James Tracy/Memory Hole Blog: Sandy Hook Massacre: Three Years of Subterfuge and Fraud

Re-blogging, with thanks, on The Everyday Concerned Citizen.

It’s time to decisively challenge the old tired meme of “conspiracy theorist labeling,” which keeps rearing its predictable head every time investigative journalists hit a nerve and start publishing the truth. This case about Sandy Hook is being seen by many as pivotal in changing the fundamental structure of our reality–what if every single American who could think independently woke up to the truth of false flags/acted-out crises/pretend terrorist events being unrolled around us today? What if mass media could no longer hide this truth? What if journalists who habitually lie in print for the covert agencies actually began to understand no-one believes them anymore? That as far as communication goes, they are rapidly becoming irrelevant to the conversation? That thinking Americans really do care about the truth?

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Excerpt:In the last week about ten million have downloaded a book banned by Amazon which was just made available as a free download titled “No Dead Kids at Sandy Hook”.

“As a reaction to this unprecedented Nazi-style book burning, this book is now offered as a free download in many different places on the Internet and many diverse alternative news web sites have been publishing stories about this 21st century book burning.”

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