Doreen Agostino/Our Greater Destiny: Precedent Setting Verdict: Thomas Deegan

Re-blogging, with many thanks to Doreen for covering this story.

I don’t think it’s a meaningless coincidence that both this unjust verdict on Thomas Deegan and new evidence surfacing in LaVoy Finicum’s death are occurring at just this moment in time. We cannot look away from what is happening here. Two men, speaking out and challenging State and Federal authority: one, arrested, wrongfully charged, indicted as guilty of making undefined “terroristic threats”, the other killed.

Reporters and court witnesses Caleb Hitt, Dee Corley, and Carl Swennson discuss how this verdict on Thomas sets a precedent for the criminalizing of free speech, how the FBI had infiltrated earlier meetings in attempts to entrap and provoke, how false charges had been laid at his door, and how this verdict sets the stage for a longer appeal process, which will hopefully bring the truth about fraudulent corporate government that Thomas sought to expose into larger view. “The Constitution doesn’t exist anymore.” “All of the courts are frauds.” “This is a step in the process–it’s not the end.” Full article and video link at Our Greater Destiny. Also see Thomas Deegan’s closing arguments in court here.


Jury Convicts Deegan On Terror Threats

PARKERSBURG – After about an hour of deliberations on Friday, the Wood County Circuit Court jury in the Thomas David Deegan trial returned a verdict of guilty on a charge of making terroristic threats.

In September 2015, Deegan, 39, was arrested after authorities were alerted to his participation in a conference call on Sept. 14, 2015. In that call he and a number of others discussed overthrowing the West Virginia government and using it as a base to overthrow the United States government, officials said. READ more at

BREAKING: Jury Verdict Issued For Thomas David House Of Deegan

Guard The Power of Freewill Consent

Your refusal to sign anything limits the time you can be detained, because the law NEEDS ‘consent’ on your part to ‘own the NAME’ of [YOUR NAME UPPER CASE]. Without…

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