Neelu Berry Writes To The Queen About Freeing Whistleblowers, Humanity & Receives a Response

Letter & Updates from Neelu Berry | Posted 1/27/2020

Neelu Berry reports 1/26/2020 on Facebook that she has heard back from the Queen’s office after her hand-written letter sent last week, and is most hopeful and optimistic that changes will follow.

1/26/2020: I am smiling this morning…

So, as you all know, I wrote my 8 page hand written letter with the 39 pages of attachments and posted it by Registered Post to Her Majesty The Queen on 21 Jan 2020.

This is the response I got with a personal message from Her Majesty, naming “Julian Assange” and “Whistleblowers” dated 23 Jan 2020 by second class post received on 25th Jan 2020. It states basically, that Her Majesty The Queen will be asking her Ministers to deal with it.

Then I heard Julian Assange has been moved out of solitary confinement (1/24/2020) ….so smiles and smiles…. and no doubt all the other remedies will follow in stealth mode….

As I say, I would urge everyone to do the same, write to Her Majesty The Queen to request the release of all Whistleblowers, Protected Witnesses and Credible Electoral Candidates being held hostage as political prisoners in State Discredit Frauds and Election Frauds to deny the Citizens their choice of Elected Leaders in favour of back-door script-reading Actors and Impostors.


Buckingham Palace

23rd January 2020

Dear Neelu,

The Queen has asked me to thank you for your letter from which Her Majesty has taken careful note of the views you express regarding the Julian Assange case and the issue of those you refer to as whistleblowers.

I must explain, however, that as a constitutional Sovereign The Queen acts on the advice of her Ministers and remains strictly non-political at all times. This is, therefore, not a matter in which Her Majesty would intervene.

Yours sincerely,
Miss Jennie Vine, MVO
Deputy Correspondence Coordinator

Letter to Neelu Berry Chaudhari from the Queen’s office

2020 01 22 Letter to Queen received VE568308558GB at 8.16 am this morning by Lempriere and signed for HEHE

Neelu’s handwritten letter to the Queen, dated 1/20/2020 and mailed 1/21/2020:

Enclosed with her letter were the following:


20/01/20-Queen’s Letter Application Signed

PDF of Neelu’s Letter to Queen