Jeffrey Sterling Update: John Kiriakou/Truthdig: “Our Grass-Roots Pressure May Be The Only Thing That…Could Save His Life”

Sep 22: Jeffrey Sterling has suffered a heart attack in prison, John Kiriakou writes Sep 21 in Truthdig:

Whistleblower Jeffrey Sterling Appears to Have Suffered a Heart Attack in Prison

Excerpt, urging concerned communities to engage, take action, pick up the phone and call the Warden or Bureau of Prisons, or send an email message:

“Holly Sterling has been tireless in her work to get her husband to a cardiologist. She asked Jeffrey’s sentencing judge, Leonie Brinkema, to intervene. Brinkema refused. She then enlisted the support of Norman Solomon’s Roots Action, which has asked supporters to call Warden Deborah Denham at 303-763-4300. In addition to the warden, Solomon recommends contacting the Bureau of Prisons’ North Central Regional Office by calling Sara M. Revell at 913-621-3939 or writing to her at Our grass roots pressure may be the only thing that gets Jeffrey Sterling to a cardiologist. It could save his life.”

Please read the Truthdig article in full to discover how exactly the prison system has been structured to prevent outside interference and permit bureaucratic mayhem, as per the Administrative Remedy Process which all prisoners are supposed to go through if they need immediate medical attention or have a complaint, a “Process” involving paperwork, delays, and weeks/months/up to a year of processing. For immediate medical attention, it looks like prisoners need our help from the outside; we need to make those calls and write those emails immediately.


Sep 21: Please write, call, or email to speak on Jeffrey Sterling‘s behalf, to ensure timely and urgently needed medical treatment for him in prison. Jeffrey Sterling as you may know is the CIA whistleblower who had sued the CIA for discrimination related to employment issues and was later charged under the Espionage Act for leaking of classified information regarding the CIA’s “bungled” undercover operations in Iran to James Risen of the New York Times. More on his story may be found at this Nation article. RT covers the urgent call for humane treatment and urges treatment of his heart condition. The Intercept calls this week for a pardon of all whistleblowers. Roots Action features this call from his wife Holly Sterling to all Americans and citizens worldwide of conscience: please speak out to assist this CIA whistleblower, whose health from all accounts needs immediate attention. Source: Email/Roots Action.

Sep 17, 2016

Hello Friends,

During this morning’s telephone conversation with Jeffrey, he informed me there was a date he was to see the medical specialist. Sadly, that date has come and gone. I remain in complete and utter disbelief that Jeffrey’s dire medical issues continue to be blatantly ignored to the point of medical negligence by the prison.

To cause further angst, Jeffrey told me a fellow individual recently requested to report to sick call immediately. His request was denied by the corrections officer as it was prior to the “official” sick call time. Tragically, he died a couple hours later. The cause of death, a HEART ATTACK!

Friends, I cannot and will not let Jeffrey suffer the same tragic consequences. I am requesting your help once again to get my beloved husband the medical treatment he is inherently entitled to as a human being.

Every day I am plagued by unimaginable fear when my telephone rings, as when the caller ID says “private,” I am terrified if it is going to be Jeffrey’s voice on the other end or that of a prison employee with terrible news.

Please help us:

**  You may once again email or phone the Warden, Deborah Denham, demanding that Jeffrey receive the necessary and proper medical care. You can contact her at or call 303-763-4300.

In addition to contacting the Warden, please email or call the North Central Regional Office that is responsible for oversight and support to FCI Englewood and other prisons in its jurisdiction. You may email Sara M. Revell at NCRO/ or call 913-621-3939.

**  Chances are you’ve already signed the petition for President Obama to grant Jeffrey an immediate pardon. Now I hope you’ll encourage others to sign it as well. Mindful that the president will be vacating his office soon, I will be making my way back to DC for a final plea.

**  Your help for the Sterling Family Funddonating here — would assist with me hiring a lawyer, as it currently appears that may be the only way for Jeffrey to receive proper medical care. The Fund also continues to allow me the privilege to visit with Jeffrey, and I pray my recent visit will not be the last.

**  Lastly, please continue to send words of encouragement to my dear husband Jeffrey. You may write letters and/or send cards to him at the following address:


Jeffrey and I remain grateful and humbled by your actions and support standing in solidarity to get him the medical help he is entitled to. We honestly could not continue without your support and help, as tragically our government continues to demonstrate how powerful and evil it truly can be. We wish all of you health, happiness, and peace to you and your families.

Holly Sterling

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2 responses to “Jeffrey Sterling Update: John Kiriakou/Truthdig: “Our Grass-Roots Pressure May Be The Only Thing That…Could Save His Life”

  1. Hi William, Thanks for your comment and links here and elsewhere, you bring up some interesting points, and I hope I may quote you. May I ask, is your newsletter accessible online? And do you have some of those letters from prisoners you could share? Prisoners, from various accounts, are indeed being subjected to electronic assault/mind control or neuro-experimentation via microwave weaponry as well as other sorts of conducted-energy devices (see Guantanamo prisoner Khalid Shaikh Mohammed’s testimony, for instance). This is a very concerning subject and I’d like to cover it further. The use of undisclosed weaponry and surveillance devices using radiation and sonics on vulnerable populations like prisoners should be an issue for public knowledge and debate. Thanks for any information you can pass on.

  2. I hate to say it, but it does appear that our Prisons for decades are the labs for the latest EMF-related exotic experimentation. A few years ago, I published a newsletter, and would receive correspondence from Prisoners begging me to help them, as they were being experimented upon. Their minds were literally being hacked to pieces. Beaming maser images into prisoner’s brains, results in not-so-nice effects. And is the public going to sympathize with mind control experiments on Prisoners doing time for violent offenses? Never. Also, please remember: that our government has technology that is about 50 years ahead of the commercial sector. So imagine something a many times powerful than this. From a couple of days ago; “MIT Invents A Device That Detects Your Sadness—With Radio Waves”

    To be able to murder someone with microwaves via a satellite in space, would be a sort of “perfect crime”, no? And if those were Israeli satellites killing unsuspecting Americans on the ground…..BTW: I read something recently, perhaps at, that Iran is perplexed by small fires that are currently break out on the ground for no reason. Iran suspects that this remote heating is being done by satellites above, and it is now able to ignite small fires on the ground; i.e. trash can fire. Imagine what such a technology targeted could do to the human brain? Cook someones brain until it melts inside their skull? Go to google news ( and type in “murder suicide”. You will get links to thousands of stories of average, everyday Americans doing the “murder suicide” thing- most for no apparent reason. 1 in 4 women in the US in their 40’s and 50’s are now on some type of psycho-tropic drug. It is indeed a silent-holocaust, induced by Israeli and US satellites! Not to mention the ground-based HAARP style radar installations throughout the US. Wi-Fi operates on the same frequency as the microwave oven. BTW: Does anyone really know who controls the NSA (National Security Agency)?. Some say it is the Likud party in Israel. I would bet that’s a correct guess. A great site you have here, keep up the good work.

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