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Victoria Sharp, Eyewitness Testimony of FBI/Police Shooting of LeVoy Finicum/News Links

Scott Bennett of Truth Unite has posted a Project Camelot TV Network video interview with Victoria Sharp, the young 18-year-old singer in the car with LeVoy Finicum, Shawna Cox, and Ryan Payne on the trip to the town John Day where their car and the Bundys’ car were both stopped by the FBI and Oregon State Police in what has since been characterized as a planned ambush rather than the “routine traffic stop” of Mainstream Media reports. In this interview, Victoria Sharp notes that her earlier audio testimony that was widely broadcast earlier (posted about in earlier notes here) where she first relayed the information about LeVoy Finicum being shot unarmed, hands above head, laser spotlighting on car occupants, and the car being riddled with bullets both before his death and after (this before the FBI video was released) was identical to Shawna Cox’s recent account, although neither had spoken to the other before offering these witness accounts.

Scott Bennett offers a note below the Youtube video describing the situation currently and asking for donations. Excerpt: “Additionally we are encouraging Americans to either go to the funeral Friday for Robert LaVoy Finicum, or travel to Oregon to stand with and help protect the people in the wildlife refuge in order for them to leave safely. Otherwise, if Americans don’t stand up, these people may be shot in a matter of hours. Additionally, people are encouraged to send checks of any amount to Victoria Sharp and those protecting, feeding, clothing, and supporting them. Donations may be sent to: 23 Railroad Ave, #23, Danville, CA 94526 and will be given directly to Victoria and those standing with her up there to provide their basic food and support.

Finally, attorneys are encouraged to provide free legal advice and representation to Victoria and others there, and ensure that all legal actions and motions are filed to preserve their rights, the Constitution, and the redress of this evil perpetrated against them by the FBI, its contractor mercenaries (fresh from the oblivion of Iraq/Afghanistan), and corrupt politicians. If we don’t stand now, the next casualties may be you and your children.
–Scott Bennett, 2LT U.S. Army Special Operations, Psychological Warfare Analyst (retired)”

Professor Doom on Youtube has a video covering the Indictments by Grand Jury of those arrested. He has other videos exploring the background to this situation, including the claims of the BLM to the land of Oregon, mining interests, and Freemason interests.

Gary Franchi of Next News Network who has a series of videos on this subject is also covering this story, and suggests other sources–Professor Doom and Pacific Patriots News Network for ongoing updates.

BPEarthWatch, Dahboo 7, and Spiro on Youtube cover this and related stories, including focuses on BLM land grabs and states such as Utah working to retrieve recently-named Federal lands.

Jean at Co-Creating Our Future on Planet Earth also regularly posts videos and news stories and links on this and related issues. Judge Reports Lavoy Shot 9 Times  posted there links to a news article and radio conversation at Regenesis Radio.  (This article posts a letter from the people of Harney County addressed to the Provost Marshall of Oregon and embodying Judge Anna’s advice regarding the FBI (posted here earlier), asking for military intervention and aid in removing the foreign FBI agents in Harney County (in the employ, it notes, of French banking cartels/IMF and not US Government).

Other news links can be found on earlier posts here.



Please visit Kerry Cassidy‘s Blog at this link for her blog entry on her recent joint conversation on Jan 27 (video link below) with Scott Bennett of Truth Unite, Mike Harris, Paladin, and others on the subject of the militia standoff in Oregon, the background to the situation in Oregon, the culpability of the FBI, the Oregon State Police, the Governor Kate Brown, and the Obama Administration, and the ramifications to the ambush and murder of LaVoy Finicum. (This conversation was streamed live shortly after the arrest of the Bundy group and shooting death of LaVoy Finicum.) Also discussed are the implications for the American freedom movement and much discussion on the fact that people all around the United States today are fighting the same fight for the Constitution, for justice, transparency, and truth, and against all being-rolled-out plans by the globalists/internationalists/central bankers against We the People for totalitarian control on many diverse and disparate fronts.

(Included in this blog entry is a link to a second video covering a secret Freemason link to the Malheur Refuge.)

Excerpt from Scott Bennett’s note posted in full there: “What the federal government forces and Obama and his Justice Department did not count on, is the result this will have on Americans. Essentially it will awaken them to the martyr movement, and this will be witnessed soon from the thousands of patriots who will be coming to this man’s funeral, and celebrating him as a martyr. Soon you will see hundreds of motorcycle riders, veterans, militia men, police officers, boy scouts, girl scouts, church minsters, and country within a country standing up and saying no more. Across this line, you shall never again cross. Now the next American revolution begins, for once and for all. “

Source: Project Camelot Portal