Dr. Millicent Black

Disclaimer: FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and to present a selection of evidence in case of Dr Millicent Black’s untimely death due to murder by SERE Torture. Reserving all Rights. 

The evidences presented on this page are FORBIDDEN to be used WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION from Dr Millicent Black.

Living Autopsy:

Newly Posted 05/10/2019: 

Updated: Dr Millicent Black: Photos of SERE Torture & Physical Abuse

Newly Posted 05/06/2019: 

Updated: Dr Millicent Black: Fitbit Report on Sleep Stages under SERE Torture

Updated: Dr Millicent Black: Fitbit Report on Heart Rate under SERE Torture

Pleas for Help:

Newly Posted 02/18/2019:

Dr Millicent Black: Temporary Order of Protection Paperwork

Newly Posted 01/25/2019:

Dr Millicent Black: Court House Filings Including Unclassified Documents 1st March 2012

Dr Millicent Black: Affidavit 2010

Dr Millicent Black: Court House Filing 2018 – Letters to Public Officials

Dr Millicent Black: Certified Mailing and Proof of Delivery

Dr Millicent Black: Letter Regarding Use of Psychotronic Weapons

Dr Millicent Black: Letter to PD, Government, and DA, 2018

The following links below, however, are allowed to be replicated as they are for public use and educational purposes but attribution & link back must be provided. Thank You.


Newly Posted 10/01/2019:

Dr Millicent Black: Salim et al., vs Mitchell & Jessen Torture Complaint

Dr Millicent Black: Writing Effective Affidavits

Posted 02/18/2019:

Dr Millicent Black: Letter from Rumsfeld to President Bush – “Lynndie England – Torture Murder of a Detainee 2005”

Articles about Dr Millicent Black’s SERE Torture & Case:

“Electronic Slavery” in America: Military Neuro Weaponry Used Contractually by US Air Force Veteran to Abuse Exemplary and Highly Accomplished Tennessee Woman Pastor & Control Town

Dr. Millicent Black Reports Obstruction of Justice by Law Enforcement: “Sleep Deprivation is Torture”

Ramola D: Surveillance Targeting Has Permitted Clear-Cut TORTURE


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