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Global Financial Meltdown: The Story Behind the Story

Great video post by Luke Rudkowski, We Are Change, on what’s happening worldwide, hidden Ponzi schemes, manipulations of the stock market by the uber-rich who seem to want to prey indefinitely on the poor and the middle-class, the petrodollar, and who it’s been enriching, and how to get off the grid and focus on community/Bitcoin/share-and-barter systems instead:

News and analyses of more than markets crashing, David Wilcock‘s new article is sweeping and eye-opening, bringing news of noteworthy events and signs that the reign of the Cabal who have been holding the world hostage to their larceny is in its final stages:

Terrifying Global Events: Triggers for Mass Awakening?

From the article: “These economic headlines are only a very small part of all the wild stuff going on — which we will be discussing.

Given the overall series of events and how they are lining up, it is unlikely that this is going to just go away, though the ups and downs may be dramatic.

Either way, these disconcerting events are actually steering us into a solution.

These disconcerting events are actually steering us into a solution.

As strange and upsetting as many of these events can appear, there is every reason to believe that something positive will come out of all this.

We can’t change the fact that there are some very negative people on earth. People who want to kill billions of us. Literally.

They are out there. They are real.

And they have been working very, very hard to achieve their goals — with an astonishing scope and depth of power.

These events are precisely what we need to finally expose and defeat the negative agenda once and for all.” Continue reading the article at Divine Cosmos.