State Propaganda Passing as News

…in Western democracies.  News Media Using Actors.  Intel Agencies Creating Situations and News.

Perhaps the fact that this stuff is being exposed right now is a good sign though, that real journalists and real news media are waking up and reporting on the horrific censorship and propaganda rampant worldwide that shows up as “news” in mainstream media and is believed by millions–including such “intellectual” outlets as The New York Times and NPR.

Just reposting some news that’s hit the airwaves recently:
CNN and BBC Exposed: News is Fiction, Including ISIS/ISIL

US Secretly Created Cuban Twitter to Create Unrest

More News and Op-eds also in Earth/Environment and Privacy/Censorship pages.

A must-read op-ed by Chris Hedges, on how mass media work to discredit the real truthtellers like Gary Webb and Julian Assange–on Truthdig, The Myth of a Free Press.

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