Report 228 / News Panel 15 / Jan 18, 2021: The Current Situation: Dangers of Deception, Fraud & Cover Ops

Ramola D Reports Broadcast Center | Video Links | Jan 23, 2021

News Panel 15 was removed in a couple hours after posting on Jan 18, 2021 from Youtube, now at Bitchute and Brighteon:

News Panel 15 | Report 228 | The Current Situation: Dangers of Deception, Fraud & Cover Ops

Thought-provoking conversation on the dangers of the current situation rife with deception on the numbers of cases from high false-positives on the PCR test, unpacking of the vaccine as a genetic engineering bioweapon, dangerous side effects being reported, and information from Pfizer and the MHRA on what really is in the vaccine–synthetic RNA and lipid nanoparticles, among other ingredients. Unexpected dive into the subject of controlled opposition among 5G activists and TI activists, replete with smear operations and harassive bully attacks, the misrepresentation of activists as insane by front-people and governments who use mental health fraud to stop whistleblowing and exposure of govt crime and corruption, and the need for tenacity and truth in all exposure and activism.


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