Transcript of Newsbreak 47: Mass Corruption Remedy Process in UK at Breakthrough Moment, with Edward Ellis and Neelu Berry

Transcript | Thanks to Neelu Berry | Posted 12/13/2019

Good Morning everyone! Welcome to Ramola D Reports. This is Newsbreak 47. I’m Ramola D and I’m here this morning with Edward Ellis. Equity lawyer and with Neelu Berry and they give us a breaking update on the entire mass corruption remedy process which I understand has been continuing for quite a long time even though we haven’t heard from Edward in a long time so it’s really nice to see you Edward good morning 

Well it’s nice to see you too we’ve been very busy. We forced a general election and prepared integrity tests of the state, the Law Courts and the politicians before and during the election campaign process. So the integrity tests put judges under pressure because what they would have done is forced the top politicians to deal with corruption cases against judges in Parliament. So the judges had a choice they either made conflicted interest admissions and withdrew from the case or they committed conflict qualification frauds to keep control of the cases for dismissal frauds and restraint frauds against the victims. 

And this is across the board several different cases right Edward

Yes now what has happened is, we put them under so much pressure that they ended up unable to issue Election Fraud Claims. so you’ve got a General Election in progress, you have a key case in which all of the party leaders have liability defendant status in an Election Fraud Case. The judges committed court frauds. The party leaders are the beneficiaries of the frauds so it forces them to make the choice, either they accept the election frauds and therefore responsibility for them, or they reject the election frauds and the only way they can do that is by agreeing consent remedy orders with the victims to revoke the court frauds.

Is that happening right now, is that likely to happen or is it on the way to happen?

No! What has happened is, organized crime had such a grip on Parliament that they were able to control who won the leadership election. Prime Minister Mr. Johnson made protection fraud deals with organized crime in order to get leadership support so all of the deals were subject to viable execution conditions so citizens took cases to get unviable execution condition proof and releases from his protection fraud deals.

 It didn’t stop the frauds so what has happened is the judges have been put under remorseless pressure by citizens–have committed repeated frauds, have started to worry about it very badly, have demanded protection reassurance from the Cabinet and so during the election, cabinet officers have had to commit deliberate election fraud so we are facing a general election where the Crown and the Lord bishops will have proof of the scale of the frauds.

 Now to give you an idea how intense it has got there is a parliament session file kept by the Director of Public Prosecutions for the crown and the Prime Minister the function of the file is to eliminate all doubt about whether the Prime Minister has notice of relevant evidence. So when the crown says Prime Minister give me the file content from the Parliament session file, the handing over of the documents is an evidence notice admission by the Prime Minister that he knows about everything on the file

 Are all these cases on that file ?

This is what I am getting to explain, that we have a process for getting citizen papers on that file. In December 2011 the Queen used protection papers and a Firearms corruption Proof Set and a Secret Service officer to conduct an integrity test. The choice for Sussex Police Chief Constable was either a corruption investigation with protection arrangements for the victim or a prosecution fraud against the victim with protection frauds for the corrupt officers. So the Chief Constable chose the prosecution fraud and was forced to run the entire case so it got fraud proof against the investigators, prosecutors, trial judges and appeal judges and that evidence set completed a corruption investigation of the law courts. 

So we have covered that in the past 

That’s right I am feeling echoes of what we talked about in our previous interviews because you had talked about actually setting up these cases as a means to prove that this corruption is indeed at the top

Please please the point at this stage is that the firearms case was used to establish the practice that Sussex crown prosecutors would be the receiving agent for the director of public prosecutions to receive citizen papers for the parliament session file. What the Sussex officers did not know was those arrangements were set up precisely to discover whether anyone interfered with the arrangements and if so when, how and why. 

Eight years later the Sussex crown prosecutors moved out of their offices in Hove into offices in Brighton police station which is controlled by Sussex Police. On the 4th of December this year Sussex police refused to allow access to the building or to the office in order to file the papers. The crown prosecutors refused to answer the telephone so that nobody would come down to escort the citizens to do the filing. So what we had was criminal conspiracy proof against Sussex Police and Sussex Crown prosecutors to prevent citizen papers getting on the parliament session file.

 So what I did in anticipation of that was I gave notice to a privy councillor that the crown prosecutors had moved into a police station and that I anticipated the risk that we might not have the services, receiving agent services from the crown prosecutors. So I wrote a letter to a privy councillor and the candidates who were standing against him in a one of the constituencies. 

So I emailed the notice, the letter and I suggested that they all jointly file a claim in the law courts against the Director of Public Prosecutions and the Secretary of State for justice to make alternative arrangements for the filing of the papers. So the next day I went to Brighton and got the filing refusal proof and so the day after that I gave notice to a privy councillor and the competing candidates of the filing refusal fraud and then on the Saturday we happened to have a relevant criminal investigation.

 One of the cases linked High Court judges to money laundering. We managed to get a criminal investigation. We didn’t actually get it the judges needed an investigation fraud to get rid of the case. They were far too late. We had got far too much evidence of criminal conspiracy by the judges before they had the complaint interview. The complaint was made on the 9th of October the complaint interview was not until the 7th of December and in those 59 days we got all of the evidence we needed against the judges in that case.

 This is brilliant sounds kind of ground breaking 

Well yes it is and it’s particularly relevant for some of your American audience. In 2019 President Trump kept us out of a Middle Eastern war. The Iranian mullahs and the protection Fraud networks needed a Middle Eastern war for their various reasons 

We do know that

President Trump refused  to engage in the war when the missile was fired against the the aircraft in near Iran. Later on he withdrew his troops from Syria. The reason he  withdrew the troops from Syria was top British politicians were using top judges and top police officers to sell protection frauds to drug dealers who were financing the Kurdish PPK.

 If President Trump did not remove his troops from Syria they were likely to be some of them killed by weapons financed by British organized crime with the blessing of top British politicians. So he kept us out of the Middle East war and that war would have sabotaged the remedy process. So what is happening is a lot of things are changing. 

The French president has lost his nerve to continue with extradition frauds so many of the European leaders are now offended that he has broken ranks and what he is doing is he’s distancing himself or distancing France from the British frauds that were were committed in order to enforce the market frauds for the pharmaceutical industry

 Edward this is so great this is very connected then to Lynda Thyer’s case

 Absolutely I’m grateful that you’ve managed to to introduce that. So the long and short of it is and that we have got rid of Prime Minister Mrs May. We have got a forced general election. We have managed integrity tests that force judges to make decisions.  Either they make conflict disqualification admissions to withdraw from the case or they commit conflict qualification frauds to keep control of the cases, in dismissal frauds, they are totally trapped.  

And so the Attorney General and the Solicitor General have been forced to reassure the judges they’re safe before Election Day. But they’re not. The crown and the Lord bishops need notice of the filing denial frauds committed on the 4th of December. 

So what i’ve done is the I sent an email last night and you’re included in the the list and all that people need do is file the document dated the 8th of December with the local authorities who provide secretarial services for the Lord lieutenants. Now the Lord lieutenant’s are the representatives of the crown in each constituency in each County. 

So they have they are returning officers election returning officers the council offices are only deputies and assistants so the Lord lieutenants have a primary responsibility to report election frauds. The filing denial fraud committed by Sussex Police and Sussex crown prosecutors on the 4th of December was an election fraud to deny the crown and the Lord bishops access to the election fraud proof that would have been filed so 

That’s interesting, so thats actually election fraud then 


The refusal to file the citizen cases 


So I’m grateful for your having the patience to listen to all this 

Of course

But the key thing is people can actually do something. They can file go into the local authority with a print of that document and ask for a receipt and by that device the Lord lieutenant’s should have notice. Now you will see from the letter which is written to the President of the Privy Council.  There is  about more than 730 privy councillors. They’re all people who have been involved in politics in one way or another and by giving notice to the Privy councillors we’re saying all of them have a duty to inform the Lord lieutenants and ensure that the crown knows. If they don’t they are jointly responsible for the election frauds.

 They have to make their minds up. They’re for the people or against the people. There’s nowhere in between

 So this would be a way of everybody in the UK sort of coming forward taking your document and taking it to their respective privy councils and informing them

Take it to the local authority 

Who is the Local authority 

County Council local authority local councils local government

Right so whatever the local council is they provide secretarial services for the Lord lieutenants so if they use the secretarial services so that the Lord lieutenants will have notice but it will be particularly useful if they were able to get receipt stamp proof on those documents that the councils have received the documents for the Lord lieutenants so we can 

And that is all the attachments with that document 

All they need do is serve the one dated the 8th of December because from that it tells it gives notice of what else there is to ask for 

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Brilliant I was going to ask you where can we all find this document and can I post it in my website

 Yes I’ve emailed them to you 

You know what you email me a lot and so I have it all I look at it but I’m very unsure what is okay to post so I kind of wait for your advice on that

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I stand corrected 

I guess i’ve been remiss in my duty 

I will go ahead and publish whatever you’ve sent me so 

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It’s a pleasure speaking to you again I hope it’s not so long until next time 

Not at all I hope we’ll have a conversation again very soon thank you so much Edward and Neelu and i’ll close up the show at my end thanks everybody for watching I’ll post these documents as Edward requested on my website and you can have access to it and go right ahead and you know take it to your county council as Neelu and Edward have suggested so we can move this process forward so fabulous thank you so much everyone again and we’ll talk to you again very soon thank you you’re very welcome