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Steve Kroschel Films/The Grounded: Documentary on Grounding, A Natural Solution to Heal All Kinds of Health/Pain Issues

Thanks to Dwight Mangum for posting this link on Facebook. Wonderful film from a  few years ago on the magical benefits of grounding, created by Steve Kroschel, a National Geographic filmmaker who lives in Alaska, caring for orphaned wildlife, and covering a variety of scientific studies, case studies, and personal information. There is a lot of information online elsewhere these days about the healing benefits of grounding–just taking some time everyday to walk barefoot or lie down on Earth, to reap the benefits of negative ions rising up from the Earth into the human body to neutralize free radicals and re-set the body’s electrical charge to match that of Earth’s, a powerful aligning that has proved in various people’s lives to improve sleep, remove chronic pain, thin blood, among other effects. This film offers quite a riveting approach to the subject by way of its scenic setting and the many physicians and practitioners of grounding it interviews. This review at About Documentaries tells more about the film, this article at the Mercola site discusses benefits of grounding.

In addition, Steve Kroschel’s 18-minute introduction to the film can be viewed at his site, where a lot of other links lead to further grounding resources, including more about film-participant Dr. Laura Koniver’s lovely art and grounding practices.