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Question Jade Helm 2015: There is Nothing Normal in America Right Now

If you Google Jade Helm on Youtube–and really, everyone should, just to figure out what on earth is going on–you will see videos running the gamut of speculation on what Jade Helm is, what it purports to do, and what it may very well be hoping to usher in or condition Americans to accept: martial law, an increased military presence in our streets and cities, a rounding up of “dissenters” or political dissidents, a treating of our cities and inner spaces as potential hostile territory and enemy terrain, a demonstration to us that America is the battlefield, indeed, that the battlefield is everywhere.

These are no longer far-fetched notions. Despite the silence of mainstream media and the apologetics from such as the Washington Post, and even Veterans Today, painting the furore over Jade Helm as hype, and disinfo, and fear-building, and a hoax, it is absolutely believable today that the US Military could engage in overt hostile actions against US citizens–it already has, covertly, with widespread covert/classified electronic warfare–directed-energy weapon–testing/training and experimentation, in collusion with Intel agencies and law enforcement, a Dirty Op which continues (this is what the phenomenon of “Targeted Individuals” is all about–more on this subject soon); and overtly too, in many ways.

Many observers believe the Military is already controlling our cities and states, along with Intel groups — and again, if you don’t Know this yet, it’s still not hard to believe, is it; we’re all at this point acutely aware of the excesses, abuses, and overreach of our overly-policed, overly-militarized, overly-intrusive, overly-paranoid, overly-covert, secrecy-obsessed post-Patriot Act Surveillance State.

There is nothing normal in America right now.

See Dane Wigington’s new post at GeoEngineering Watch: Imminent Collapse: Economic, Environmental, and Societal

and an interesting article on the weirdness in America right now from Pat Henry, Is the US Government Building the Terrorists they Need? at The Prepper’s Journal.

Read John Whitehead’s editorial at The Daily Bell, Battlefield America: The War on the American People.

Increased Military Presence

There are reports coming in all over the US of increased military presence in many cities and states, not just in the Southwest, in those first seven states mentioned. There are videos on Youtube showing the military on city streets, aggressively confronting civilians (Florida), parking their tanks in school parking lots (West Virginia). There are military documents–from the past 10 to 20 years, really, surfacing–naming “extremists,” “dissidents,” “domestic adversaries,” and discussing “urban warfare,” “re-education of dissidents,” “internment,” and “civil unrest.”

(Just take a look at Deborah Tavares’ storehouse of military documents on StoptheCrime.net,

or visit Dr. Nick Begich’s website Earthpulse Press, for a whole lot of articles, documents, and books on these subjects.)

Not to mention discussions of methodologies of (invisible/easily covert) non-lethal warfare to asymmetrically take out activists, protesters, dissenters, anyone not in line with US policies–meaning, let us extrapolate, lethal hegemonic corporate policies–these are not conspiracy theories, they are words from Military, Air Force, and Navy documents (some of which will be posted here soon).

Remember that our President keeps announcing emergencies and Executive Orders, and that we currently have laws on the books permitting him to corrall all food resources, arrest anyone without due process, and indefinitely detain anyone, ditto. We also have those much talked-about FEMA camps, and really, they do seem to have barbed wire and watchtowers! Remember the recent deaths of Gray State movie producer David Crowley and his entire family. Gray State was the documentary he was making about the FEMA camps.

Incessant Planes Over Cities & States

Everywhere in the US, small planes and helicopters fly incessantly over cities–engaging in covert surveillance (see The Guardian’s recent uncovering of this reality), and in covert electronic warfare, collecting “radiation intelligence,” or what the Military calls MASINT, Measurement and Signature Intelligence, the continuous, unintentionally radiated and uniquely-identified electromagnetic signatures from human brains, and directing directed-energy weapons at select locations–this activity is pronounced in the vicinity of “targeted individuals”–activists, whistleblowers, outspoken community members who have been non-consensually rolled into clandestine human experimentation programs, a continuation of MKULTRA–and whole communities are aware of this activity today.

(It’s not possible to be unaware of planes directly overhead, all the time, for the most part–although not everyone is aware what the constant planes are all about, and what exactly they are doing to these select individuals, whom they have been informed are “threats to national security.” “Targeted individuals” however, cannot fail to know what these planes are doing, since they are the ones being assaulted each time with pulsed radiation neuroweaponry. These are “classified” activities transparent to those being assaulted.)

What One Can Do

Recently, a petition was circulated on Care2Petitions asking people to urge states to deny the Military permission to do their Jade Helm “drills” in their state. That petition is here, and although it sounds sensationalist, it really reflects what people are feeling right now about US Military drills inside US cities.

I think there’s need for vigilance, and that if there is something we can do to influence local government and state representatives to deny permission for military drills featuring night-time activity and “extractions” by Special Ops, this would be the time to do it!

One of those things I’d recommend is joining the Weekly Planetary Meditation, linked here. Whatever your thoughts of galactic beings working to help us, meditation as a group is surely always a good thing, and dreaming of Light coming down to wake up the souls and consciences of those repressing America could only yield positive results…

These discussions and videos point to the seriousness of what Jade Helm represents–because the USA has been in freefall for some years now, and some of us have woken up to what is going on, and some of us are in the process of waking up, whatever Jade Helm may or may not be, this moment in our history is an opportunity for every single American to take action to prevent disaster and retain and promote peace. Jade Helm–like any public military drill–should be publicly challenged and questioned: stay informed, stay questioning, stay vigilant, and please, speak out! (And don’t forget to meditate!)

Gary Franchi at Next News Network on Youtube talks about some aspects of Jade Helm, and shows one brave citizen protesting at a county meeting, as well as a Military PR operative presenting Jade Helm in soothing PR tones:

Jim Fetzer discusses Jade Helm: Jade Helm is no ordinary training drill.

Richard Presser discusses Jade Helm and points to several other articles of interest, including one on the Shemitah year and implications.

Starship Earth’s thoughts on Jade Helm: The DisInfo War is in Full Swing, It’s Time to Go Into Action, America.

Michael Snyder’s thoughts: Signs that the Elite are Feverishly Preparing for Something Big.

Some informative and speculative articles at Dave Hodges’ Commonsense Show.

This is just a sampling. Please stay informed over the next few weeks and months, please take the trouble to follow this story on any site that will cover it, and please take as much (peaceful/non-violent) action as you personally can to keep America and all its residents safe. Meditation does bring peace….and long-time meditators tell us it does yield results. Let’s hope!