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Time to Prosecute the Torturers

While the world’s been reeling from the reports of the most unimaginable atrocities committed by officials in the Bush administration, as released finally, thanks to outgoing Senator Mark Udall, in the summary of the Senate CIA report on torture, we in the US and the rest of the world can still speak out, and push for prosecution of the torturers. There seems to be some sort of battle going on to classify this torture as normative under pressures of “terrorism,” but an increasing number of media outlets are beginning to note the horror, such as evinced in this New York Times Op-ed: Prosecute Torturers and Their Bosses, and join the call to prosecute from human rights groups, such as expressed in this op-ed Prosecute the Torturers from Human Rights Watch.


Past the recent odd call from ACLU calling inexplicably for Presidential pardons (of High Crime), ACLU and Human Rights Watch are calling for an independent investigation from the Attorney-General, their petition can be found here: No Free Pass for Torture

US Human Rights asks you to sign this letter asking Holder to prosecute: Time for Prosecutions from the CIA Torture Report

Meanwhile, let’s not forget there is a Lot of US torture that is Not currently in the news but proceeds apace, nevertheless. (Please see the Human Rights pages on this site.) This report from the US Human Rights Network detailing conclusions from the recent US Government Review by the Convention Against Torture in Geneva in November 2014 touches on various, egregious violations of human and civil rights of adults, women, and juveniles in Guantanamo, in prisons in the US, by police departments and officers : Concluding Observations.

And there is of course the continuing, clandestine assaults using Directed-Energy Weapons and organized harassment on activists and people who speak out on any issue in the United States, assaults not spoken about in corporate mainstream media yet–essentially domestic terrorism, and, by its very nature, essentially torture. This assault is both domestic and transcontinental–no doubt the CIA is involved, in exporting the assaults. These are horrors yet to come to light in the mainstream, although millions around the world are aware of their existence and continuance. Please see the pages here under Human Rights for more information, and please stay tuned for expanded information here in this area. Don’t forget to sign those petitions!