Dr Millicent Black: Heart Rate Reports under SERE Torture


Disclaimer: FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY and to present a selection of evidence in case of Dr Millicent Black’s untimely death due to murder by SERE Torture. Reserving all Rights. 

The evidence presented on this page are FORBIDDEN to be used WITHOUT WRITTEN PERMISSION from Dr Millicent Black.

Fitbit Reports on Heart Rate under SERE Torture

Fitbit Reports on Heart Rate under SERE Torture – March/April 2019


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Investigative Science and Technology Journalist Ramola D’s article covering Dr Millicent Black’s case of Domestic Violence and SERE Torture: “Electronic Slavery” in America: Military Neuro Weaponry Used Contractually by US Air Force Veteran to Abuse Exemplary and Highly Accomplished Tennessee Woman Pastor & Control Town

An episode of the Ground-Breaking History-Making Podcast Series Techno Crime Fighters Forum featuring regular TCFF members Dr Millicent Black, Ramola D, Dr Katherine Horton, Karen Melton-Stewart with Dr Millicent Black from her hospital bed after enforced Major Leg Surgery due to SERE Torture where part of her thigh bone had to be amputated as it had been microwaved to mush: Techno Crime Fighters Forum, Episode 52 at Ramola D Reports on You Tube