Report 280 | Dr. Len Ber Leads the Acknowledgment of DEW Hits on Civilians by Dr. Giordano

Report | Ramola D | From Feb 20, 2022

Informative and landmark conversation with Dr. Len Ber, a physician by profession from the USSR with a background in working in Regulatory affairs in the food industry in Chicago, who reports experiencing DEW attacks similar to those reported by US diplomats and CIA spies, and who asked military neuroscientist Dr. James Giordano at last week’s UTSW Havana Syndrome conference the question on DEW attacks on civilians which led to Dr. Giordano’s (cautious) acknowledgment of such cases where people are similarly diagnosed by University of Miami neurologist Dr. Michael Hoffer as legitimate and backed by science.

Dr. Len Ber describes at length the sudden-onset attacks of directional energy with high-pitched frequencies ringing in his ears, vibrations, and convulsions he experienced in his own apartment which led to feelings of vertigo, loss of balance, and later a sense of mental fog, cognitive decline and effects on memory which are very similar to what the diplomats report and what University of Pennsylvania neuroscientists Dr. Douglas Smith et al recorded as a syndrome later dubbed Havana Syndrome. In close touch with an intelligent psychiatrist who assured him this was not a psychiatric disorder, Dr. Ber set about visiting a neurologist and gained a referral to Dr. Michael Hoffer at Miami, the neurologist and otolaryngologist who was instrumental in examining and diagnosing the diplomats and Intelligence analysts who report being hit with sonic and neurotech attacks. There his after-effects of DEW attacks were diagnosed as acute neurosensory dysfunction due to directed-energy–a remarkable medical acknowledgement of directed-energy weapons used on a civilian inside USA–exactly as theirs were.

Dr. Ber reports however that Penn Medicine– in particular Dr. Douglas Smith’s Center for Traumatic Brain Injury and Repair refused to look at his DTIs–a form of functional MRI called Diffusion Tensor Imaging–and further address his case after diagnosis by Dr. Hoffer. Journalists he spoke to at NPR and other places showed interest but refused to touch the story of DEW attacks on civilians.

The question Dr. Giordano was asked by Dr. Ber was what steps he would advise civilians so attacked to take, when given the same diagnosis as the diplomats. Dr. Giordano responded that he received many emails with information on symptoms some of which were backed by science and that he recommended people seek clinical help so as to “go up the chain of verification and validation.”

However, Dr. Ber says medical treatment and further medical address is not enough for such DEW attacks; the first priority is they should be stopped and a Congressional investigation initiated, since these are criminal assaults and our government should protect us. However, since our government is building and testing these weapons in a number of ways–discussed by myself–it’s a little hard to see investigations taking place. Yet, speaking to Senate Intelligence and Judicial/Govt affairs committees as NSA whistleblower Kirk Wiebe has advised offers a way forward for those suffering the persecutions of bio-hacking and what Dr. Robert Duncan calls no-touch-torture (an odd name since there’s plenty of physical assault).

The moral framework needed is the need to protect all civilians, says Dr. Ber. Neuroweapon attacks on one civilian should be seen as such on all civilians, in light of which, Dr Ber would like to inform Dr. Giordano, the need of the moment is an investigation and halting of the DEW attacks, since the constant assault he is reporting leads to greater physical distress and cumulative damage with lengthened recovery times each time.

Of course, Dr. Ber’s reports are borne out by the hundreds of reports pouring in from citizens all over the USA, many of which I have reported and written about, in addition to podcast interviews (most on Odysee at this point after the March 3, 21 crash of my channel on Youtube by the 333 aficionados.).

Dr. Ber also suggests questioning every politician publicly on the subject of halting neuroweapon use on citizens before voting for them, saying this is going to prove the most historic subject facing humanity today–since the very sanctity of the human brain and bodily integrity are at stake.

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