Immediate High Level Routes to Effectively Demand a Stop to Illegal, Unlawful, Non-Consensual, Inhumane Mil/Intel Targeting, Trafficking, Weapons-Testing, and Medical Experimentation On Your Body

–Ramola D/Posted 5/16/2019

Based on the information and research that others have done (full credit provided below) and that I have also pursued or explored, in the interests of finding the most effective means (apart from lawsuits and court action, which I am not covering below, since as we know “state secrets privilege” and “national security” nonsense is often used to shut down court cases) to demand a stop to the unlawful assault on our human bodies and brains by out-of-control rogue agencies and personnel wrongfully watchlisting and trafficking people NON-CONSENSUALLY into Military Non-Lethal Weapons Testing projects and Criminal Justice Non-Lethal Neuroweapons and Neuro Surveillance projects and Intelligence Neuro Surveillance and Neuro Modification Projects (such as the CIA’s MK ULTRA/Monarch programs which appear to be continuing, from all reports from the worldwide human community), I post the following solutions below, and recommend that each of you do your own thorough and independent research into each of these and choose what you think most useful. I will include my own opinion with each solution, and will add in any information anyone wishes to send me to add to any of these; I will also add in videos and website links shortly.

NOTE: In the US, the recently revised version of the Common Rule has permitted all these rogue intelligence/military/justice agencies and divisions of the government to obtain a blanket waiver of Informed Consent for all their unethical and inhumane experimentation and stealth assault with neuroweaponry and “non-lethal” remote-access, remote-assault bio-hacking weaponry on EVERYONE and ANYONE by according them “normative activity” exemptions under Intelligence Surveillance and Criminal Justice–these are literally Crimes Against Humanity, to permit such exemptions, since Crimes Against Humanity are being performed and have been performed and will now be more easily run and hidden under such blanket waivers.

So in other words, every single American is in great danger at any time of being fraudulently rolled into deadly and barbaric, inhumane and unethical human experimentation projects–with no accountability whatsoever, and no hope of redress, let alone cognizance or disclosure–given these exemptions, if we do not take action today to stop these blatant encroachments and Crimes Against Humanity.

1. Arlene Johnson of TrueDemocracy.Net recommends that all “Targeted Individuals” study the In Power Movement’s Notice of Liability actions, which they are using to stop the installation of smart meters on their homes and premises, and send Notices of Liability to the CEOs of every Intelligence Agency or other agency you identify as being responsible or participatory in your targeting, trafficking, victimizing, and stealth assault with EMF Neuroweapons.  This is based on the understanding that every single agency of the government, including the so-called government itself, whether city, state, or federal is actually a corporation (something you can check for yourself with a little research online, links to be added). So the CEOs of these corporations can be held liable. She recommends sending these Notices to the CEOs of the CIA and the NSA in particular.

I would add, one could also send Notices to the CEOs of the FBI and DHS and local Fusion Centers as well, since it appears to be the FBI–from all reports from FBI whistleblower Geral Sosbee as well as much reported information in the public domain–that is involved in first wrongfully labeling and watchlisting innocent people as terrorists, troublemakers, extremists, belligerents, enemy combatants, and so on (as well as the DHS or “Terrorism Liaison Officers” from the local fusion center which includes your local police, state police, and sheriff’s departments)–all fraudulent labels that they are very wrong in using on innocent private, peaceful, non-belligerent, non-combatant, citizens. But which they have been doing primarily to keep their budgets and Wars on Terror going, and keep their control over an increasingly intimidated and disempowered populace.

Massive Surveillance Fraud has been run by these agencies–and continues to be run–and I have no doubt it will indeed be fully exposed, but before that happens, everyone wrongfully targeted and harassed and assaulted with stealth weaponry can indeed assist in this exposure and act to advocate for themselves by taking this Notice of Liability action–but please first fully explore what this means and only do it if it makes sense to you to do so.

In fact, I would recommend that all please identify who exactly is involved and send these Notices only to those agencies and corporations which you feel certain are involved.

My intention here is to publicize this information as a possible remedy, which would require research and independent action on your part. Please listen to the interview I did with Josh del Sol and Cal Washington where they talk about this Notice of Liability and how people can use it.

2. Chris Zucker of Freedom Fighters for America suggests that you write and declare and publish online a No-Consent or an Opt-Out to publicly declare that you have never consented, and do not consent, and have never volunteered and do not volunteer, and seek to opt out of any medical research you may have been enrolled in without your knowledge or consent or by means of falsified records and signatures used without your knowledge or volition. He has a form of his own which I will ensure can be posted before I link it here, for all to see and use parts of, as a template (it is personal to his situation).

3. Richard Lighthouse of Targeted Justice has sent jointly-signed Cease and Desist Letters to officials at the FBI, DHS, US Air Force Space Command, CIA and recommends others do so too. He has also set up a Mandamus Action at his website, which is a request to an US Attorney to convene a Grand Jury to investigate the claims of Targeted Individuals and press criminal charges on the abusers, and requests your permission to add your signature to his petition.

4. Many including NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart have sent letters to the Attorney-General, or to their state attorney-generals of the Cease and Desist cadre. I am aiming to send my own Demand letters to a few people, but primarily to the Attorney-General William Barr and to the heads of a few key agencies such as the FBI, DHS, and CIA, and departments of the military such as the US Air Force, the Air Force Research Laboratory, the US Marine Corps, the US Army, and the Department of Defense. 

In all letters, I recommend you ask the primary question: How on earth could I possibly have been watchlisted/terrorlisted and thence trafficked for assault in CounterTerrorism Training and Military Non Lethal Weapons Testing and Justice/Intelligence Neuro Surveillance Training or Testing or Research or Medical Exprimentation when I am a (fill in the blank with your profession, public standing, profile, history of community service) with no connection whatsoever with terrorism, extremism, anti-governmentism, or anything else?

In all letters, I also recommend naming the Directors and Special Agents in Charge at the FBI and heads of the local fusion centers when you were first wrongfully targeted, and during the entire time you have been so targeted and trafficked and victimized. These officials, as well as all local government heads, such as your city’s Mayor, City Council members, State Representatives, State Senators must all be named publicly and privately in letters which, if you are so inclined, should, I think, also be published online: they have all been aware of, condoned, permitted, endorsed, and facilitated the inhumane and barbaric trafficking, 24/7 torture, and victimizing you have endured. 

I also recommend writing very personal letters, specific to your own life, experience, and situation, inclusive of an affidavit, and not seek to use anyone’s template. Simply state your case, state your experience of targeting/ trafficking/ victimization–what you have suffered–and make a demand that it be stopped, since your life and health are at risk, and since you never gave your consent to become a government and private-sector or University or CIA guinea pig. I highly recommend: Spell out the carnage. Compose and file/send/publish a detailed affidavit. All the Military and Air Force contracts and also medical contracts are daring to run these horrific experiments by using outright lies (to keep it legal, they believe, which tells us all what “legal” really means) such as “Minimal Risk” “no greater harm or effect than experienced in regular life” “beneficial to a particular group of which this person is a part” “beneficial to the nation” “in the interests of national security” “in the interests of the Homeland Defense” “reversible effects” “minor interventions” “non-invasive” “non-intrusive” and other such. Remember, they may be using classified covers, but they have spent some time and effort to convince the Departments of Justice, Defense, NIH, and Health and Human Services that their barbaric torture of Americans is all very necessary, legal, and meaningful (BS to the power billion, in other words) and important to national security as we step into the 21st century and other claptrap.

(I will publish further on this shortly, from both the Medical/Human Subject Research Protections end and from the Military/Non-Lethal Weapons Legality & Justifications end: massive lies are being told by these experimenters and weapon-testers, that means, lies by divisions of government and Universities both–they have stated these lies openly and behind closed doors both, some of this can be FOIA’d, some is public-domain and can be read in their documents online and in the new Common Rule.)

5. :Mark-kishon: Christopher of the Mark Christopher Channel and :Kobus: of the Glossa Channel both recommend doing a “Live Life Claim” to establish that you are seen as legally alive in all Government documents and court systems so no-one can trespass on your person or property, and make your own claims after that to stop the unlawful assaults on you.  What they are using is Parse-Syntax-Quantum-Grammar, a contract language devised by :David-wynne: Miller to effectively deconstruct the faulty language which is being used against all of us in establishing the fraudulent hold that corporations have over living beings, and assert the autonomy of the living being, free from any unjust encroachments that are currently being leveled against people, who are all considered dead (by way of the corporatizing of the name, the conversion of the birth certificate into an article traded on the stock market, etc.). All this is related to the long-standing historic fraud run by the Vatican and the Crown Corporation and the rest of them, and requires that every single living being embark on this process independently to assert their livingness and establish their status as a private and peaceful man or woman.

There is much to learn, including that courts exist only on paper, grammar trumps all, and language is what runs the entire planet of fraud we are parked on. 

This is information I have been exploring for a while and continue to explore; I recommend that all explore this information for themselves before dismissing or validating it. I’ll post some video links here.

I should also note that although I will be taking some of the actions listed above (maybe all; the Notice of Liability action is the only one I need to explore further before using it myself if I do; also I am less convinced that a Mandamus Action or Grand Jury is going to help), I am beginning to believe it is this action, of establishing a :Live-Life-Claim: and learning the language of Quantum Grammar and using it to make one’s own claims and demands immediately after, that is going to be the most significant. 

Those who are targeted and trafficked and tortured with non-consensual implants and EMF weapons and neuroweapons are being used by government bodies as government property, according to a DOD insider, and as citizens without basic human or civil rights, this atrocity needs to be challenged, exposed, and terminated. For ourselves, and all future generations of humanity–and as many know, the technofascists are seeking to eradicate humanity, by cyborgizing, hive-minding, transhumanizing, nanobotting, brain-stealing, and soul-stealing all of us–indeed to end their diabolical “Humanity 2.0” project, and preserve, protect, and save all humanity for the future. 

Because in Contract Law and in Maritime, where we all apparently float, Silence is Consent, we all need to Speak Out (see :Kobus:’ second video below).