NHS Nurse Quits, Reveals “No COVID Emergency in Hospital,” Has Witnessed “Traumatic Injuries from the Vaccine”

Repost of Video | Ramola D | April 6, 2021

This is a video of Kristy Miller, a young nurse from NHS who says she quit her job five weeks ago and reveals there is no emergency in the hospitals, many empty beds, and clearly “this is not about the virus.” This video was posted at The Great Reopening‘s Youtube channel, and amazingly was unbanned and returned to their channel April 2, 2021.

Nurses she knows are afraid to speak out, she says, for fear of losing their jobs. She has written letters to the hospital questioning the discrepancies she has seen. Her colleagues are like her, she says, they “don’t want to be part of it either.”

She also says the masks have given her splitting headaches–wearing them all day presumably while engaging in physical work taking care of six patients.

She reports that she has seen traumatic injuries from the vaccines, not being reported to the Yellow Card scheme, that health care workers are only treating the symptoms of these injuries.

She says the hospitals are not busy, very few people have passed with the Coronavirus, very few have come in with the flu. She has seen surgeons on television reporting overpacked hospitals but “the beds are empty.”

She says the lockdowns are being put in place to make people take the experimental vaccines.

She says medical and emergency care professionals are all going to “speak out and speak the truth” about what is really going on. (They really should.) Numbers of people are making informal reports on social media that are similar. Many are reporting vaccine injuries and sudden death post the Pfizer/Moderna/Astrazeneca vaccines.

Image: Daily Mail

She says the “Save the NHS” banners and slogans from the government are obviously a lie, and emphasizes it’s the government, not the NHS which is lying, that she has worked with amazing people in her hospital. “I could not be a part of the lies and corruption by the government, it’s not the NHS.”

Except of course, they’re all a part of it (Govt and NHS, that is).

The Daily Expose recently revealed several of the figureheads in UK Government who like to flash figures and lies before cameras all have vested interests in pharmaceutical companies, that story is here:

The Daily Expose, March 8/2021 Surprise, Surprise – MP’s and Scientific Advisors are heavily invested in Vaccine Industry

The COVID Blog recently revealed the CDC is run by pharmaceutical companies, foundations, and multiple players in tech, defense, and insurance, that story is here:

The COVID Blog, March 23, 2021 CDC Foundation is not a government entity, has many conflicts of interest

Please share widely–the sooner the entire world hears from more and more of the whistleblowers and spreads the truth and facts, the faster the media-washed may learn COVID’s been a hoax from the start, there is no pandemic, and the vaccines are not vaccines at all but genetic modification and dangerous drug treatments which cause auto-immune disaster and are currently causing massive disability and increasing number of deaths.

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  1. Stereo a voip Soc Media app is owned by Blackstone who also owns Catalent (harma) working with J&J on the Vax rollout.

    Blackstone paid $1.5 billion last August to aquire Stereo where They’re clearly pushing the pro Vax Agenda > laced with very aggressive trolls that go around harrasing People. Of course the trolling accts appear to be ai/bots. Most can’t believe how advanced ai is now with voice.

    This is quite a Story developing that speaks to many issues, Censorship which I’ve now experienced it 1st hand as I’ve been booted after just 3 weeks of trying to spread my brand of TMT Truth.
    Stereo is like fb voip…total surveillance.

    I hope Other Independent Sources cover this emerging voip Soc Media Landscape.

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