michael Gleimthe link is to a Google-translated-from-German page–and advice re. using less reflective shielding rather than more.

Other Shielding Advice

Other shielding advice can be found online at various sites, including:





https://humandignitycouncil.wordpress.com/2014/02/21/affordable-shielding-for-beautiful-people-targeted-individuals-experiencing-directed-energy-attacks/ (piece I wrote a while ago/last year)


Highly informative video/audio podcast conversation with Dwight Mangum, electrical engineering expert: https://winstonherman17.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/dwight-mangum-targeted-individual-expert-testifies-and-tells-tis-how-to-protect-themselves-from-attacks-on-their-privacy-on-ffchs-show/

One response to “Mind Control News: Some Shielding Advice for “Targeted Individuals”

  1. Please try using oils and/or lotions to protect yourselfs, I do find that it works!!! You may still feel the effects but it’s much less.


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