James Tracy/Memory Hole Blog/GUARD, StopGlobalwifi.org: Google Moves to Blanket 95% of US Land Mass with Microwave Radiation

Re-blogged, with many thanks, from Memory Hole Blog, please visit there for the entire post. This was posted Jan 4 at Memory Hole, and reproduces the December 17 letter sent by the organization Global Union Against Radiation Deployment from Space to the FCC, speaking out against the granting of an experimental FCC permit to Google to blanket the USA with WiFi or pulsed microwave radiation, in attempts to eventually provide global WiFi (putatively for global Internet access) in all corners of the globe. If you recall, Citizens for Safe Technology recently circulated a petition, posted here earlier, asking for public input to urge the European Commission to consider the consequences and caution against such a move, globally.

This letter reads like a tremendously important resource, with citations of numerous studies detailing the dangers and damages to humans, children, animals, the environment, airplane crew and passengers, and electro-sensitive people, to being bathed from above in continuous pulsed radiation. The dangers of WiFi continue to be glossed over in our midst, perhaps because Mass Media simply doesn’t cover it, health and regulatory agencies have ignored it, the FCC is holding hands with Telecom, and the efforts of activists over literally decades to get our attention have been overwhelmed by the actions of the telecom industry to force through the latest technologies, regardless of thousands of studies on RF/microwave/WiFi exposure.

So, despite being addicted to our cell phones today, there is a world of information regarding radio/microwave/WiFi radiation that we’d do well to inform ourselves on, and there are many small steps we can take to limit our and our children’s exposure. The studies cited in this document detailing in part the effects on bees, animals, birds, children, explain why we absolutely need to pay attention today to this subject. WiFi in particular, because it is pulsed microwave radiation, and has been shown to penetrate the blood-brain barrier in the smallest of intensities and amounts, is being found to be particularly dangerous–and it’s WiFi that’s pulsing out of our cell phones, cell towers, routers, and smart meters today.

It’s worth putting WiFi on your radar today, and researching on your own beyond this letter. I will post resources here as I find them, and will report my findings too as I  research.

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