The Spark, a Feature Film by Stephen Shellen: A Modern World “Where the Originals Are Being Replaced”

REVIEW | Stephen Shellenberger’s The Spark

Ramola D, Author, Temporary Lives; Invisible Season | April 22, 2018


A gorgeous art film with the added bonus of a gripping narrative, The Spark offers a compelling glimpse into a world uncannily like our own, a modern dystopia spiked with high-tech surveillance and low-tech stalkers surrounding a central figure steeped in his own story of love, loss, and remembrance.

Stephen Shellenberger, award-winning actor, artist, poet, and filmmaker with an eye for the visually appealing and keen sense for the power of story acts, casts, writes and directs in this subtly artful film set in Montreal.

A man with memories of a beautiful ended relationship begins to catch glimpses of his beloved in a new and distant urban setting far from the days of his romance in Paris, while at the same time his own life seems to mysteriously unravel. Unclear himself what exactly is going on around him as he notices signs of apartment break-ins and experiences a loss of trust from close colleagues, he begins to treat every encounter with strangers, neighbors, an attractive though uninvited companion on a train with dawning suspicion.

Steve4The world in which he lives is a modern world “where the originals are being replaced,” where cloning and genetic editing and transhumanizing are a sudden fact of life, where the future is marked by “lunatics, heretics, and sick pedophiles,” where some who rule are ruled by no limits on their greed for control—all unhappy reminders of our own reality in this millenium. It is a surveillance-infested world where deception and disinformation crowd the atmosphere, where no-one it appears is what they seem, where dark-intentioned agents crowd everyday around targets and seek to modulate their thoughts and actions.

SparkAll around him throbs a succession of odd encounters; trapped in a Kafkaesque loop of repetitions he soon begins to distrust his seeing and spins deeper into himself as he steps further into the world, speaking only to a select few around him. Spiraling down the rabbit hole he learns more eventually than he had ever bargained for, tossed around by question after question, not offered the truth of what he is experiencing until the very end, when unexpected validation of his deepest misgivings is proffered.

Steve3Because he is lost and haunted by his need to find the truth and meaning of his experience, we too are lost and tossed with him inside the seas of his unknowing–the emotional intensity of the experience keeps the viewer enthralled.

Spark2A #MustWatch for those awakened keen to make sense of our varied lives today, uniformly impacted by larger substructural realities such as Satanism and control, The Spark could be shown in schools and colleges as a great way to offer insight into the reality and nature of our surveillance-ridden world today, trapped as we are with the surround-sound of science fiction morphing into fact and the roster of bizarre technologies promising to take over humanity expanding at every step.

Steve5And what of the spark of life, learning, discovery that throbs like a distant heart pulling him closer and deeper into the truth of his own experience? Haunted, targeted, pursued, a fiery light still burns inside him. Supported by a cast of striking women and men actors who each leave their own indelible mark on the film, The Spark is both elevating and unsettling, a provocative and dramatic vignette for our times.


The Spark remains the most significant creative work in film made in modern times to address the NWO phenomenon of Stasi-like targeting and persecution which has swept across the world with its identical platter of crimes inclusive of gaslighting, vendetta, blacklisting depicted brilliantly in the film.

To watch The Spark, please visit Stephen Shellen’s site where the film can be watched online for a very tiny fee.


Stephen Shellen at Ramola D Reports

March 14, 2019 | Ramola D

I’m so pleased and privileged to have met and conversed online with Steve Shellen in a series of interviews at Ramola D Reports over the past year and glad and honored to count him and his partner Kim as friends, ever since I started to cover matters of wrongful targeting and Surveillance abuse and gain a video presence with Techno Crime Fighters Forum last year and then separate podcasts at my own channel, Ramola D Reports. 

Report #119: March 11, 2019 | Hollywood Star Stephen Shellen On Addressing False Accusations & Wrongful Targeting

Our recent conversation on Monday of this week–March 11–was a deeply personal excavating of dark moments in Steve’s life, in the course of which we touched on many matters related to the criminal targeting so many are being attacked by today, including false accusations, disbelief from families, and addressing slander.  In Steve’s case, this has also included the theft of his scripts and screenplays, and the shadowy touch of Mk Ultra’s dark hold on his family through possible DID & alter-creation in his ex, the mother of his children, whom he now suspects were victims of abuse young, and from whom he was wrongfully separated young. Through it all Steve holds his faith in his art and in humanity, in the miraculous innocence of babies–he is now a step-grand-dad–and the great power and beauty with which they come into the world, which human society tries to stamp out, but should let be, and blossom.


April 20, 2018 | Historic Launch of Steve Shellen’s The Spark Online

Conversation & Film Review/Ramola D: ‘The Spark’ by Stephen Shellenberger

–Ramola D/Posted 4/22/2018

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with actor and filmmaker Stephen Shellenberger on the subject of his new film, The Spark, released online currently at his website for an incredible discount, please visit there to view, please share widely. 

In a wonderful impromptu conversation opened by a musician friend Bob spilling exquisite notes and lyrics hinting at alienation into the moment, Stephen Shellenberger offers candid insights into his creative process and approach in the making of this elegant art film set in Montreal. Keep reading here…

Report #65 | April 20, 2018 | Film Release Online! Stephen Shellen Kindles The Spark


Report # 52 | March 14, 2018 | Stephen Shellen & Ramola D on Internet Censorship & Media Perfidy

A candid discussion on the current epidemic of blatant Internet censorship of alt media sites by Youtube, Facebook, Google and other mainstream platforms, the importance of continuing to exercise our rights to free speech, the failing MSM narratives, and special focus on the recent Wired article running a POPPCon–Psy Op Propaganda Piece Con–on the American and world public, and advice to all TIs regarding the recent approach by History Channel producers to TIs regarding an upcoming series. In the process we talk about the label “Targeted Individual” and how the unfortunate phenomenon of Surveillance Abuse and Hi-Tech DEW use on people, also termed organized stalking, gangstalking, and electronic harassment/covert harassment by some, is being covered up by solicited and manufactured lies and stories churned out by MSM. Also covered is an intro to Stephen Shellen’s film The Spark, and an appeal to help fund the showing of this film online by donating at Plumfund:…


Report #50 | Feb 17, 2018 | Stephen Shellen – In the Warzone

The trailer for Stephen Shellen’s new film The Spark prefaces the interview, with his permission.

Aptly titling this conversation In the Warzone, Canadian actor Stephen Shellen, well-known in Hollywood, who has experienced an incredible series of events in his life surrounding the targeting of his life and career by unsavory factions who stole various aspects of his creative work including the custody of his children, screenplays, story treatments, and a production company he launched with a friend, speaks about his work, life, art, and the warzone of targeting.

While many are unclear as to what “targeting” means, those who are being targeted by the same or similar corporate Intel or military Mafia running vendetta, suppression, and control operations behind the multiple secrecies of the Surveillance State will understand the kind of persecutions Steve describes: COINTELPRO-style gaslighting, break-ins, vandalism, theft, stalking, death threats, and assault with neurotechnology from the MK ULTRA and successive experiments, as well as the targeting of his young children, Stephen also introduces his film The Spark, from which he has provided two clips, one playing at the start of the interview and the other inserted later during our conversation when we talk about the film, a clip of a poem or monologue from the ending of the film, both of which are also in the public domain and can be found on Vimeo.

Steve is seeking distributors for the film, and seeking ways to screen the film online, which any of us could help with; please contact me with any ideas, I will pass them on to him:

The Spark is a film Steve recommends that others who are targeted share with their families, to give them an understanding of what targeting is—how illegal, wrongful, and invasive it is. This interview was heavily sabotaged, both during the recording and editing, we barely managed to save audio enough to preserve the conversation; clearly the power and clarity of Stephen Shellen’s voice is being suppressed by this obvious cyberwarfare.

Please share widely! Please visit Steve’s website to stay updated on his art and work: