Global Movement to Raise Awareness of Covert Harassment and Surveillance

Covert Harassment and Continuous Electronic Surveillance–invasive body, mind, and behavior assaults/neural and muscular manipulation/Electronic Warfare–with deadly, lethal, and inhumane radio and microwave, sonic, and scalar “non-lethal” weapons is being executed worldwide on innocent civilians and veterans by unscrupulous corporate governments, militaries, and Intel agencies–a phenomenon that is increasingly being exposed by those being assaulted, the rare human rights advocates and organizations willing to speak out, and the rare journalists writing about it. This effort is now being magnified a hundredfold by the newly-established International Conference on Covert Harassment, co-organized by Peter Mooring, founder and director of STOPEG, Stop Electronic Weapons and Gangstalking, profiled and interviewed here on the show Real Politik by writer and reporter James Tracy. Many thanks to James Tracy for this original post at Memory Hole Blog, and to The PPJ Gazette for re-posting.

One response to “Global Movement to Raise Awareness of Covert Harassment and Surveillance

  1. This problem is running world wide indeed. Became a victim in Cape Town, South Africa while working for some digital/communications agency right in the CBD.

    The company creates fake job posts with the only intention of later killing the candidate for insurance fraud, obviously once he/she has been fired using workplace mobbing.

    The scam follows more of less the following steps

    1. Look for candidates that are easy to set up. This would be the company getting the dirt on the candidate, such as medical records for depression, bipolar. Or being incompetent.

    2. Give the candidate who is so easy to set up the job, signs up him for insurance without candidate knowing.

    3. Have the new employee work on mundane/redundant tasks or projects only to fire him months into the job.

    4. Bad mouth the candidate using gang stalking, making it impossible for him to get a new job.

    5. Once fired get to work using electronic harassment to kill him

    Company does this year in, year out and its actually a means for revenue

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