Ramola D Reports | NewsBreak 106 | Jan 28, 2021 | Lynda Thyer Released from French Jail, David Noakes Still Held

Ramola D Reports Broadcast Center | Video Link | Jan 31, 2021

UPDATE 2-3-2021: Uploaded now at Bitchute, link below. Deleting the first upload & retrying worked.

This interview was broadcast live on Facebook and is uploaded now at Brighteon and Brand New Tube, links below. It’s not uploading at Bitchute–no idea why, although I have written and asked–and cannot be uploaded at Youtube given their community guideline strike currently for all COVID vaccine videos: Youtube is maintaining a false-narrative about the vaccine and removing all videos advertising the dangers of the COVID vaccine and exposing that the virus has never been isolated, so cannot be proved to exist–in other words, giving the game away, that the virus is a hoax, the pandemic is a hoax, and the vaccine is a deadly cocktail of poisons, nanobotizing tech, and mRNA gene-altering tech–intended to alter the human genome and decimate humanity.

This news therefore that Lynda Thyer has been released although she is still facing erroneous charges and has a court trial set for March 2021 has been silenced on Youtube from my end as well. Please share this page widely.

Ramola D Reports | NewsBreak 106 | Jan 28, 2021 | Lynda Thyer Released from French Jail, David Noakes Still Held

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Trevor recounts how Lynda Thyer was released, and what the situation is currently. Lyn Thyer, a biomedical research scientist working with David Noakes of Immuno Biotech had been wrongfully pursued, prosecuted, and extradited to Fleury Merogis Prison 19 months ago (as also was Noakes) on charges laid on him by the French Prosecutor on advisement of British courts who acted for the MHRA UK in stopping all their successful work to heal people with cancer, autism, CFS and other diseases with GcMAF, a naturally occurring protein, by saying it had not been licensed and that they were peddling unapproved drugs. (Pl. see earlier coverage at youtube.com/RamolaDReports and everydayconcerned.net.)

Lynda Thyer is now recovering from jail and seeking to restore her health as she prepares for yet another court hearing and trial in March 2021.

Lynda thanks everyone who sent her cards and letters in jail and says they are what kept her going, much thanks from her family as well.