Please print out and use the formatted pdf version of this flyer, text below:


The purpose of this flyer, a Notice of Criminality, Notice of Prosecution, is to educate people in your communities and neighborhoods who are pointing cell phones at you, filming you, stalking you, “keeping an eye on you,”as members of local Watch groups or as members of Infragard or Intelligence agency groups, or just lied-to neighbors, local business members, and local community members, that the “Homeland Security” mechanism operating through Fusion Centers in your neighborhood is actively running campaigns of lies on innocent and upstanding members of the community, such as yourself, while running lucrative programs of human trafficking of civilians into weapons-testing and neuro-experimentation programs, as well as outright assault and torture with stealth military weapons of Electronic Warfare.

Tracking a Community Member? Part of Military/Intelligence/Infragard/CitizenWatch?

Sworn to Secrecy By a “US Government” Agency Threatening Jail Time and Fines?

Told This Person is a “Threat to National Security” & Needs to Be CONSTANTLY (24/7) Watched, GPS’d, Recorded?

Told This Person is “Mentally Unstable”/“Mentally Ill”/”Paranoid”/“Likely to be Violent”?

Told This Person is a Terrorist, Spy, Domestic Extremist, Conspiracy Theorist, Violent Extremist?

Told This Person is “Under Investigation” for Some Crime?

Told You Have to “Help”/Or Being Paid to “Help” With This Investigation?

Told This is “Community-Based” Policing or Citizen Watch?

Think it’s Fun to Be a Spy/Or That You Have No Choice but to Spy?

Told This is a “Community-Based” Research Project in “Understanding Society”?

Or a Program to Combat Racism, Terrorism, Sexism, Hate Speech?

Told You Have to Color-Code, Mimic, Meme-Repeat for “Neurological or Behavior Modification” or “Public Observation” of this “Problematic” Person?

Think You Have to Comply with Men/Women Flashing Badges to Track Innocent Community Members?

Ten Facts Regarding Tracking and “Electronic Surveillance” Today

  1. This person you are tracking has been targeted because of their INTEGRITY—their writing, whistleblowing, activism, or/and innocence, integrity, morality, community spirit, not because they are “suspected terrorists”, mentally ill, violent, or foreign spies.
  1. This person has, by speaking out, exposing corruption, or community activism crossed paths with corrupt criminals in Homeland Security: DHS/FBI/CIA/DIA/Military; or the local corporate/corrupt band of FreeMasons; or the local covey of Satanists—or all three. Corrupt Police and Corrupt Local Govt are permitting attacks on innocents.
  1. This tracking using apps, cell phones, GPS, and covertly-implanted RFID chips, is hiding behind Law but is the action of CRIMINALS in government; it is part of a program by Criminals, to conceal Covert-Ops Crime, under “Classified” labels.
  1. Classified covers hide both Crime and Payment for Crime: Local Governments, local Police/Fusion Centers/Utility companies are being paid Big Bucks to human-traffick innocents/activists into Covert Ops Weapons Testing/Brain Research programs.
  1. Part of the Crime being hidden is Non-Consensual Human Brain Experimentation. The person you are helping track is a Victim of covert 24/7 assault with neuroweapons; you are helping to conceal crime and attack an innocent: each time you track/point your cell at a being-tracked person, you are helping assault with pulsed microwave radiation.
  1. Part of the Crime being hidden is Non-Consensual, Terminal Weapons-Testing of Military Directed-Energy Weapons (microwave/sonic/scalar/electronic weapons) run by Defense contractors such as Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics—in concealed, covert operations.
  1. Part of the Crime being hidden is Asymmetric and Stealth Warfare Against Unarmed, Non-Combatant Civilians. Communities are being subjugated for the “New World Order” being rolled out by the fascists at the core of this criminal operation.
  1. Other Crimes being hidden by keeping these Ops Covert are: The Suppression of Free Speech; Political Retaliation Against Dissent; Invasion of Privacy; Theft of Intellectual Property (by Neuro/Cyber Surveillance); Conspiracy to Attack a Person/Commit Murder of a Person. When you consent to track, you become an Accomplice to these Crimes.
  1. These are Nazi-inspired and Stasi actions of social and political repression, covert assault, and human trafficking. They are being run by powerful criminals of Satanist and fascist bent from secret society factions inside our Intelligence and Security agencies: the end-result being aimed at is Total Control of Communities and Total Bio/Neuro Control of Humans.
  1. Do your own research and wake up. Find your conscience. Be very aware you are assisting in Assault, Torture, and Murder with every act of consent you give these criminals—whether it’s tracking Victims on your cell phone—and being paid for it or not, permitting the criminals to park in your driveway or use your property or use your cell phone for “consensual monitoring” via audio/video recording.

You do NOT have to consent to Crime or permit these criminal assaults. Tell those with badges you cannot get involved in Crime. These Crimes WILL be made fully public and prosecuted. If you are a party to these crimes, you WILL be prosecuted as an Accomplice to these crimes.

See for more information on those being unConstitutionally, illegitimately targeted.