Dr. Millicent Black

Newly Posted 02/18/2019:

Dr Millicent Black: Fitbit Report on Sleep Stages under SERE Torture

Dr Millicent Black: Temporary Order of Protection Paperwork

Dr Millicent Black: Photos of Torture

Dr Millicent Black: Letter from Rumsfeld to President Bush – “Lynndie England – Torture Murder of a Detainee 2005”

Newly Posted 01/27/2019:

Dr Millicent Black: Heart Rate Reports

Newly Posted 01/25/2019:

Dr Millicent Black: Court House Filings Including Unclassified Documents 1st March 2012

Dr Millicent Black: Affidavit 2010

Dr Millicent Black: Court House Filing 2018 – Letters to Public Officials

Dr Millicent Black: Certified Mailing and Proof of Delivery

Dr Millicent Black: Letter Regarding Use of Psychotronic Weapons

Dr Millicent Black: Letter to PD, Government, and DA, 2018

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