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Niburu Updates: Notable Links & Sources

There’s an interesting update on Niburu at the Cosmic Convergence Research Group website (click on link), and the posting of a new video, linked below. The two articles linked here in this excerpt below are excellent and offer deep insight into this astronomical event which is not being talked about in mainstream news but which represents imminent Earth changes of a magnitude that seems astonishing, to say the least. While this is an issue I haven’t previously posted on, I have recently kept track of news and photos, and feel these articles are quite encompassing in their scope, featuring the work of a highly reputed Chilean astronomer Carlos Munoz Ferrada, as well as mentioning various prophecies, and including information from NASA sightings (actually reported, in past decades), crop circles, and other means.

Learning about Niburu can be quite depressing–but I will post here links to some other researchers’ work on this subject that can be perceived as essentially uplifting.  Many examining this subject point to the connection between astrology and astronomy and consciousness–As Above, So Below–and suggest that our collective consciousness, whether tipped toward destructive, egoistic tendencies or toward reverence/respect/care for Earth and humanity, is part of the puzzle of Hercolubus/Niburu in an essentially electric universe, where the frequency of vibration we send out into the Universe can affect what comes toward us.

“Dear Cosmic Convergence Reader,

As many of you know, the Cosmic Convergence Research Group (CCRG) has deeply researched the Nibiru/Planet X prophecy for almost 15 years.  This particular cosmic phenomenon has captured our imagination perhaps like no other story of the 3rd Millennium.  And why shouldn’t it?  It is the only ongoing celestial event that truly poses an existential threat to the entire planetary civilization, as it does to the biosphere.  Planet Earth itself will never be the same if such a periodic visitation does take place.  (Please refer to the following two extended essays.)

Carlos Muñoz Ferrada Confirms Planet X; Orbit, Speed And Size Reveal A Comet-Planet — PART I

Comet-Planet Identified, Orbital Trajectory Verified by Renowned Astronomer — PART II

In the interest of arriving at the truth we have posted numerous essays and articles, videos and audios, photos and graphics which portray various angles on this ever-unfolding narrative.”

An article from their site on Pole Shifts predicted to be set in motion this summer 2016 by the nearer approach of Niburu that again, makes for mind-opening reading, and links to more astronomy information on current changes in the solar system, and new energies we are encountering galactically; please read with discernment and detachment: Former NASA Scientist Explains 2016 Geomagnetic Reversal: 2 Month Period Of Rapid Shift Identified 

The video posted there is linked below:

Ongoing Research, Analysis

The Leak Project on Youtube (link below) recently interviewed Steve Olson, an ex-USAF researcher of Niburu who runs a Youtube channel and offers news and photos on an ongoing basis from around the world. This is a fascinating interview, with many excellent photos from various sources to look at, including some amazing photos from the recent solar eclipse taken from an Alaska Airlines flight. Hard not to see there’s definitely something in our skies–that’s continually being covered up by chem trails–looking at some of these sky camera views, candid shots from cell phones, and SOHO NASA shots.

Steve Olson sounds like a very thoughtful, balanced researcher who offers a rather matter-of-fact way of looking at Niburu (enjoy your time, day to day, exist fully in your Now) as well as analysis of what he posts. His Youtube channel, Wormwood System Observations, posts regular videos and updates from varied sources, worth subscribing to and checking in at for updates. Sites he names where he checks for updates globally include AllSkyCam with live updates from sky cameras from all over the world, and NASA’s Near Earth Object Program.

Shifting the Frequency

Doreen Agostino at Our Greater Destiny has an intriguing post (Comet Planet Hercolubus and Our Pineal Gland) reminding us of the power of individual and collective consciousness, and how we can affect the course or outcome of Hercolubus swinging by, the whole article can be found here, excerpt below, please visit there to read.

“The Great Comet Planet Hercolubus [a.k.a. Barnard Star, PlanetX, Niburu, The Red Planet] rapidly approaching Earth, behaves like a hyper-dimensional entity, existing outside normal parameters of our universe. Hercolubus is extremely impressionable and responsive. In other words, during its cyclical return [every 13,000 years], Hercolubus reflects the vibratory frequency of our consciousness. There is still time to open our minds and hearts before Hercolubus passes through an angle of our solar system.”

“The electromagnetic field [EMF] of the human heart is 5,000 times more powerful than the EMF of our brain [Institute of Hearth Math research]. Since Hercolubus is extremely responsive to our level of consciousness the more positive your choices, the kinder you are to self and others, and the more you replace fear with love the more ease and grace flow.

ET Help and Technologies Assisting Earth?

Dave Dobbs, a British musician and Niburu researcher also posts videos on Niburu; this video which offers a conversation and many videos and photos is interesting, and offers the possibility of ET help with technology to assist earth from debris and dust falling to Earth:

Insider Information and Updates

Kameran Faily, an Iraqi physicist and spokesperson for various intriguing “royal families” offers information on Niburu in interviews with Kerry Cassidy of Project Camelot and on a blog at her site, please visit and watch her videos. I haven’t watched them all yet, but the one I did watch (the third one, Isis and Niburu) was quite fascinating, not just from the point of view of learning more about Niburu but also hearing a Midddle Eastern insider explaining unfolding actions and motivations in Syria. He too talks about this summer being a time of activity, regarding Niburu–again, please exercise discernment.

This blog post has quite some information. “My role/mandate given to me from above, has several parts to them that I need to cover and work on:
1- Ensure that humanity and the Elite are well informed about incoming Planet-X events. For humanity what they need to do and for the Elite what they should not do. For this I bring in the new science part so they can visualise the whole storyline and be able to predict and cope with it.
2- Present to humanity the bigger picture. To breakdown the compartmentalisation and open the stable doors to let the horses roam the fields so to speak. This includes the little guy and the highest part of the Elite.
3- To remove the spirits of fear and ignorance so the all may act with level heads.
4- To bring in clarity so now that Timeline-1 and Timeline-2 are commingling the same events space, both sides have now been given the chance to jump ship and go to the other timeline. It’s time to choose.
5- To declare to humans and ETs, the coming of the noble-ones, who’s coming have been proclaimed for millennia passed. The bosses are coming so prepare yourselves. I am just pointing in their direction, they will do the talking and convincing not me, I will just sit back and watch like everyone else.
6- To present who-is-who of the Earth scene, so one can grasp the intricacies and complexities of the whole organic system. To link Earth’s story to the galactic big picture. To wake up and smell the roses. Believe it or not, the Elite are as ignorant of most of this as the rest of the public. It’s time to understand how things work.”

From Kerry Cassidy:








All of this information is interesting to have, even shocking, but there are larger realities regarding energy, consciousness, unified fields of awareness, and the completely unique time period of disclosure and secrets unraveling that we are currently living through, as well as possible imminent “Ascension” around the corner (see David Wilcock’s latest post)–galactic, energetic upgrades leading to biological evolution–that it may also be wise to keep in mind.

Your Individual Actions Will Influence Our Mutual Reality

If we’re a part of this equation, and our thoughts and actions are capable of affecting our unified field and our collective future–as both spiritual leaders and scientists currently inform us, perhaps that’s something to explore further, rather than getting caught up in scenarios of fearful anticipation of a massive planetary body wiping out life on Earth as we know it. 

All that being said, if you are curious about Niburu and wondering what the real truth is about any of this, these videos linked here are a good place to start. Many thanks to all these researchers–Cosmic Convergence Research Group, Steve Olson, Dave Dobbs, Kameran Faily, Kerry Cassidy–and others, for keeping us informed.

It’s becoming increasingly clear to me we are living in a time period currently where really extraordinary change is just around the corner; what quality that change will have isn’t entirely clear yet. But we can each do our part to ensure in the best ways we can that the change will be positive.

Please share this information widely, to increase awareness and keep others informed, to draw in more to assist in working consciously for the best outcomes for humanity and the planet. Let’s hope we all survive the Summer of 2016 ….:)