Ali`i Nui Mō`ī Edmund K. Silva, Jr., 3-5-15… King’s Message to the world… “Peaceful End”

Kingdom of Hawai`i Blog


“Those who pursue pollution of our planet without concern for the consequences or who pursue war at the risk of drawing other nations into a nuclear holocaust are clearly a threat to the Human Family. They cannot be allowed to determine the future of our species.

“A peacemaker requires patience, intelligence, empathy, and creativity. Those who are parties to the conflict have a conflict of interest in the outcome. Political leaders feel compelled to take positions popular with their followers, whether those positions lead to peace or not.

“Perhaps there is a need for a new body to be created — a Council of the Wise to be convened to address the current conflict and provide solutions. The Council members would be truly neutral parties. The Kingdom of Hawai’i offers to provide Hawaiian Kupuna (elders) trained in conflict resolution techniques used for thousands of years to assist the Council…


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