Update & Letter: Dr. Seth Farber, Todd Giffen

Post of Letter with Note | Ramola D | Oct 19, 2021


Todd Giffen, a brilliant researcher, auto-didact, and legal scholar is still incarcerated in a maximum security mental health prison facility in Butner, South Carolina–unlawfully, since he is not mentally ill nor is he a danger or threat to anyone (he ended up there after sending a couple Senators letters abrading them for lack of care in his case, as a victim of hospital abuse and police abuse, as well as long-term non-consensual biotrafficking and horrific medical experimentation and brain abuse–matters which the CIA, NSA, DOD are trying to disappear by incarcerating him wrongfully and labeling him wrongfully as mentally ill). Todd’s letters were deemed threatening and he was arrested by the FBI under the expansive and inhumane and citizen-abusive counterterrorism laws made in the US after the Patriot Act — he was denied proper legal assistance and continuously ill-treated in court — and it is absurd that he is still in prison after several years.

Todd’s story has been previously reported by me in numerous articles and podcasts.

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My last update on Todd’s situation was last year around March 2020 (all podcasts at Odysee at my Ramola D Reports site).

I have just learned the past couple weeks of Todd’s being persecuted and abused in prison, and I will make a new video update soon, to share some of his reports from there.


Dr. Seth Farber, author, psychologist, scholar and writer who has championed the cause of those illegally targeted by the Military Industrial Academic Freemasonic complex engaging in occult terror and overt surveillance, mislabeled “Targeted Individuals” to further disappear their activism, journalism, whistleblowing, and normal human lives, has been diagnosed with a rare form of brain cancer and is currently in a hospital in New York.


Just learned from Carol Goss at Facebook that Dr. Seth Farber has passed away. Deepest condolences to his family. Seth was an intrepid scholar, researcher and friend–his work and his voice will be greatly missed.

Carol Goss

October 17  · To those of you waiting for an update on Dr. Seth Farber, I regretfully must inform you that he lost his battle with a brain tumor yesterday, Saturday, October 16, 2021, at approximately 4:30 am, in a New York City hospital. His sister informed me this afternoon he is no longer in pain and he is at peace. She has asked that all respect her family’s privacy, especially her mother’s, during this difficult time of mourning. Condolences to all of Seth’s friends, colleagues, clients and fellow activists. You will be missed, Seth Harlan Farber, PhD, psychologist, author, activist — RIP ❤️🎼☮️

Dr. Seth’s groundbreaking work has been featured at this site:

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Todd Giffen –who has been in close touch with him throughout–reports that Dr. Farber’s doctors have failed to inform him of a laser technique to remove tumors which is highly successful and currently being used around the USA. This laser surgery callad GammaKnife can be Googled; several hospitals in New York offer it so it is indeed questionable why Dr. Farber’s medical care professionals would not suggest or mention this to him.

Todd has written a 4-part letter from prison to update everyone on this GammaKnife Surgery and asks that this letter be sent to Dr. Seth Farber’s sister, to his roommate, to all his friends and supporters, and make the information available to his doctor so he can get this treatment

Todd’s letter dated October 19, 2021 is posted below–please share this information widely with all of Todd’s and Dr. Seth’s friends, family, and supporters. These are PDFs, they can be downloaded and saved and printed:

Todd is also seeking monetary help for legal expenses–please share this call for help with all who may be able to help, and please send letters/voicemails to Todd as noted above in his Letter Part 4.

Please note, Todd Giffen has posted major research and information at many websites which have all been taken down now, his information can be found on the Wayback Machine archives as he notes in his letter.