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Starship Earth, The Big Picture: Blockbuster News: NLA to Train United States Constitutional Sheriffs

Re-posted, with many thanks, in interests of sharing the news (it’s good news, people!) and BP’s encouraging words, from Starship Earth, the Big Picture. Please visit there for many fine posts on what’s going on currently with the national efforts to restore the Republic of the USA, with the whole Oregon/standoff situation, and really, with the big picture on many many subjects of vital note today. Please share this news widely. Let’s hope it leads to absolute and immediate or at least imminent positive change.

Posted Jan 8/2016: Starship Earth, The Big Picture.

Blockbuster News: NLA to Train United States Constitutional Sheriffs


Laura Legere update from the National Liberty Alliance:

Sheriff Mack and the Constitutional Sheriffs have asked NLA to train them and we may have 1000 Sheriffs that are onboard.

NLA is working on getting the free Constitutional Course up on the website for the Sheriffs and anyone else interested.

Thanks, Laura. This is exciting, my friends. Anyone can take these free online courses—not only Sheriffs. All Americans can educate themselves as to the REAL ‘Laws of the Land’ and propel the movement to ditch the fraudulent, corrupt ‘Law of the Sea’ judicial system forever and ensure the Constitution prevails.

National Liberty Alliance says:

The difference between Common Law and the Law practiced in our courts today, called Statutory Law, is simply as follows: Common Law upholds the Constitution for the United States of America with its capstone Bill of Rights above all Statutory Law; Whereas Statutory Law is held above the Constitution for the United States of America and its capstone Bill of Rights, and therefore your rights are whatever our elected servants may choose it to be for you at the time.

This is what NLA is endeavoring to change in our courts and thereby bring all our elected and appointed servants back under the chains of the Constitution because right now you are under the chains of your servants, this is the definition of tyranny.

Let’s hope the surge of Constitutional Sheriffs who take the course will pull in more and more of them very quickly. This news should travel like wildfire, because the corrupt LEOs won’t stand a chance. Under pressure like this, many will cave. All law enforcement officers took the oath and will have to toe the line or be arrested. Ironic, isn’t it?


If you’re not aware, Sheriff Mack (ret), formerly of Arizona, has been working tirelessly within the confines of CSPOA – Constitutional Sheriffs and Peace Officer’s Association to guide law enforcement in upholding the People’s laws, rather than the controllers’ fraudulent system. You can watch Sheriff Mack’s video at the link above.

“We can’t ignore where the Sheriff came from, where this power has come from and that we as deputies and peace officers who have all sworn the same oath and that we stand united in making sure that the people in our counties have individual liberty.

I don’t think there is anything in our jobs that we won’t view differently, and I’m talking about even writing tickets or doing checkpoints, roadblocks and anything else that we do in law enforcement.

It will all change once we start looking at it through the prism of the Constitution.

It is our foundation, my friends. I’ve never built anything in my life, I don’t know how to build a room or a building or a cardboard box but I know this, that if you destroy the foundation, the rest of the building falls.”

~ Sheriff Richard Mack


CSPOA assembles Sheriffs, Peace Officers and Citizens [emphasis mine] who understand the grave implications of our eroding Constitutional protections. Whether it’s an illegal checkpoint violating the 4th Amendment, 2nd Amendment intrusions affecting your defense of your home or family, or ANY other infringement of your freedom, CSPOA is on the front line defending your rights and Liberty.

The winds have changed, my friends, and they are blowing strongly in favour of The People—across the planet. This is peaceful resistance. And it’s working. Take the ball and run with it.

Share this news with everyone you know. The public is invited to join and support either or both of these organizations. The more, the better. Knowledge is power.  ~ BP