Ron Paul Warns: Truth-Tellers Worldwide Under Attack “This is getting worse…”

Thank you so much for this post. Truly, the world must know about the wrongful imprisonment of Irwin Schiff, the deplorable treatment he endured while imprisoned, and the absolutely tragic circumstances of his recent death. Re-blogging on The Everyday Concerned Citizen.

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Former presidential candidate Ron Paul warns of increased attacks against free speech during an interview on the Alex Jones Show.

“You know, when I left Congress a couple years ago I listed several things that I thought were the greatest danger to us and the top one was freedom of expression, the First Amendment…” Paul said. “Because if we are not allowed to express ourselves it makes it so difficult for us to compete with the propagandists from our government and from the media.”

Noting the importance of truth-tellers in a free and open society, Paul highlighted the government’s current stance towards whistleblowers and those who challenge the status quo.

“We are so hypocritical when it comes to our government because they pretend that we should support the issue of knowing the truth, knowing what’s going on with government, and we even write laws to protect the whistleblowers who…

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