Smart Meter Fires (2016): Burning meters, burning questions, shocking answers

Re-posted from the petition update page on Halt Massachusetts Smart Meters.

“Researcher Brian Thiessen presents shocking and disturbing facts about smart meter fires — which your utility does not want you to know about.
Presented in association with Take Back Your Power.
Watch the award-winning documentary:

Please watch and share the video below, so many issues of concern in relation to smart meters.

Also, just noticed Activist Post has an article by Josh Del Sol on this video, please click over there to read–an excerpt below.

“Previously-documented smart meter fires have caused fatalities (see here, here, here, and here).

And hundreds of thousands if not millions of smart meters have been recalled and or replaced (see here, here, here, and here).

The most terrible thing is this: most people simply don’t know. It’s been covered up, worldwide.

And most still don’t know that smart meters are part of a global corporate agenda of unprecedented in-home surveillance, systemically increasing utility bills, facilitating hacking and remote shut-offs, and are causing widespread human functional impairment from pulsed microwave radiation hundreds to thousands of times stronger than a cellphone.

We’ve had a hell of a time getting this info out. This is a clandestine agenda which affects everyone.

Their agenda, however, is beginning to crack. And those causing or allowing smart meter deployments will be individually held to account.”

Please visit Activist Post for the full article.

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