New LaVoy Finicum Report Reveals UN Involvement in US

Various media sources online are releasing their assessments of a new report released by the Deschutes County Sheriff on the murder of LaVoy Finicum, linked below.

Key in these assessments, also via emails released from Governor Kate Brown’s office, is an uncovering of the role played by the Federal Government in the setting up and execution of the ambush that resulted in LaVoy’s death, as well as an unearthing of the role of the UN in this action. Officers whose roles in the shooting were questioned report explicitly their own knowledge of the fact that the intended “traffic stop” had been deliberately shifted to avoid Grant County, which, it was noted by one of the officers, was known to have been named an “UN-free zone” by the Grant County Sheriff, a member of CSPOA. (Sheriff Palmer of Grant County, who has recently become the wrongful focus of a Federal investigation, was discussed in this recent Sibel Edmonds /Sheriff Mack/Spiro talk, reported here.)

The much-quoted words of this officer are: “I knew going into it that there was a Sheriff in Grant County that was supporting the movement, or the ideology behind what they were pushing. I knew that there was a large amount of community members in Grant County that supported their beliefs, and that had similar constitutional beliefs, and to the point of the Grant County making it clear they are a UN free zone, and so that knowledge was known to all of us, that for a very simple way of putting it, they were not friendly to law enforcement conducting any enforcement actions, and mainly the Federal Bureau of Investigation and federal agencies.”

The implication from his words being that the UN and Law Enforcement are synonymous, a notion actually not unfamiliar to us today, given the September 2015 unveiling of the Global Police/Strong Cities Network by Attorney General Loretta Lynch,  discussed by Kris Anne Hall in the video linked here, within larger discussions of Agenda 21/2030. But still startling to comprehend: has the Federal Government been replaced by the United Nations currently, in the USA?

According to Judge Anna’s posts, being collected here, we understand that US, Inc is being and has been long-run by the IMF. The fact that the UN, and its Global Policing network may indeed be currently operative in the US is considered further in posts below by Call of Duty Goddess, and Becky at Voice of Idaho—links below.

Agenda 21 Radio published the following article, excerpted below; Paul Preston of Agenda 21 Radio offers a more detailed assessment in his audio conversation with Red Smith of the Shasta Lantern, which you can access from their web site, at the link below.

Agenda 21/The Execution of Robert La Voy Finicum and the Destruction of the U.S. Constitution


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Part 1 in a Series: The Execution of Robert La Voy Finicum and the Destruction of the U.S. Constitution

‘The Finicum Report’: Oregon’s Deschutes County Sheriff Investigation into the Killing of Robert La Voy Finicum

The Oregon Deschutes County Sheriff was selected to investigate the killing of Robert La Voy Finicum by the Oregon State Police, Harney County Sheriff  and the FBI.  Whenever there is a killing involving joint agencies an outside law enforcement agency who was not involved will conduct the investigation into the actions that led up to the shooting and the after effects of the events.  The outside agency utilizes it’s own investigators and is suppose to remain impartial.

The  Deschutes County Sheriff  released the FinicumReport.pdf which documents the actions of the three agencies involved.

Agenda 21 Radio and the Shasta Lantern have examined the ‘FinicumReport.pdf  and will be releasing a comprehensive story that will cover what is not just a report of a police killing but the documentation of the actions of multiple, federal, state and local ‘militarized’ policing agencies who spent considerable time and resources to execute an American Citizen and stifle the U.S. Constitution. Please visit Agenda 21 Radio’s site for more, and to listen to the radio conversation.

Northwest Liberty News also reports on the findings from this report: Sworn Officers Chose the United Nations Over the US Constitution, then Murdered LeVoy Finicum

James White, author of this article, calls for other writers to assist: Is federal law-enforcement beholden to the U.N., or to the US Constitution?  I think that the answer is clear.  I encourage all writers in alternative media to download the PDF of the LaVoy Finicum report linked above, and write your own article based on the information available.  We know that mainstream media will not touch this, so it’s up to all of us.

Call of Duty Goddess, whose excellent reports on Youtube are worth listening to on a regular basis, offers this report: Report Shows UN was Behind LaVoy’s Murder.  (One disclaimer from my end: Featured here in this video also is an InfoWars report on the imminence of UN gun-grabbing efforts, dated from 2012, which seems to suggest the need to run out and arm oneself; while there’s no doubt there are rather frantic UN and US gun-control efforts underway (witness the steady diet of false flags and mass shoorings we’re fed), I’m also conscious of Disinfo and Psy Ops/Propaganda actions underway;  violence is never the answer, and although these days, conscious of Gandhi’s views during India’s struggle for liberation from the British, I fully support the Second Amendment right to bear arms, I don’t believe in the infliction of violence on anyone, human or animal, and don’t mean to echo these calls by posting this link.)

What I found more interesting is this other video posted by Call of Duty Goddess, Was LaVoy Killed for Exposing the NGO Power Grid? (link below) which covers LaVoy’s removal of hidden cameras and refers to and discusses the post by Becky at Voice of Idaho, Malheur Occupiers Reveal More Than They Have Bargained For,  on the Smart Grid being set in place around us here in the US by the globalists, not the US.

“The Smart Grid is a computerized control system that is being built over the top of our electric grid.


Becky discusses the parts played by Fusion Centers, overarching energy regulatory agencies, and DARPA’s Total Information Awareness. This graphic she offers may be of interest:

Please visit the Voice of Idaho News site to read the whole discussion, which offers this conclusion: “To sum it up, what the Occupiers of Malheur did is a far greater service for the American people than they even knew. By the removal of those surveillance cameras, they provided the opportunity for me to explain at least partially why I don’t believe that we have an American government at the federal level anymore. Governing authority has been transferred to non-governmental, North American and/or United Nations Organizations.  Our only hope of reclaiming the Republic with an American government for the American people is to begin by reclaiming local government at the county level where we still have a lawful, Constitutional structure from which to rebuild.”

Also see this post by Vicky Davis on the subject of the long-term and insidious establishment of Globalist–multinational corporate–agendas in US government, creating “partnerships” between State and corporate powers, promising environmental protections and sustainable development while merging states into larger, corporate regions and stripping states of their rights. You may recall Oregon Senator Greg Walden’s speech where he noted the loss of 72% of Harney County to the Federal Government.

Global policing and “strong cities,” global syncing of Intelligence efforts (covered here by a few Intel agency heads), globalist/BLM takeovers of land in Western states, Global assaults of “Targeted Individuals” with experimental neuroweaponry, Global chem-trailing and nano-technology raining down on us, Global installations of HAARP’s weather-modifying and ionosphere-assaulting phased-arrays, Global attempts at vaccine mandates, talk of Global religions, and Globally-grown GMOs to feed the Globe–hard not to put these things together, isn’t it? One-World Government from the Globalists isn’t a pleasant prospect, and our clear-eyed awareness of how it’s being implemented is the first step to preventing its octopus arms from taking hold.

Vicky Davis explores these Globalist issues at two websites, and Agenda 21 Radio covers these issues, as also does Technocracy News Hour.


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