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Former Marine Corps and CIA Officer Robert D. Steele: What You Need to Know is I’m a Spy Saying Spying Doesn’t Work

“It’s costing you 1.2 billion dollars a week to produce the President’s daily brief, for a guy who can’t read.”

“We have a military-industrial complex today that profits from Secrecy and War, and it does not profit from efficiency and peace.”

“War is a racket, and the only reason it’s happening is because the American public is lethargic.”

This rather inspiring video (about 10 minutes long) posted on Youtube by Youtube user sonygvf is from 2010 and shows Robert D. Steele, a former CIA officer, who has also worked in the Marine Corps and in Counter Intelligence, speaking with passion on the issues facing the USA today–of a broken Constitution, a failed Federal Government, an unwieldy and intrusive Intelligence complex, complete failure of the media; and pointing out that we are in a historic moment right now, when bloggers and citizen journalists have a tremendous opportunity to focus on an issue and work with persistence to blog, expose, and bring it out into the open. He echoes my conviction that in the presence of a Failed Media–as we are currently–it’s up to us to speak out. Structured citizen journalism will hold the criminals accountable, and we must hold them accountable. We must speak out.

“Public intelligence and influence is about to take off. We are about to bury Rule by Secrecy. Civil affairs is the focal point. The Intelligence guys need to go back in their box.”

“If you bloggers self-organize, and attach yourselves like leeches to specific issues, corporations, organizations, challenges, whatever, you will be the Intelligence minutemen of this century. The power is in your hands.”

“I think we’re at a turning-point. I think we’re at the very beginning of a historic tidal shift in power, restoring the Constitution.”