Let Freedom Ring! Mass State Assembly Podcast 6: Medical Freedom On Land & Soil Jurisdiction

Video report and links | Ramola D | June 7, 2022

Podcast 6 featured an informative conversation and discussion with Ronald Carriveau, Co-coordinator of the Massachusetts State Assembly and Kenzie Rhodes, a former Commonwealth of Massachusetts financial manager with the Department of Children and Families who witnessed the rollout of senseless and unhealthful rules imposed on children through the whole COVID plandemic and was then told her religious exemption to exempt her from the COVID injection being mandated for State employees was denied.

As a consequence, after she researched her options and changed her jurisdiction, she was suspended and then terminated, making her a very vocal proponent of the medical and health freedoms as all others available under Common Law on the Land and Soil jurisdiction of the true USA.


In addition Kenzie shares information on Conflict of Interest evidence from Charlie Baker, governor or CEO of the State of Massachusetts corporation, who seems to be operating health care and insurance companies in addition to playing public official, which might answer for the mandatory tests, mask, and vaccines repressing everyone in Massachusetts which he has rolled out.

Posted below are a few images and pdfs of search results of companies associated with Charlie Baker, CEO-Governor of the State of Massachusetts Corporation, revealing his connections with the managed healthcare industry and pharmaceutical industry, which would explain his alacrity in imposing hugely totalitarian and unhealthful measures of mask-wearing in public schools, and acquiring and promoting testing and vaccines now found to be laden with graphene all over Massachusetts, clearly a story which needs further investigation and reporting:

We discuss the whole phenomenon of medical and health freedom as well as preservation of all other freedoms on the Land and Soil Jurisdiction of the USA, which is what Anna von Reitz has helped revive now, and which anyone who is an American can claim, by stepping out of or expatriating from US corporate citizenship and doing the 1779 Declaration on the American States Assembly website.

Massachusetts State Employees Are Being Deprived of American Freedoms, Rights, and Liberties

As Kenzie’s story demonstrates, state corporation employees here in Massachusetts and elsewhere in the USA are being ruthlessly deprived of their basic freedoms and rights, forced to succumb to the constraints and commands of a corporation mentality designed to serve the profits of the vaccine companies like Pfizer and Moderna which have gained billions in profits over the (provenly-false) COVID paradigm they have rolled out.

When religious exemptions to toxin-laden vaccines are not honored, perhaps then it is time for all to reconsider employment status, as in Kenzie’s book, and make honest decisions about what to permit and what to stand apart from. Does it make sense from a religious point of view to refrain from injecting oneself with vaccines of any kind? For many, it does, since the vaccines–including these COVID ones–contain fetal cell lines and other animal cell matter, inclusions which many find offensive to religious practices of reverencing all life.

Currently the FDA–which recent news reports especially from Project Veritas undercover footage have revealed is hugely bribed by Pfizer and other pharma companies–is trying to roll out the toxic shots on babies and toddlers: Global Aviation Advocacy Coalition | URGENT, ESSENTIAL: Oppose FDA Approval for Shots in Babies and Infants. Deadline June 7th | All International Public Can Participate. Full Instructions Here.

Thousands of parents in Massachusetts have done the research and found out for themselves that taking or administering the COVID vaccine to their children is akin to playing Russian Roulette with a pharma syringe, but this choice is not afforded to Massachusetts State employees–who are also birthright Americans, but who have been deceived into believing they are US Citizens needing to obey the edicts of pharma-run corporations playing State Government.

How much will Americans take before they recognize something is radically wrong with this situation? When more and more of people’s rights and freedoms are removed by corporate statute, edict, order, or regulation, then perhaps it is time to find out on what authority really those statutes and edicts stand.

All of which has led many to the uncovering of the true situation: we are dealing with an overlay of corporations who have taken over governments and are no longer representing the will and wishes of the people, acting for the people, or taking care of the people.

We the People are alive and well however, on the Land and Soil Jurisdiction, and the way to find one’s way to that living and free status is right here. Stepping away from the Sea Jurisdiction of corporations to find freedom on the land and soil has become possible today in the USA thanks to the work of Anna von Reitz and James Clinton Belcher, and also a possibility for all internationally through this means since as Anna explains in several articles, all government corporations of the world have been set up as sub-franchise corporations of US Inc,. via the deceiving auspices of the Vatican- and British-owned Crown Corporation.


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