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Dr. Zev Zelenko in Last Video Message: “Up Your Game, Stand Up and Resist…This is the Hill We Need to Die On Otherwise Our Progeny Will Have Nowhere to Breathe Freedom”

Note & Links | Ramola D | July 1, 2022

In a touching last message delivered from his hospital bed before he passed away on Thursday, June 30, 2022, Dr. Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko anticipates further psychopathy from the sociopath crowd headed by Bill Gates surrounding the new chimera of “Monkeypox” replete with new lockdowns and restrictions and the pandemics-forever game of tyranny planned by the WHO, and says he is unafraid to “fall in battle” but exhorts all, “I plead with everyone else to up your game, to stand up and resist,” closing with “This is the hill we need to die on, otherwise our progeny will have nowhere to breathe freedom.”

Posted at Phaser, and sourced there as from XAndrewX, this is presented as the last video made by Dr. Zelenko:

This is a message repeated often by Dr. Zelenko as he himself stood up publicly to condemn those engaging in acts of tyranny against the “people, the innocent, the honorable, the true” whom he spoke as a doctor to protect, becoming one of the earliest and most unflinching voices advocating for early treatment of the so-called “Covid” with known vitamins, mineral supplements and drugs such as hydroxychloroquine, as in the video below where he advised the audience to engage in Civil Disobedience: “Homeschool your kids. Say No to the Poison Death Shot.”


ZFreedom Foundation founded by Dr. Zelenko issued a statement on his passing, the top part of which is screenshot below, please visit The DC Patriot for the full statement and obit by Matt Couch.

Many media sites, journalists, and doctors have published statements, this one below is from Mikki Willis, maker of the Plandemic series of films who reports interviewing him, offering highlights from an interview where Dr. Zelenko speaks of his love for his children and the gift of experiencing the moment through his battle with cancer:


Dr. Zelenko authored the Vaccine Death Report with David Sorensen of Stop World Control, reported here earlier:

David John Sorensen & Dr. Vladimir Zelenko, MD | The Vaccine Death Report: Evidence of Millions of Deaths and Serious Adverse Events Resulting from the Experimental COVID-19 Injections

An open conversation Dr. Zelenko had in early January 2022 with Dr. Mercola on the New World Order Slave System where he discussed Gates’ patents for biometric surveillance and energy harvesting with connection of humans to cryptocurrency:


In a previous interview with Dr. Mercola, Dr. Zelenko discussed the dangers of the Covid shot to lifespan, how it reduces lifespan–and how it represents an instrument of genocide, a farseeing reading of the consequences of this non-vaccine which we are unfortunately now seeing come true as reports of sudden deaths of young healthy adults, middle-aged healthy adults and others are now coming in from around the world:


See this Bitchute search link for numerous of Dr. Zelenko’s interviews, also available on other video platforms like Brighteon and Odysee.


It’s very sad that this dedicated physician and father of eight passed away at the young age of 48–during a week filled with momentous events such as Dr. Carrie Madej’s plane crash which she miraculously survived, and Dr. Simone Gold’s being convicted to a two-month stay in prison by a judge who ignored the facts and flew his sentence on fabrications–but he leaves behind a tremendous legacy of conviction, resolution, clarity in seeing, and candor about the very dark times in which we are currently living as he fully and clearly expressed his mind and said what he believed needed to be said, to inform, educate, and inspire all, a powerful stance in authenticity any of us can only hope to emulate. Rest in power, Dr. Zev, your voice will continue to inspire.

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