Speak Out Against Endless War in Iraq and Syria/Needless Torture of Animals

Many peace groups tell us it is still important to write to Congress and make our views known this week, even though the US has started bombing Syria and Iraq–Congress is still accountable to us, and we must continue to hold Congress accountable.

New please-sign links today, to petitions from Roots Action (for Win Without War & World Beyond War), and Change.org (for University of Wisconsin alumna doctor’s petition against torturing baby macaques)–please see the Peace/Not War and Living Beings pages to click on petition links.

From World Beyond War:

Watch World Beyond War director David Swanson oppose the latest U.S. war on U.S. television here.

If you’re in the U.S. join our friends at RootsAction and Win Without War in registering your opposition here and here.

If you’re in England join our friends in the Stop the War Coalition protesting in London here.

A protest is being planned in Washington on Thursday as well. CodePink should have the info soon  here. (This is past.)

Let us know about any other events anywhere in the world and we’ll post them on the World Beyond War website.

Take this opportunity to introduce others to the World Beyond War movement and encourage them to sign their names and get involved at WorldBeyondWar.org

There is no way to peace. Peace is the way.

Sign the Declaration of Peace.

2 responses to “Speak Out Against Endless War in Iraq and Syria/Needless Torture of Animals

  1. Thank you for taking a moment to comment. Animal rights and human rights surely live along the same continuum–and both need to be fought for, all over the world, it seems.

    We are living currently in a world where humans and human rights are not respected, and neither are animals, in many forums.

    The issue you raise of humans being used clandestinely or covertly as research subjects today, in the USA and worldwide, in many kinds of experiments, including slow-kill radiation experiments using remote-controlled radiation neuroweaponry is an important one, that this blog is equally concerned about–please see posts in Human Rights.

    I will continue to sound the alarm here on such experiments, which are running under the radar of mainstream media. Thanks again.

  2. I see that animal rights are mentioned and i agree. what about human rights with respect to human beings used as research subjects against their will. Humans have less rights than animals because animal rights are mentioned as a concern and human research subject rights are slow kill silent hill

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