Petition to Congress, ACLU, UN: Stop False Diagnoses Leading To Forced Psychiatric Detainment To Cover Illegal Human Experimentation And Military Training Resulting In Torture

Dr. Millicent Black posted this petition on a little while ago (2014) and approves a re-posting as we examine new options for activism today, and seek new ways of informing the world and asking people in positions of power for their help in ending these atrocities and human rights violations of non-consensual human experimentation with neuro and energy technologies on thousands, if not millions, worldwide. This petition addresses a few people and organizations including the ACLU, the UN World Organization Against Torture and the Special Rapporteur to the UN on Torture, Juan Mendez. Dr. Black recommends that people continue to sign the petition today and pass on the link to friends: Petition at

Included in the text of the petition are several useful resources including a letter of support from expert Lynn Surgalla, Vice-President of the US Psychotronics Association, and a speech given by Senator John Glenn in favor of informed consent, which is still not protected by current law, as well as the text of the aborted Space Preservation Act of 2001 presented by Senator Dennis Kucinich (and created by attorney and journalist Alfred Webre), which would have prohibited the assault of human beings with space-based and other satellite and energy technologies. Comments from previous signers, from all across the US as well as worldwide, can be found here: comments_1487196465-including-other-country-signees.


“This Petition is to ask Congress to immediately implement legislation to stop the fraudulent diagnosis and detention of involuntary human research subjects as mentally ill without proper validation as set forth by individual State policies and procedure. Victims may also be used as non-consensual human research subjects of military training. In a 2013 report of the United Nations it was said that forced psychiatric treatment IS torture.  This crime is currently being investigated by the United Nations World Organisation on Torture Twenty-second Session of the General Assembly  

These false and forced institutionalizations based on fraudulent diagnoses are being used to isolate, silence and ruin the credibility of (as former Congressman Kucinich stated, “high-valued targets”), victims.  These diagnoses create doubt of the victim’s statements of abuses by these many technologies.   Such false and invalid diagnoses are also used to ‘cloak’ non-consensual human experimentation testing and evaluation of various technologies, and other crimes against humanity. ”

Please visit and sign the petition here.