Doreen Agostino/Our Greater Destiny: Battle Rages Across The Planet Between Good And Evil; Choice Point

Re-blogged on The Everyday Concerned Citizen, with many thanks.

Inspiring action to inform local government about the devastation being wreaked by the ongoing program of stratospheric aerosols or chem trails. Many thanks to Doreen Agostino for her initiative and commitment.


April 2016 I notified our local Mayor, Council members, and David Suzuki’s Bluedot representatives before presenting at a local Council meeting that climate change is exacerbated by geoengineering the weather and toxic chemicals sprayed from aircraft day and night. [email link below]

The Bluedot representative did not understand my email and asked me to summarize which I did today. I copied the Environmental Advisory Committee Council representative and my local Councillor.

From: Doreen Agostino []
Sent: Thursday, May 19, 2016 5:15 PM
To: ‘Newmarket Blue Dot’; ‘’
Cc: ‘’; ‘’
Subject: Newmarket, now is the time to ask Council to stand up for Environmental Rights – Summary
Importance: High

Hi Nathan

I recently experienced a tragedy that took priority in life. I apologize for the delay in getting back to you.

To summarize as you requested

  1. My April 17, 2016 email provided evidence that climate change is exacerbated by geoengineering…

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